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by Julia Treat

The Importance of Being Spiritually Aligned

If you have been experiencing some crazy shifts whether physically, emotionally, spiritually... (you know what I mean)... YOU ARE IN THE FLOW. Seriously! You are being guided. Perhaps away from what no longer serves you. We are at a point in our journey,...

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The Rainbow Kids Crew is Here (plus a podcast!)

I have been thrust into a whirlwind of goodness and had to share my joy with YOU! Since deciding that I needed to begin working and creating with the children doors have just started to fly open. I have heard from several people asking if I was going to continue to...

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How to Protect Your Energy

There are so many things going on in the world that you may be finding it difficult to stay in the light.  It might even be difficult at times to see any light at all, but I can assure you that it is there.  Fortunately, good things are happening in the world....

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Why I Am Grateful For Lyme Disease

Okay, before you start throwing eggs at me please hear me out. Yes, it's true. I AM GRATEFUL FOR BEING IN LYME HELL. That's what I used to call it anyway. For those of you who have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease, you will definitely understand what I'm talkin'...

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Finding Love Again After Losing A Soulmate

Finding love again after losing a soulmate can weigh heavy on the heart. Soulmates can mean different things to different people but for this post I am talking about our lovers, partners, and spouses. This is one of the most difficult relationships to heal from other...

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Past Life Regression

As a certified past life regression specialist, I have had the privilege of helping many clients visit past lives. I just can’t say enough about the miracles that can occur with past life regression. I have witnessed numerous clients heal emotional wounds and even...

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The Power Of Past Lives

As a psychic medium and angel intuitive I am constantly being reminded about the power of past lives. It comes up often, not only in my own life, but also in the lives of many of my clients. So many come to me seeking connection with departed loved ones, angels and...

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More Miraculous Signs From Heaven

I continue to be amazed by the miraculous ways that we can receive messages. The possibilites are truly unlimited and we can receive more miraculous signs from heaven than we could ever imagine. They can come in quite unique and surprising ways if we allow ourselves...

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