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Day 6 – Creating Your Vision

Creating Your Vision

Day 6: Creating Your Vision

Welcome to Day 6

“Life is a desire. Desire is the theme of all life… 
Think of the power
that’s in the universe… 
And that’s the same power within you.
If you’d only have the courage and the will to use it.”
Hello Beautiful!!
I hope that you are finding your way through massive 
discovery and releasing of all that no longer serves you. As we found the things that make us tick from day to day,
and your desire to change many of them, it is so important that you take the steps to
do just that.
What I mean by this is that is your old story… 
like if you hurt too much to move your body (one of my old stories)… it’s time to take a walk, stretch, do yoga, lift weights… move your body in a new way!
If your old story was that your home had to be spotless before you could do anything, let it go for a day or two. For real! You’re not going to become a slob, but you are releasing the whole “I must control this” scenario 
(yes, that’s what it’s all about love).
If you’re old story was that anything and everything you eat makes you fat, it’s time to stop that nonsense once and for all. When you love your body, and you stop telling it lies, it will begin to morph into all that want (I know this to be true as my body is doing just that!).
As you eat begin to say to yourself, in your mind, things like: “I can eat anything and stay fit.” “Everything I eat and drink supports my body in loving ways.” And here’s one of my favorites! “I lose weight while eating cheese.” Oh My Gawwwwd it honestly works!!!!!
Okay, so let’s talk about today’s lesson.
Day 6 Lesson: Do You Have A Vision?
And are you actually dreaming big enough?
Watch the following two videos where I discuss my dreams. Video 1 was created several years ago. Watch it first to get some inspiration as you create your 
own vision.
Watch Video 1 and then follow up with Video 2.
Your dreams are already coming true!! 

Listen: Vortex Meditation

Watch: Do You Have A Vision - Part II

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