Simple Exercises That Tap into Your Creative Side

Simple Exercises That Tap into Your Creative Side

Despite what you believe, you are creative!


As kids we had no issue using our imagination and creative spirit. But, then we grew up…more “important” things took priority… only to divert us away from the painting, coloring & the clever genius of our ingenuity.

My latest podcast talks about how the simplest exercise can get you in the creative zone. It shouldn’t intimidate you – everyone can stimulate this important component to your practice by simply coloring. Listen and try it!

Tapping into our creative side regularly as adults is so beneficial to our success. When we are NOT creating, we are NOT fully in the flow of the universe. When we tap into the creative being inside each of us, it opens doors to new ideas, friends, money & fun! The rewards that come from creativity also has a calming effect for many of us as well. We get out of our heads & take a break from the incessant anxiety of “to do” lists.

Sometimes I use Life Purpose Cards at the close of my mediumship readings. Recently, one young lady chose a card that symbolized being creative – as a life purpose! Many adults will balk at this idea since they feel it no longer applies. But, I am here to remind you that this is an integral part of your spiritual being as a whole!

You don’t have to invest in an art course to hone this skill. In fact, I encourage many folks to simply start doodling, drawing symbols, or coloring in your journals, vision books or literally coloring books. You have an innate child who is resourceful & has no fear of expressing original ideas inside of you. That youthful spirit has no problem taking a risk which might expose their talent.

Now you say to me “Julia, I can’t even draw stick figures.” And I respond to you “That is ok!”. Simply start by drawing an infinity symbol (a figure eight which is horizontal). Trace it with different color pens or colored pencils. Do it again & then do it some more. Allow your mind to absorb the beauty of inspiration. Just because it has been a while since you last colored does not mean you have forgotten how.

Here are some feasible suggestions to get you started on your way to Creative Genius:

1. Look at an object and scribble its outlines and shapes in your vision book. Color with markers in a Mandala coloring book, or paint a rock & leave it for someone else to find!

2. Cooking (not a chore, something new), Gardening, Writing, Photography (use your smart phone to start), Jewelry making (You tube videos galore on this subject), collage making using paper, scissors, tape/glue of vision boards.

3. Playing with kids outside (using their imagination), Adult Game Night (laughing & competitiveness spur on the creativeness), an Escape Room Outing (exchanging ideas in this case will lead you to a broader imagination of what is possible).

If you can do any of these things outside – bonus! Being creative among the quiet of nature sparks creativity and inspired thought.

Now get to it. Your inner child awaits!

Investing in Yourself is the Gift that Keeps on Giving!

Investing in Yourself is the Gift that Keeps on Giving!

Melissa had no idea a random podcast search would lead her to pursue a career in energy healing.

Read about how Melissa went from frustration to certification to a new business to a podcast in only 6 months!

I wanted to share how Melissa Oatman changed her life after discovering my podcast. For her, stepping into the light was also her mission! Spiritual Bootcamp helped her realize her potential, and my coaching programs gave her the guts to launch her business. She is now a reiki healer, offering reading sessions, she uses social media and her daily podcast to connect with more people, all in less than a year! Read her story below.

Melissa Oatman, IL – If you would have told me 9 months ago that I would become a professional healer, I would have given you a sarcastic look and laughed. I was just a German teacher. How in the world would I become a healer of all things? Little did I know that listening to a podcast would drastically change my life. 

My Tower Moment

I had what some would call a tower moment. I had broken up from the first serious relationship. I am the single mom of twins and life for me can be pretty hectic.  I told myself I didn’t have time to date, to do things for myself, because of my responsibilities. I was feeling sad, hurt, and down right lost. I would spend most of my daily commute dwelling on the awful details of my break up and how I should have said or done so many things differently.

The Podcast that saved me

I decided that I was done should-ing on myself. I was ready to stop thinking about the things I could not change from the past. I was ready to keep moving forward. The problem was that I somehow needed to keep my thoughts preoccupied during my commute distracting my brain from wandering. My brother suggested I start listening to podcasts. He recommended a few. I listened to them, and they did help. It certainly kept me distracted. The problem was I still felt so empty inside.

On a particularly fateful afternoon, I decided that I needed something more up-lifting. I needed something that would lift me up out of this funk that I was in. While searching for more positive podcasts, I came across Stepping Into the Light with Julia Treat. I distinctly remember this day because Julia was talking about Fairies, and I thought that this was a bit odd and amusing, and also interesting. I couldn’t stop listening, and it did make me feel better!

My commutes were now me catching up on all of her episodes. She had over 100 and much to my surprise, I got caught up in just a few weeks. I was hooked and became sad when I had run out of new episodes to listen to. In the mornings I would wake up and hope that a new episode was waiting for me, and it usually was! I wanted more, and it was during one of Julia’s episodes that she spoke about her program called, Spiritual Bootcamp. I just knew I had to get into that class. It sounded like just the thing to help me crawl out of my miserable state for good. It did not disappoint. I rose ecstatically out of bed each morning just waiting to find a new lesson from Julia and the Universe. My life got so much better in just a few weeks, and it only took a few minutes each day.

Spiritual Bootcamp

Spiritual Bootcamp was the pivotal program that shifted me on my path to becoming a healer. It was this program that made me realize that I hadn’t been living up to my full potential. I was capable of so much more than I was doing. I decided to do a past life regression with Julia because I was always curious about past lives. I honestly didn’t even think the past life regression would work, but boy did it. I saw three of my lives, and Julia and I both came to the conclusion that I was a light worker. I was supposed to be doing this work. Now I have my own business, I started my own podcast, and I am enrolled in her Prosperity Queens and Kings group. I can’t wait to see what the future will hold. I am sure that whatever it is, it will be exciting and fulfilling. It couldn’t have happened without that podcast. To Julia, I will forever be grateful.

How you can find Melissa Oatman:

Find Melissa on Facebook Reiki with Melissa @reikiwithlissa
Schedule a session on Melissa’s website
Follow Melissa on instagram @mooseletoe
Listen to Melissa’s Podcast Awaken Your Inner Awesomeness

12 Steps to Un-blocking Your Super Power

12 Steps to Un-blocking Your Super Power

What’s Your Super Power?

We are moving into new energy, friends. It’s TIME to acknowledge the magic inside of you!

Sometimes life is full of surprises. Surprising yourself by your own strength is something to celebrate!

For example, moving my parents back to Kansas from Pennsylvania was an intense and rewarding experience… LOT’S of heavy decision making and heavy lifting…both mentally and physically.

I’m surprised by my own strength because I really stepped up to make calm and confident decisions (I can never make a wrong decision, right? RIGHT!)

I’m now convinced I DO have badass super powers. This revelation has led me to ask you all… What’s your super power? 

I’ve been reminded of 12 ways you can access those wicked cool parts of you that have been all blocked up:

1. Shake off the bad habits for good. 
2. Knock off the fear, procrastination & limiting beliefs by pushing the cancel/clear/delete button when fearful thoughts creep into your mind.
3. Drop your expectations of others fulfilling your needs and desires.
4. Think this when you want to control or save someone, “I do not know what is best for everyone else.”
5. Concentrate on yourself and the quest for your own bad-ass-ness above all else. 
6. Try something new / different – This could be something as simple as changing your routine physical workouts.
8. Allow yourself a morning without an alarm clock or phone.
9. Look for the signals and signs the Universe sends you to validate that you are in alignment. Numbers, feathers & “that’s interesting” moments. #godwinks
11. Listen to those who came before you. Listen to the echoes of their examples.
12. Believe that all of us have a massive team who are only a breath away that we can always call on.

Instant manifestation comes when you claim your super power.

Say “I can have anything and everything that I want!”

Find your passion! Claim your power! Rise up!

XO Julia

Top 5 Affirmations for Miracles

Top 5 Affirmations for Miracles




I am a professional miracle facilitator, so listen up!!! If you are in need of a miracle, I’m sharing a few of my favorite miracle affirmations. I often write it on things around the house/office and read them out loud throughout the day. Feel free to use these affirmations or comment with your own that feels right to you.


I am ready for all of my miracles in my personal and professional life.

I am an active participant in creating miracles.

Miracles come quickly, easily, and effortlessly. 

I am a magnet for miracles.


Thank you for getting me one step closer to my miracle.

I know that my miracle is right around the corner!
Happy Manifesting!