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by Julia Treat

Simple Exercises That Tap into Your Creative Side

Despite what you believe, you are creative!   As kids we had no issue using our imagination and creative spirit. But, then we grew up…more “important” things took priority… only to divert us away from the painting, coloring & the clever genius of our...

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Investing in Yourself is the Gift that Keeps on Giving!

Melissa had no idea a random podcast search would lead her to pursue a career in energy healing. Read about how Melissa went from frustration to certification to a new business to a podcast in only 6 months! I wanted to share how Melissa Oatman changed her life after...

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12 Steps to Un-blocking Your Super Power

What’s Your Super Power?We are moving into new energy, friends. It's TIME to acknowledge the magic inside of you!Sometimes life is full of surprises. Surprising yourself by your own strength is something to celebrate!For example, moving my parents back to Kansas from...

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Top 5 Affirmations for Miracles

      I am a professional miracle facilitator, so listen up!!! If you are in need of a miracle, I'm sharing a few of my favorite miracle affirmations. I often write it on things around the house/office and read them out loud throughout the day. Feel...

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5G EMF Radiation – My interview with Dr. Lynn Wright

EMF Do you know what EMF is and how it can effect your body? Check out this informative interview I did with Dr. Lynn Wright EMF protection and awareness - not to scare but to keep us happy and our bodies cool in the vortex. A new form of EMF called 5G provides a much...

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Are You Feeling The Shift Too?

I hope this finds you moving gracefully and easily into your amazing and fabulous new story. I've been moving into my own. That is for certain! I had no idea that just a few years ago I would be gracing the digital land of podcasting (my podcast is listed as one of...

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This Is How I Make It Easier To Let Go Of Stuff

I am in the middle of yet another amazing Spiritual Bootcamp and the energy in the tribe is truly amazing! I wanted to share a quick little something in the hopes that it might help you as you move forward in this beautiful thing called life. The group is currently...

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Do You Know What Your Destiny Is?

It's been quite a ride this year and I am reminded daily of God's amazing love. He sends so many winks my way whether by way of signs in mother nature, magical messages from my angels, or ideas that come to me out of the blue. It truly is remarkable how when we get...

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