Top 5 Affirmations for Miracles

Top 5 Affirmations for Miracles




I am a professional miracle facilitator, so listen up!!! If you are in need of a miracle, I’m sharing a few of my favorite miracle affirmations. I often write it on things around the house/office and read them out loud throughout the day. Feel free to use these affirmations or comment with your own that feels right to you.


I am ready for all of my miracles in my personal and professional life.

I am an active participant in creating miracles.

Miracles come quickly, easily, and effortlessly. 

I am a magnet for miracles.


Thank you for getting me one step closer to my miracle.

I know that my miracle is right around the corner!
Happy Manifesting!



The Importance of Being Spiritually Aligned

The Importance of Being Spiritually Aligned

If you have been experiencing some crazy shifts whether physically, emotionally, spiritually… (you know what I mean)…
Seriously! You are being guided. Perhaps away from what no longer serves you.
We are at a point in our journey, collectively, where we really must tune in, listen, and follow any and all guidance. If we aren’t doing those very things, things might feel pretty rough. I know this all too well as I was just given one of the biggest wake-up calls I’ve ever had.
I’d love to share it with you…
As some of you know, I recently began a monthly membership for adults, The BLC (Badass Lightworkers Club). I was really excited about getting it started but I’ll be honest, something inside of me felt uneasy. Something wasn’t right. But instead of listening to those intuitive hits, I decided to push through it all. I wasn’t listening to my heart and THAT meant that I wasn’t in the flow. I began to “paddle upstream” as one of my dear mentors like to say (Wayne Dyer for those who want to know). And since I was paddling upstream against the current (what I realized recently), instead of pulling my oars in and going with the flow, things were difficult. There were many problems with getting the member site up and running. People weren’t receiving emails. It was a struggle and it began to take its toll on me and the group.
On January 10th to be exact, I had a mini (not so mini) breakdown. I call it a “breakdown” because that’s exactly what it felt like at the time. But what happened at the end of that breakdown was one of the clearest breakthroughs I have ever experienced. I have said it before, it felt like I was being birthed! But this time was different. It was more painful, both physically & emotionally, and it forced me to let go of everything, everything I believed, everything I thought I knew. I was forced to get closer to god than I have been in quite some time. I’m still on that journey just like all of you, learning and growing as I move up that spiritual ladder.
As I cried and prayed for guidance I was met by Jesus and Archangel Michael. I call on them often and believe me, I called out to them then. I asked them, “What am I missing?” Oh! And I just about forgot to tell you that right before I went to bed that night (before I lost it) I was stumbling around in the dark and ran into my dresser, which has a beautifully framed picture of a young woman sitting on a bench with her guardian angel whispering in her ear. Her angel is trying to guide her but she is not listening. As I ran into my dresser, it came tumbling to the ground and broke into pieces. I knew exactly what they were trying to tell me. I HAD NOT BEEN LISTENING. (For real, you just can’t make this stuff up!)
So as I lay in bed sobbing and asking Jesus and Archangel Michael to help me, I began to hear them loud and clear. I promise to tell you all of the juicy details in a later podcast. Here’s the link if you’ve never listened, but one of the big take-aways of our conversation was that I was not in alignment. I have a BIG VISION, you see, of opening a spiritual retreat here in Northeast Pennsylvania. I have always dreamed of children coming from all walks of life to meet, find their soul family, get super connected to their spiritual team, and realize just how amazing they are. I’ve had this dream for many years now and I receive god winks that I’m on the right path quite often. Those winks, however, had sort of slowed down over the past several months. I didn’t realize why until I literally had my “come to Jesus” talk.
And that talk was crystal clear. Jesus was straight up (and super loving of course). He pointed out all of the things that I was doing that weren’t in alignment with my big vision. He so gently reminded me that I needed to focus on that which I wish to manifest. The children. It was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. A sort of “knowing” what I needed to do. And the universe had been trying to get my attention for weeks. One pretty cool wink, that I didn’t understand until this chat with Jesus, was that my phone would always open up directly to YouTube when I unlocked it. I wouldn’t even click on the icon and it would go immediately there. This happened for over two weeks. Sometimes it would suddenly click onto YouTube when I was checking other things, like email and such. I had no idea that it was all leading me to my next step.   
Get in complete alignment with your hopes & dreams! 
Because if you aren’t they won’t ever come. 
Keep an eye out for my YouTube videos! I will be posting 1 video for kids & 1 for adults per day starting the day of this writing. Here’s a link to it so that you can subscribe (and please share to spread the word). I have a few videos there now but things are about to get really interesting! You won’t want to miss a thing.
And for those of you who wish to embrace your spiritual gifts with grace & ease, I am launching my Mediumship / Angel Intuitive Course February 1st. There is limited seating and people are already signing up. I am offering it at a one-time-only super discounted price so don’t miss the opportunity if you have been thinking about it! I’m even offering payment plans, which I have never done before. If you are feeling the call to tap into universal energy on a deeper level then join this amazing group. Your soul family will be waiting…
For now, I’m sending you massive love and light! May you get completely aligned with what you want to call into your life, and may your amazing god-winks show up as you do…​​​​​​​
Why I Am Grateful For Lyme Disease

Why I Am Grateful For Lyme Disease

Okay, before you start throwing eggs at me please hear me out.

Yes, it’s true. I AM GRATEFUL FOR BEING IN LYME HELL. That’s what I used to call it anyway. For those of you who have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease, you will definitely understand what I’m talkin’ about!

But before I go into why I am grateful for contracting such a debilitating disease, let me give you a little history about my battle…

There was a time when I was healthy and fit. I was completing my masters program at the University of Kansas in speech-language pathology, living with my then-husband in our dream home, working out with a personal trainer three times per week, enJOYing life every single day. I would never have thought that just a couple of years later my entire life would be turned upside down. Now I won’t go into all of the details here as I have shared them all in my book, Stepping Into The Light: The Miraculous Ways That Our Loved Ones, Angels, & Guides Can Let Us Know They Are Near. What I will tell you is that everything that I once had began to disappear. In a matter of just a few months my life had taken an abrupt and disheartening turn.

Skipping two years forward when I was at my weakest point, I found myself on my knees in my front yard begging God for a lifeline. I was sick, alone, broke, in deep debt and I needed HELP! God answered me by way of the angels. He sent them to me, to teach me how to heal myself. And although it was a long and often very dark journey, I was finally able to find my miracle and eliminate Lyme Disease for good.

When I had reached my lowest I had been ill for several years with some sort of “mystery illness.” I visited specialist after specialist, even traveling out of my area in search of answers. I’ll never forget. The last specialist I saw told me, “It’s all in your head. You need to see a psychiatrist.” My response….”Yes, I will definitely need one because I’m about to kill the next person who says that.” I know, that’s pretty severe, but that’s exactly how I felt. I WAS SICK and no one believed me.

After that day in my front yard, when I begged God for help, my path to healing began to open up. I was guided to a naturopath, someone who did a particular blood test, a visual one that might be able to reveal what was wrong with me. I was open to anything at this point so I booked an appointment pronto.

When I showed up to my appointment I knew I was in the right place. There were angels and crystals everywhere. Incense was burning in the background and I felt such a sense of peace and calm. Dr. Lynn Wright, the naturopath I was there to see, greeted me warmly and invited me into her office. She explained the procedure, which entailed just a quick prick of my finger. She placed several drops of blood onto some slides and slid them into place under her microscope. I was mesmerized as I began to see everything “working” inside of me. Lynn pointed out my red blood cells, white cells, sugar crystals (we don’t want those), and so much more. As she magnified the screen she began to point out what looked like tiny little worms floating in my blood. “Well it looks like you might have indications of Lyme Disease.” Those weren’t her exact words but they were something along those lines. Lynn doesn’t diagnose. She merely points you in the right direction. I was at Lynn’s office for a couple of hours and let me tell you, I learned more about my body than I could ever imagine.

Lynn referred me to a Lyme literate doctor in NY who did some follow-up blood tests to try to determine if I did indeed have Lyme. I returned to Pennsylvania and found one of the many walk-in labs. I handed the nurse the doctor’s requests and watched as her face shifted from a smile to what appeared to be confusion. The nurse said that she would have to call the doctor’s office in NY as she had never heard of some of the tests he wanted done. That floored me. How could she have never heard of these tests??? After a quick call to the doc’s office, she returned to run my labs. I heard from the doctor a week later and I did indeed have Lyme Disease. Now let me clear something up here. I had gone in for three Lyme Disease tests and they had all come up negative. Doctors in my area (PA) were convinced that I did not have it. But over a span of five long and very dark years with that “mystery illness” they could not come up with any answers other than “IT’S ALL IN YOU HEAD AND YOU NEED TO SEE A THERAPIST.”

I have included a link to the NY Lyme Association if you want to take a peek at just how many symptons one can have. BTW, you can have just a few OR you can have all of them. I had all except the symptoms for men and just a handful more. I also had asthma and needed an inhaler various times throughout the day. One of the craziest things was that they found nodules in my lungs, one on each side. I had been a smoker for years when I was younger and I was worried that I hadn’t “quit soon enough.” I had to go for scans every six months to keep an eye on them. They never got any larger, and the really amazing thing is that they completely disappeared once I had cured myself from Lyme Disease. Needless to say, my specialist was baffled! My asthma also disappeared.

http://www.empirestatelymediseaseassociation.org (see “symptoms” on left-hand of the page)

I began to see a Lyme literate doc in NY and was on a regime of medication triple the usual dosage for any other condition for a little over a year. It was awful. I was constantly sick because of the strong meds I was taking. Most of my Lyme symptoms would disappear for a bit and then come right back. It was a constant struggle and my new found hope was quickly slipping away.

After that first year of treatment I decided to try a natural approach. That seemed to resonate with me more anyway as I was someone who ate organic foods and tried to stay away from “bad stuff” most of the time. I was on natural remedies for the next two years, and although I did find some relief from time to time, my Lyme Disease always returned. My struggle was real and I was beyond frustrated. I had always been such a healthy person and had been quite active in previous years. I found myself caught up in victimhood. I frequently called out to my angels and guides for help and even promised one evening that if they could bring me my miracle of complete health, or at least show me how I could attain it once again, that I would teach others how to heal too. Well, I found out that when you make a deal like that, God answers!

As my battle with Lyme Disease continued I focused on really taking time to tune in to God and the angels. I asked them for guidance and always prayed for a miracle. My angels and guides began to show me that everything I was experiencing was of my own doing. They put people in my path that would deliver their loving messages. I remember one time I was watching Oprah and she said something like, “You are the problem. You are the solution.” I’m not sure those were her exact words but that’s what stuck in my head. It pissed me off to be honest. How could I be the one doing this?

I began to learn all that I could about the emotional connection to illness and disease. The more I learned the more I realized that I was the one keeping myself sick. All of the guilt, shame, and just plain unworthiness had consumed my BEing. And those were just some of the emotions keeping me sick from this lifetime. When I began my journey into my past lives, the epiphanies and aha-moments just kept coming. So much had happened and my soul remembered it all, not from a conscious mindset mind you, but subconsciously. And that, my friend, is what keeps you sick, broke, alone…..or all of them. You have developed limiting beliefs and they are running the show. Your past (this lifetime and possibly others) are effecting you now. I truly can’t say it loud enough!

As I began to heal my past wounds my body began to shift. As I began to feel worthy of love, money, health, and all of the good stuff, it all started to show up. My “flow” shifted and I began to attract everything I had always tried so hard to attract. All of my blocks had disappeared and I was finally able to glide through life with grace and ease. My struggle had ended and I had God and my angels and guides to thank for showing me what I needed to do to heal myself. My miracle was right there all along. It was me.

God has been nudging me to step into a new role, one of a transformational life coach. I use that term as that is truly what I will be doing. Coaching others as they transform their lives into the life of their dreams. I have been fighting this calling for a year now and God has made it clear that it is time. I remember after being free from Lyme symptoms for one year, God tapping me on the shoulder and saying, “It’s time. You can do it,” only for me to respond, “Okay. Just one more year.” Well, it’s now been two years with NO Lyme symptoms and I can no longer resist my calling. I have healed myself and it’s time to help others do the same.

So…..keeping with my promises, I am now gliding down another path. I have decided to help others heal just the way that I did. I will be helping others heal their soul. Our souls have wounds and as long as those wounds remain unhealed, they will block all of the good stuff. I’m sure so many of you can relate. You’ve probably done everything you know to create a new story yet the same old shit just keeps happening. Well I’m here to help you create a life you love! I’m here to help you see, and heal the past. I’m here to help you create a beautiful life full of abundance in all its forms. I’m here to help you embrace your miracle.

And yes, I meant what I said earlier. I am grateful for Lyme Disease for it gave me no other option but to seek the truth. It forced me to do the work. It helped me heal my soul. Lyme Disease helped me find the lotus that had been there all along, just waiting to be discovered underneath all of those layers. And just when I said “YES” to my new role, the God wink appeared. I was proclaiming that I was ready while cutting up an onion. Tears began to flow as I reached the center and saw what looked to me like a lotus flower. I knew that I was finally ready and it felt so good. I had peeled back the layers and I was finally able to see my light once again. I still get chills when I think about it all! (Pictured above)

I’ve always known that I was a healer, but I thought my calling was to heal others. Well, now I know that there is so much more to my calling. I am being asked to help others heal themselves. That is when the true healing occurs my friend. When we dive into those murky waters of emotional pain; own it, heal it, and release it, that’s when the true miracle occurs. YOU are the miracle!

I am beginning a 6-month & 12-month coaching program. This is a one-on-one program where you and I will be together on your healing journey. Whether you are in search of healing from illness & disease, body/weight issues, money issues, or love/soulmate issues, I am certain that I can help! And my program is several months so that we can truly bring forth your magnificent life. It didn’t take you a few months to get where you are and I want ample time with you, to help you heal everything that has kept you stuck once and for all. And since this is a one-on-one program I am only taking a handful of people per year. I am dedicated to helping YOU heal and I want my schedule free to hold your hand through it all.

I would love to hop on a call with you ($150 value) free of charge to see if my program is a good fit for you. Please email me at julia@juliatreat.com and put “I AM READY TO HEAL” in the subject line. I will email you promptly so that we can set up your free call. But please only reach out if you are:
– Truly committed to doing anything and everything to bust through the blocks and finally heal
– Ready to do the deep diving work (we will be peeling back the layers!)
– Ready to become a magnet for miracles and begin creating a life you love (Miracles show up in every area of your life once you do the healing work)
– Ready to invest in yourself – time, energy, attention and of courses, money

I’m ready when you are!

Come and join me on one awesome and magical ride!

Many Blessings,
xo Julia

p.s. If you are interested in seeing Dr. Lynn Wright, the naturopath I mentioned, you can reach her via email, eor1198@aol.com or phone, 570-234-8568. She can do her testing in-person or via mail if you reside in the US. I highly recommend her. She literally saved my life!


Finding Love Again After Losing A Soulmate

Finding Love Again After Losing A Soulmate

Finding love again after losing a soulmate can weigh heavy on the heart. Soulmates can mean different things to different people but for this post I am talking about our lovers, partners, and spouses. This is one of the most difficult relationships to heal from other than losing a child, at least from what I have experienced through my clients over the years. As clients pour their heart and soul out on to my table through endless tears it’s not uncommon for their love, who has crossed over, to come through with messages of “loving again.” Our loved ones in heaven want nothing less than complete happiness for us here on earth. They strive to help us heal and send signs and messages to help us on our way. But they also want us to love again. They don’t want us to be alone. And the kicker…they are often the one choosing our next soulmate, at least they want to be. I mean who knows you better right?

“I’ll bring you the next best”

No matter the circumstances I can guarantee you that your beloved is not only okay with you finding another soulmate, but they will help in the process. All you need to do is let them know when you’re ready. And I want to assure you that they do not feel like you’re cheating on them or that you don’t love them anymore. That is so far from the truth! They know you love them and they return that love back to you. They want to help you as you continue your journey here on earth. They want to help you meet the perfect person! So when you’re ready (and there are no rules on how long that should be), call on your beloved to help you find the next perfect person for you. It’s funny, as I write that, I recall telling several clients that exact same thing only for their beloved to come through with things like, “I’ll bring you the next best.” It’s never a dull moment in my world.

Listen to the podcast episode “Are You Waiting For Your Soulmate”

Sending love to YOU!

Many Blessings,
xo Julia


How To Stay In The Light During Mercury Retrograde

How To Stay In The Light During Mercury Retrograde

We are in yet another time of Mercury Retrograde. It’s when Mercury appears to be moving backwards in the sky. Many claim that when this happens things may go awry in our lives, particularly in the areas of communication, travel and technology.

Mercury Retrograde used to be quite a tumultuous time for me. I would begin to feel uneasy shifts in the energy around me and would begin the whole “Oh shit, here it comes again” talk inside my head. I didn’t realize that I was actually adding negative energy (aka, lower vibrations) to the whole thing. I thought I was doomed for a “bad three weeks” each and ever time it rolled around. And I can attest that I usually was. But I was creating all of the chaos. I know that now and I want to help you stop the nonsense as well.

We have wounds…all of us! We have many and they may stem from this lifetime or past lifetimes. Whatever the case may be, they are often buried deep, and for some reason they begin to come to the surface during Mercury Retrograde. We may feel emotional, begin missing those from our past, feel confused, agitated, pissed off. You get the drift! I’m sure you may be experiencing some, if not all of those things right now. Well I have come to the rescue! Or at least I can offer you some ways to try and make this time a little easier for YOU and those around you ;). I have learned to rely on that which makes me calmer, more connected, and at peace, and I can honestly say that when Mercury goes Retrograde, it just doesn’t seem to affect me like it used to. So here are some things that I do each and every day. And when I say EVERY DAY, I mean that I do it every single day. You can play soothing music while you practice the following tips but it is not needed. It works even when done in silence and only takes a few minutes of your time.

1) Begin each morning by taking a moment to connect with the Light above. Watch as it fills your body, clearing out any crap that you might have absorbed from others (or your own negative thoughts). Watch it move through you and around you all the way to your feet. Then imagine the light traveling to the center of the Earth where it picks up even more loving and healing energy. Imagine that light moving back up from the Earth and into your feet, moving all the way up to the top of your head and into the realms above. You are now a channel between Heaven and Earth, a channel of pure love and light.

2) Imagine your Light being so bright and expanding out from your heart and surrounding your body. It feels amazing! Then imagine sending that Light out into your day. You are blessing YOUR DAY. Imagine whatever it is that you need: blessings of love, joy, compassion, kindness, health, money, laughter, energy……..whatever it is that you need.

3) Now imagine that your Light is so powerful that you can send that amazing energy to those who come across your path. I often imagine different people in my life and send beams of Light to them, blessing them with pure love and light. Sometimes I even say “I bless you with pure love and light.” It’s pretty powerful!

4) Go about your day and connect with the Light whenever you need to. Just close your eyes for a moment and picture it still coming from above and below, filling YOU up. Picture the Light surrounding you and permeating everyone and everything that you come in contact with you. I do this sometimes if something “funky” happens or I have an old thought or belief come up that seems to shift my energy. When I stop for a moment and “check in,” it always works immediately.

5) Be outside at least once every day. Mother Nature is a healer and being outside in nature will help to keep you calm, gounded, and connected. And you just might receive some messages from the animal kingdom or come across some cool heart rocks while you’re at it! 😉

6) Repeat steps 1 & 2 at night right before you go to sleep.

That’s it! That’s how I begin and end my day. Since adopting this practice each and every day, my life has changed in amazing ways. And it definitely has helped me begin to heal those wounds that are buried so deep. We all have them and we need to heal them. The next time you find yourself “losing it” because of those around you, remember that they have wounds too. We are magnificent souls having a human experience. We are here to learn lessons and heal old wounds. Do your part in making it easier for you and those around you. Stay connected to the Light so that you can continue to be a Light for others. I know it may not seem easy at times, but if you adopt a daily routine of connecting, clearing…. and shining, it will become like second nature.

Be gentle with yourself as you accept the lessons, learn from them, and heal from them. They only show up to make us better.

I love you so very much! And I am sending beams of pure love and light to YOU at this very moment.

May blessings shower over YOU and those YOU love from this moment on…

God Bless!


Why We Must Face Our Fears

Why We Must Face Our Fears

We all face fears on a regular basis.  At least most of us do. The Universe often throws things in our path so that we can learn to rise up.  Fear can be debilitating, and often times even paralyzing.  That is why it is so important that we face them as they come head-on.  That IS why we must face our fears.  If we don’t, we may never know just how amazing and powerful we are.

I was invited to do my first public speaking gig in a nearby city.  When I was asked if I would consider speaking, I didn’t hesitate saying “yes,” although every part of my BE-ing was screaming “NO!”  I had no idea what came over me for that brief moment and wondered if something or someone had taken over my body. Public speaking has always been one of my biggest fears.  I can remember coming close to several nervous breakdowns during my college years when I was required to take part in such barbaric practices.  I remember taking some sort of oath the last time my knees buckled while displaying my inadequacies on stage in front of my classmates:  “I will never do this again. I will never do this again.  I will never do this again.”  Well, life is funny, and The Universe sure has one heck of a sense of humor!  It’s true, if we continue to call on our angels and tell them “I’m ready,” they will put things in our path that they know we can conquer.

As time for my debut grew closer, I found myself on some sort of anxiety roller coaster. At times I felt calm and clearheaded, but that could very quickly turn into feelings of anxiety, panic, and dread.  I spent a lot of time at one of my favorite places, a local nature park, asking my angels and guides to help me.  I prayed daily saying things like, “Please give me courage and tell me what to say.”  They (the angels) never cease to amaze me.  They always come through when I call on them.  I began seeing myself on stage, as if I was watching a movie.  I was telling my story and it appeared to be so easy.  I stood so poised and the words flowed from my mouth quite eloquently.  It was as if I had been doing it all my life.  It seemed so easy.  I would even dream about my speech and watched as it all came together so effortlessly.  “Ahhhh,” I thought.  “I’m ready.”

The day of the event came and I felt a sense of calm and ease within myself.  I knew that this was something I had to do and I knew that it was pivotal for whatever was coming next for me.  I can’t begin to tell you the number of times I was guided to just “take a leap of faith,” only to be rewarded beyond my expectations for doing so.  I had my speech all lined up in my head and felt confident about my message. The angels had helped me “know” what to say.  I decided to head out to my favorite place where I could sit quietly and meditate. As I sat quietly, watching the seagulls on the water, I heard someone say “You got this.”  I didn’t know who had said it.  Maybe the angels or maybe it was my own inner voice.  It didn’t matter.  I felt unstoppable! “Yes,” I thought.  “I can do this.”

It took just a few minutes for that amazing state I found myself in to begin to be overtaken with that little voice in my head, that voice I had worked so hard to keep quiet.  I guess my ego had a little something to say about all of this “nonsense.”  I had managed to keep it quiet for the past several days but I guess it didn’t like that I had decided to step up.  My ego wanted desperately to “help me” and so here it came offering some “logical” advice.  Now remember, I had asked the angels for help and they had delivered.  They had literally shown me how my speech was going to flow and had reassured me that everything was going to be okay.  For that reason, I hadn’t typed anything up.  I didn’t have any notes or outline to follow.  I didn’t have anything down on paper for that matter.  I was going to wing it.  After all, I had seen myself standing on stage and heard the words coming out so amazingly and had even dreamt about it.  I never really felt the need to put anything down on paper…….until that moment, when my ego said “ARE YOU NUTS?!”  Oh, that voice was strong and loud and I had heard it many times before.  I had been doing so well to keep it quiet and yet I found myself right back in its mighty grasp once again.  That peaceful easy feeling began to fade as I hurried to my car.  I rushed home to put my message down on paper as I only had a couple of hours before the event began.  I bellied up to my computer and started typing away.  I was so determined to get my message down on paper that I didn’t even realize that I had shifted out of my calm and peaceful state to one of desperation and panic.  I typed emphatically, making sure I covered everything I planned to talk about.  “Oh crap, don’t let me forget anything,” I said to whomever was listening.  I was only a few sentences in when lo and behold, my computer crashed. Now normally I would’ve probably freaked out for awhile, but as soon as my computer crashed, I just started laughing……hysterically!  I knew the angels had decided to put me out of my misery because as soon as I stopped laughing, I heard, “You don’t need a piece of paper. Just tell your story and let us take care of the rest.”  And with that, I let it go.

The time of the event finally came and it was a complete success.  I told my story and even cried a few times as I let my heart sing.  Yes, my microphone shook from time to time but the angels helped me get through it all unscathed.  Several people came up to me afterwards and told me that I had done an amazing job. They loved my story! Ahhhh, I couldn’t thank the angels enough.  They had (once again) come to my rescue and they had helped me face my demon. I had done it.  I had conquered my biggest fear of all and I felt unstoppable!

I can honestly say that public speaking is no longer my biggest fear.  Now that I think about it, I’m not sure what my biggest fear is since I conquered the one that had ruled my life for so long.  It seems that way with everything doesn’t it? We fear so many things and instead of facing them and kicking their ass, we crawl into our little holes and hide, hoping they will all just go away.  I can tell you firsthand, that once you face your fears, they just won’t seem so scary.  Call your angels in and ask them to help you.  Start small if you need to but just be sure to start.  Haven’t your fears been running the show for too long already? I know mine had.  I feel unstoppable now and I know I wouldn’t feel this way if I had continued to hide, from myself, from others, from the amazing person that God has intended me to be.  I can’t wait to see what they have planned for me next!