Are You Feeling The Shift Too?

Are You Feeling The Shift Too?

I hope this finds you moving gracefully and easily into your amazing and fabulous new story.
I’ve been moving into my own. That is for certain!
I had no idea that just a few years ago I would be gracing the digital land of podcasting (my podcast is listed as one of podbean’s most popular… WOW), coaching amazing clients one-on-one, teaching groups online who seek to shift in massive ways, and even turn my hair platinum blonde. Oh yes, my transformation has been so BIG that I changed my hair color and am in the process of changing my entire wardrobe, accessories… well pretty much everything. And as if that wasn’t enough I am now taking many of my soul siblings to the magical land of Angel Valley in Sedona, Arizona, where my bless-ed awakening began for me.
Oh yes, my life has changed in dramatic ways over the past few years. And let me be honest here…
I have been scared.
I have had doubts.
I have battled those f*cked up stories (aka, limiting beliefs).
We all have them you know. It’s not like you make it to your next level and they just stop coming up. Oh no, quite the opposite. As I uplevel my soul, my business, my purpose, those silly stories still creap in. But what I have started to notice is that they don’t last near as long as they used to. I have learned to recognize my ego voice (that lies to me on the daily) so much quicker. We have frequent conversations mind you! But not the way we used to. These days, I acknowledge it. I even listen to it. But that’s as far as it goes for me.
When those lies start once again, I write them down. I look at the belief that is the underlying cause of it. I deep dive into “where in the BLEEP did this come from.” I thank it for showing up as I truly want to heal it all. Next, I reframe it. I decide what sounds better. What do I want my new thought, belief, story to be? I journal about it over and over if I have to until I feel the vibration of it. And I don’t stop until I feel it to my core, my soul. That’s what the universe is listening to ya know. And since I know that is truth, I’m not about to send anymore stories that I I’m not proud to be the author of.
So much is happening within and around me and I am grateful for it all! I know god has mighty things in store for me. For all of us! And I can honestly say that I have finally tapped into it all. I get it. I’m flowing with it. And since I’m in that ebb and flow, knowing that there are no boundaries or limits to what god / universe / angels / guides / my spiritual team / and ME can do, I have opened the floodgates to abundance in my life.
As I continue to move up that spiritual ladder I feel so blessed to be able to help you do the same. I recently found my wings! (And I mean that both literally AND figuratively). I mean I can feel them and see them (in my mind’s eye). Life is amazing, gorgeous, and so much f*cking fun! I wish nothing but all of it for you too.
We were created to live abundant lives every single day. God took care of it all! It’s time we remove the blinders, embrace love, and welcome the abundance that is our birthright! I’ve been calling it the Destiny Train. It’s leaving the station my friend. It’s time to get on board!
For now, I am sending massive love & light to YOU. I am asking your angels and guides to life you up, hold you tight, and help you move into the abudance that’s always been waiting just for you!
I have some new events coming up if you want to take a peek. I’m here for you as you do your own spiritual upleveling sweet soul sibling! It’s time to allow EASY…
Oh, and yes, so many changes include updated website with pics of me and my blonde hair. It’s a process of love! Everything is a-changin’!!
Upcoming Events:
7/14 & 7/15 – My 2-Day LIVE Online Event! (10am EST – 6pm EST both days)
Mediumship / Angel Intuitive Certification Course
Embrace your spiritual gifts with grace & ease! We will be meeting face-to-face online. I will take you through several transformational lessons, meditations, and exercises to help you move into your amazing gifts. There will be ample time to meet and practice with your soul siblings taking the course with you. And let me tell you that YOU WILL BE ABLE TO DO THIS…. AMAZINGLY WELL. Everyone who has ever taken my 2-Day Course was doing readings on the second day. And not just mediocre or pain-stakingly difficult readings. They were easy peasy & A-MAZING! If you pay in full you will receive a special gift I am having created just for you (I have one myself). There is also a payment plan if you want to hop in that way.
Full Pay $444 – CLICK HERE!
Payment Plan $122 X 4 monthly payments (once per month) – CLICK HERE!
9/13 – 9/17 – Pilgrimage To Sedona – Returning To Love 
We will be staying in magical Angel Valley! I will be sending another email soon with details but I wanted to let you know now as people who listen to my podcast (where I have mentioned my retreat and talk about Angel Valley often) are already signing up. There are only 10 spots left and I didn’t want you to miss out on this magical opportunity! If you wish to discuss the details you can reach me at 570-955-3594. Leave me a message with the best time to call you back (with your time zone). Cost is $2222 per person (double occupancy). I am offering $200 off if you pay in full. I also have a payment plan of $1111 which is due upon signing up, with the remainder of $1111 due by July 13th. Whether you pay in-full or use the payment plan, THIS IS NON-REFUNDABLE! So be certain before signing up.
Here is what is included with your payment:  Room, all meals, and all arranged group activities at Angel Valley.
What is not included: Any activities & meals outside of Angel Valley (you will have some time to explore downtown Sedona if you wish), travel to Angel Valley, trip insurance.
This Is How I Make It Easier To Let Go Of Stuff

This Is How I Make It Easier To Let Go Of Stuff

I am in the middle of yet another amazing Spiritual Bootcamp and the energy in the tribe is truly amazing!

I wanted to share a quick little something in the hopes that it might help you as you move forward in this beautiful thing called life.

The group is currently working on decluttering their homes, businesses, cars, and lives. This is just a few days of my four week program and it can sometimes be the most difficult. We tend to resist letting go of “stuff” as it is what has kept us safe thus far. Our “stuff” defines us, or at least we think it does. It’s all of the things we have accumulated over the years, some sentimental, some worth money, and some is just junk. Whatever the reason for holding on, I can assure you that the “stuff” is holding you down.

I have been diligent about getting rid of the old, but as this bootcamp is moving forward with such crazy awesome momentum, I realized that I still had some work to do. There is one room in my basement where I have been holding on to all of my angel stuff. My books, posters that I’m not using right now, statues…you get my drift. It just sits in this room stacked neatly or housed in boxes. It’s been there for awhile. I knew today was the day to release it once and for all.

As I sifted through all of the beautiful things, both old and new, so many memories began to come flooding in. There was my very first angel book, the one that introduced me to my beloved team. There was my first chakra wall hanging, delicately hand painted on beautiful cloth. It was in perfect condition, still wrapped up in it’s container. I had never hung it on the wall but I had no problem remembering where I had purchased it, on one of my life-changing trips to Sedona.

As I placed things in boxes to donate I realized how much I had changed. I was no longer feeling sad about donating this beautiful things. I felt JOY! I began envisioning the people who would buy these items at the thrift store I was donating them to. I pictured their faces as they perhaps found items they wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. I saw little girl’s faces as they discovered an angel or fairy statue perfect for their room. It truly made my heart sing.

So I just wanted to share something amazing that happened to me today. Instead of it all being about me, I turned things around. I found a way to infuse joy into the situation. And I will be spreading love and joy to others when they purchase my things. Oh, and something I do just for fun… I say a prayer and infuse all of the items that I donate with healing energy. I ask the angels to help everyone who receives something of mine to be filled with love, joy and peace. I can envision them healing even now!

What are you holding on to? What is weighing you down? Just think of all the joy you could be sharing by allowing someone else to treasure one of your treasures. It is magical my friend! Letting go of your stuff just might be what you need to be instantly infused with JOY. That’s what happened to me today and I am so very grateful.

Sending massive love to you as you declutter your life.


xo Julia

Do You Know What Your Destiny Is?

Do You Know What Your Destiny Is?

It’s been quite a ride this year and I am reminded daily of God’s amazing love. He sends so many winks my way whether by way of signs in mother nature, magical messages from my angels, or ideas that come to me out of the blue. It truly is remarkable how when we get aligned with God’s love & light, everything becomes so very clear. 
If you listen to my podcast (link below) you have heard me talk about the “destiny train.” It’s the term I use to describe what this year is all about. God has made it very clear. And everyone who does similar work to mine, whether astrology or channeled messages, is saying the same thing. THIS IS THE TIME. The time to decide what you want and to go after it all without hesitation. I have been feeling the momentum building for the past several weeks and it’s just something we can no longer ignore. It’s a calling. A deep “knowing” that we are here to not just do more, but to expect more. So much more.
Let me elaborate on that if you’ve got a second…
We were born for greatness!   Ahhhhhhmmmm…
Let me say it one more time just in case you did’t quite hear me the first time.
We weren’t born to just get by, to settle, to hope to be saved from it all some day. Not at all. We were born to remember who we are, that divine light created from God’s light & love. We were born to never stop dreaming and to remember the magic of it all. You know, all that stuff about angels, fairies and unicorns that we knew so much about as kids? Somewhere along the way we forgot about it all. We forgot about the magic. Life got busy. And for some of us, it got downright hard.  
It’s time to turn it all around! And there’s no time like TODAY.
YOU have all the power. You just forgot somehow. And if I know anything, I know that I am here to help so many people wake the fuck up! Oh yes, there I go again with the word. I use it a lot. In my writings, podcast, in life… when I feel like it. I never use it in a derogatory way but I do use it to get your attention. Now please don’t write me any hate mail about my “foul language.” I won’t read it. I stopped being a people pleaser long ago. If you don’t like the way I say things, just take yourself off my my list. It’s that simple. 
So are you living the dream? Are you moving towards your destiny? And do you know what that even is? Do you know what God wants you to do? To be? Because I do. And I’m going to spell it out for you loud and clear so that you will know exactly what you are supposed to be moving towards. 
Are you ready? 
Are you sure?
OK! You asked for it. 
Your destiny, according to God’s divine plan, is this…
That’s your destiny. For real! It’s not rocket science. It’s super simple. 
Do more of what makes you happy and less of what doesn’t!
My life changed in miraculous ways when I finally decided to do what makes me happy, instead of trying to make everyone else happy. It is so freeing, I promise! And it’s time you start doing it too. Stop being a people pleaser. Start doing what you want to do!
One thing that makes me SUPER happy is teaching others to do what I do. I’m filled with so much joy as I witness one transformation after another. And the fun part is when my students really come to terms with how truly amazing they are. That they can do it all. That they always could. They just needed someone to remind them, and for my students that person was me. I signed up for this. I chose to wake others up. I chose to remind them of their divinity. And I would have it no other way. 
I hope this message helps you realize what your journey is all about. It’s about finding your way to happiness. That’s the vibe the world needs right now. And the more of us that step into that vibration, the more the world will begin to change. I can promise you that! I have seen so many shift just by shifting my own vibration. It’s one of my super powers. And it can be yours too!
I begin teaching a new course this week. It’s for the healers out there who are ready to step into their role as a healer, and for those who are already doing the healing work but wish to kick it up a notch. I’m all about tapping into the divine and seeing things through God’s eyes. That’s when the miracles happen! And that’s when we become miracle facilitators. Perhaps you’d like to be one too? If so, take a peek at this link to get an idea of just how I plan to help YOU become a miracle facilitator like me. It’s going to be EPIC!
I am only teaching this course once per year so if feel the calling get in now! Don’t waste any more time. Don’t make any more excuses. It’s time to get on that destiny train my friend. It’s time to do what makes you happy!
For now, I’m asking your massive team of angels, guides and beings of light to help you embrace your true calling. I’m asking them to bring you so much love, joy and unlimited prosperity. May you move into a space of allowing, receiving, and embracing everything amazing!
May you find joy in your journey from this point forward. And may you know just how much you are loved.
God bless YOU!
The Importance of Being Spiritually Aligned

The Importance of Being Spiritually Aligned

If you have been experiencing some crazy shifts whether physically, emotionally, spiritually… (you know what I mean)…
Seriously! You are being guided. Perhaps away from what no longer serves you.
We are at a point in our journey, collectively, where we really must tune in, listen, and follow any and all guidance. If we aren’t doing those very things, things might feel pretty rough. I know this all too well as I was just given one of the biggest wake-up calls I’ve ever had.
I’d love to share it with you…
As some of you know, I recently began a monthly membership for adults, The BLC (Badass Lightworkers Club). I was really excited about getting it started but I’ll be honest, something inside of me felt uneasy. Something wasn’t right. But instead of listening to those intuitive hits, I decided to push through it all. I wasn’t listening to my heart and THAT meant that I wasn’t in the flow. I began to “paddle upstream” as one of my dear mentors like to say (Wayne Dyer for those who want to know). And since I was paddling upstream against the current (what I realized recently), instead of pulling my oars in and going with the flow, things were difficult. There were many problems with getting the member site up and running. People weren’t receiving emails. It was a struggle and it began to take its toll on me and the group.
On January 10th to be exact, I had a mini (not so mini) breakdown. I call it a “breakdown” because that’s exactly what it felt like at the time. But what happened at the end of that breakdown was one of the clearest breakthroughs I have ever experienced. I have said it before, it felt like I was being birthed! But this time was different. It was more painful, both physically & emotionally, and it forced me to let go of everything, everything I believed, everything I thought I knew. I was forced to get closer to god than I have been in quite some time. I’m still on that journey just like all of you, learning and growing as I move up that spiritual ladder.
As I cried and prayed for guidance I was met by Jesus and Archangel Michael. I call on them often and believe me, I called out to them then. I asked them, “What am I missing?” Oh! And I just about forgot to tell you that right before I went to bed that night (before I lost it) I was stumbling around in the dark and ran into my dresser, which has a beautifully framed picture of a young woman sitting on a bench with her guardian angel whispering in her ear. Her angel is trying to guide her but she is not listening. As I ran into my dresser, it came tumbling to the ground and broke into pieces. I knew exactly what they were trying to tell me. I HAD NOT BEEN LISTENING. (For real, you just can’t make this stuff up!)
So as I lay in bed sobbing and asking Jesus and Archangel Michael to help me, I began to hear them loud and clear. I promise to tell you all of the juicy details in a later podcast. Here’s the link if you’ve never listened, but one of the big take-aways of our conversation was that I was not in alignment. I have a BIG VISION, you see, of opening a spiritual retreat here in Northeast Pennsylvania. I have always dreamed of children coming from all walks of life to meet, find their soul family, get super connected to their spiritual team, and realize just how amazing they are. I’ve had this dream for many years now and I receive god winks that I’m on the right path quite often. Those winks, however, had sort of slowed down over the past several months. I didn’t realize why until I literally had my “come to Jesus” talk.
And that talk was crystal clear. Jesus was straight up (and super loving of course). He pointed out all of the things that I was doing that weren’t in alignment with my big vision. He so gently reminded me that I needed to focus on that which I wish to manifest. The children. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. A sort of “knowing” what I needed to do. And the universe had been trying to get my attention for weeks. One pretty cool wink, that I didn’t understand until this chat with Jesus, was that my phone would always open up directly to YouTube when I unlocked it. I wouldn’t even click on the icon and it would go immediately there. This happened for over two weeks. Sometimes it would suddenly click onto YouTube when I was checking other things, like email and such. I had no idea that it was all leading me to my next step.   
Get in complete alignment with your hopes & dreams! 
Because if you aren’t they won’t ever come. 
Keep an eye out for my YouTube videos! I will be posting 1 video for kids & 1 for adults per day starting the day of this writing. Here’s a link to it so that you can subscribe (and please share to spread the word). I have a few videos there now but things are about to get really interesting! You won’t want to miss a thing.
And for those of you who wish to embrace your spiritual gifts with grace & ease, I am launching my Mediumship / Angel Intuitive Course February 1st. There is limited seating and people are already signing up. I am offering it at a one-time-only super discounted price so don’t miss the opportunity if you have been thinking about it! I’m even offering payment plans, which I have never done before. If you are feeling the call to tap into universal energy on a deeper level then join this amazing group. Your soul family will be waiting…
For now, I’m sending you massive love and light! May you get completely aligned with what you want to call into your life, and may your amazing god-winks show up as you do…​​​​​​​
The Rainbow Kids Crew is Here (plus a podcast!)

The Rainbow Kids Crew is Here (plus a podcast!)

I have been thrust into a whirlwind of goodness and had to share my joy with YOU!
Since deciding that I needed to begin working and creating with the children doors have just started to fly open.

I have heard from several people asking if I was going to continue to offer my gifts to adults and the answer is a resounding YES!! I wanted to make sure that you knew that I was just adding more to my arsenal of how I can show up in the world.

Since moving in the direction of the children I have been blessed to connect with such a gifted artist and author, Jessycka Drew. She has written a series of children’s books and is quite passionate about helping the so very special munchkins who are already here, and those on the way. Jessycka and I have been brainstorming all sorts of goodness and we are on fire! We will begin hosting videos very soon on our YouTube channel, “The Rainbow Crew ~ Welcomes You ~ With Julia Treat & Jessycka Drew.” We plan to post daily videos and are in the process of designing apparel, bedding (with wings of course), and so much more. I will be taking the kids on journeys with me into the woods, walking by streams, and climbing mountains, capturing magical pics of animals, fairies and angels. Jessycka will be sharing her beautiful stories and helping the children remember just how amazing they are! I bet you can feel my enthusiasm as it all comes together. I can hardly contain myself!

Jessycka and I feel this calling as we continue to get so many winks from The Rainbow Crew. I recorded a podcast where I talk all about them. You can listen to it HERE: https://juliatreat.podbean.com/e/the-power-of-the-rainbow-crew/

if you wish. I have also included a screenshot that was taken by one of my coaching clients. She began to notice lights forming around me while we were speaking during a session. In the bottom lefthand corner you can see some sweet little rainbow kids looking at me. And although I wasn’t surprised that Archangel Michael showed up (his mighty sword directly in front of me) it was pretty cool to see his sword in action. And the rainbow figure behind me is either an angel or a dragon (I resonate with both).

This “magic” is available to us all. You can have your own crazy awesome miraculous stuff appear! I would never have thought several years ago that it could be this cool. It’s time to believe my friend. There is a portal of goodness that has opened up for us all.