Investing in Yourself is the Gift that Keeps on Giving!

Investing in Yourself is the Gift that Keeps on Giving!

Melissa had no idea a random podcast search would lead her to pursue a career in energy healing.

Read about how Melissa went from frustration to certification to a new business to a podcast in only 6 months!

I wanted to share how Melissa Oatman changed her life after discovering my podcast. For her, stepping into the light was also her mission! Spiritual Bootcamp helped her realize her potential, and my coaching programs gave her the guts to launch her business. She is now a reiki healer, offering reading sessions, she uses social media and her daily podcast to connect with more people, all in less than a year! Read her story below.

Melissa Oatman, IL – If you would have told me 9 months ago that I would become a professional healer, I would have given you a sarcastic look and laughed. I was just a German teacher. How in the world would I become a healer of all things? Little did I know that listening to a podcast would drastically change my life. 

My Tower Moment

I had what some would call a tower moment. I had broken up from the first serious relationship. I am the single mom of twins and life for me can be pretty hectic.  I told myself I didn’t have time to date, to do things for myself, because of my responsibilities. I was feeling sad, hurt, and down right lost. I would spend most of my daily commute dwelling on the awful details of my break up and how I should have said or done so many things differently.

The Podcast that saved me

I decided that I was done should-ing on myself. I was ready to stop thinking about the things I could not change from the past. I was ready to keep moving forward. The problem was that I somehow needed to keep my thoughts preoccupied during my commute distracting my brain from wandering. My brother suggested I start listening to podcasts. He recommended a few. I listened to them, and they did help. It certainly kept me distracted. The problem was I still felt so empty inside.

On a particularly fateful afternoon, I decided that I needed something more up-lifting. I needed something that would lift me up out of this funk that I was in. While searching for more positive podcasts, I came across Stepping Into the Light with Julia Treat. I distinctly remember this day because Julia was talking about Fairies, and I thought that this was a bit odd and amusing, and also interesting. I couldn’t stop listening, and it did make me feel better!

My commutes were now me catching up on all of her episodes. She had over 100 and much to my surprise, I got caught up in just a few weeks. I was hooked and became sad when I had run out of new episodes to listen to. In the mornings I would wake up and hope that a new episode was waiting for me, and it usually was! I wanted more, and it was during one of Julia’s episodes that she spoke about her program called, Spiritual Bootcamp. I just knew I had to get into that class. It sounded like just the thing to help me crawl out of my miserable state for good. It did not disappoint. I rose ecstatically out of bed each morning just waiting to find a new lesson from Julia and the Universe. My life got so much better in just a few weeks, and it only took a few minutes each day.

Spiritual Bootcamp

Spiritual Bootcamp was the pivotal program that shifted me on my path to becoming a healer. It was this program that made me realize that I hadn’t been living up to my full potential. I was capable of so much more than I was doing. I decided to do a past life regression with Julia because I was always curious about past lives. I honestly didn’t even think the past life regression would work, but boy did it. I saw three of my lives, and Julia and I both came to the conclusion that I was a light worker. I was supposed to be doing this work. Now I have my own business, I started my own podcast, and I am enrolled in her Prosperity Queens and Kings group. I can’t wait to see what the future will hold. I am sure that whatever it is, it will be exciting and fulfilling. It couldn’t have happened without that podcast. To Julia, I will forever be grateful.

How you can find Melissa Oatman:

Find Melissa on Facebook Reiki with Melissa @reikiwithlissa
Schedule a session on Melissa’s website
Follow Melissa on instagram @mooseletoe
Listen to Melissa’s Podcast Awaken Your Inner Awesomeness

12 Steps to Un-blocking Your Super Power

12 Steps to Un-blocking Your Super Power

What’s Your Super Power?

We are moving into new energy, friends. It’s TIME to acknowledge the magic inside of you!

Sometimes life is full of surprises. Surprising yourself by your own strength is something to celebrate!

For example, moving my parents back to Kansas from Pennsylvania was an intense and rewarding experience… LOT’S of heavy decision making and heavy lifting…both mentally and physically.

I’m surprised by my own strength because I really stepped up to make calm and confident decisions (I can never make a wrong decision, right? RIGHT!)

I’m now convinced I DO have badass super powers. This revelation has led me to ask you all… What’s your super power? 

I’ve been reminded of 12 ways you can access those wicked cool parts of you that have been all blocked up:

1. Shake off the bad habits for good. 
2. Knock off the fear, procrastination & limiting beliefs by pushing the cancel/clear/delete button when fearful thoughts creep into your mind.
3. Drop your expectations of others fulfilling your needs and desires.
4. Think this when you want to control or save someone, “I do not know what is best for everyone else.”
5. Concentrate on yourself and the quest for your own bad-ass-ness above all else. 
6. Try something new / different – This could be something as simple as changing your routine physical workouts.
8. Allow yourself a morning without an alarm clock or phone.
9. Look for the signals and signs the Universe sends you to validate that you are in alignment. Numbers, feathers & “that’s interesting” moments. #godwinks
11. Listen to those who came before you. Listen to the echoes of their examples.
12. Believe that all of us have a massive team who are only a breath away that we can always call on.

Instant manifestation comes when you claim your super power.

Say “I can have anything and everything that I want!”

Find your passion! Claim your power! Rise up!

XO Julia

Top 5 Affirmations for Miracles

Top 5 Affirmations for Miracles




I am a professional miracle facilitator, so listen up!!! If you are in need of a miracle, I’m sharing a few of my favorite miracle affirmations. I often write it on things around the house/office and read them out loud throughout the day. Feel free to use these affirmations or comment with your own that feels right to you.


I am ready for all of my miracles in my personal and professional life.

I am an active participant in creating miracles.

Miracles come quickly, easily, and effortlessly. 

I am a magnet for miracles.


Thank you for getting me one step closer to my miracle.

I know that my miracle is right around the corner!
Happy Manifesting!



This Is How I Make It Easier To Let Go Of Stuff

This Is How I Make It Easier To Let Go Of Stuff

I am in the middle of yet another amazing Spiritual Bootcamp and the energy in the tribe is truly amazing!

I wanted to share a quick little something in the hopes that it might help you as you move forward in this beautiful thing called life.

The group is currently working on decluttering their homes, businesses, cars, and lives. This is just a few days of my four week program and it can sometimes be the most difficult. We tend to resist letting go of “stuff” as it is what has kept us safe thus far. Our “stuff” defines us, or at least we think it does. It’s all of the things we have accumulated over the years, some sentimental, some worth money, and some is just junk. Whatever the reason for holding on, I can assure you that the “stuff” is holding you down.

I have been diligent about getting rid of the old, but as this bootcamp is moving forward with such crazy awesome momentum, I realized that I still had some work to do. There is one room in my basement where I have been holding on to all of my angel stuff. My books, posters that I’m not using right now, statues…you get my drift. It just sits in this room stacked neatly or housed in boxes. It’s been there for awhile. I knew today was the day to release it once and for all.

As I sifted through all of the beautiful things, both old and new, so many memories began to come flooding in. There was my very first angel book, the one that introduced me to my beloved team. There was my first chakra wall hanging, delicately hand painted on beautiful cloth. It was in perfect condition, still wrapped up in it’s container. I had never hung it on the wall but I had no problem remembering where I had purchased it, on one of my life-changing trips to Sedona.

As I placed things in boxes to donate I realized how much I had changed. I was no longer feeling sad about donating this beautiful things. I felt JOY! I began envisioning the people who would buy these items at the thrift store I was donating them to. I pictured their faces as they perhaps found items they wouldn’t be able to afford otherwise. I saw little girl’s faces as they discovered an angel or fairy statue perfect for their room. It truly made my heart sing.

So I just wanted to share something amazing that happened to me today. Instead of it all being about me, I turned things around. I found a way to infuse joy into the situation. And I will be spreading love and joy to others when they purchase my things. Oh, and something I do just for fun… I say a prayer and infuse all of the items that I donate with healing energy. I ask the angels to help everyone who receives something of mine to be filled with love, joy and peace. I can envision them healing even now!

What are you holding on to? What is weighing you down? Just think of all the joy you could be sharing by allowing someone else to treasure one of your treasures. It is magical my friend! Letting go of your stuff just might be what you need to be instantly infused with JOY. That’s what happened to me today and I am so very grateful.

Sending massive love to you as you declutter your life.


xo Julia

Why I Am Grateful For Lyme Disease

Why I Am Grateful For Lyme Disease

Okay, before you start throwing eggs at me please hear me out.

Yes, it’s true. I AM GRATEFUL FOR BEING IN LYME HELL. That’s what I used to call it anyway. For those of you who have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease, you will definitely understand what I’m talkin’ about!

But before I go into why I am grateful for contracting such a debilitating disease, let me give you a little history about my battle…

There was a time when I was healthy and fit. I was completing my masters program at the University of Kansas in speech-language pathology, living with my then-husband in our dream home, working out with a personal trainer three times per week, enJOYing life every single day. I would never have thought that just a couple of years later my entire life would be turned upside down. Now I won’t go into all of the details here as I have shared them all in my book, Stepping Into The Light: The Miraculous Ways That Our Loved Ones, Angels, & Guides Can Let Us Know They Are Near. What I will tell you is that everything that I once had began to disappear. In a matter of just a few months my life had taken an abrupt and disheartening turn.

Skipping two years forward when I was at my weakest point, I found myself on my knees in my front yard begging God for a lifeline. I was sick, alone, broke, in deep debt and I needed HELP! God answered me by way of the angels. He sent them to me, to teach me how to heal myself. And although it was a long and often very dark journey, I was finally able to find my miracle and eliminate Lyme Disease for good.

When I had reached my lowest I had been ill for several years with some sort of “mystery illness.” I visited specialist after specialist, even traveling out of my area in search of answers. I’ll never forget. The last specialist I saw told me, “It’s all in your head. You need to see a psychiatrist.” My response….”Yes, I will definitely need one because I’m about to kill the next person who says that.” I know, that’s pretty severe, but that’s exactly how I felt. I WAS SICK and no one believed me.

After that day in my front yard, when I begged God for help, my path to healing began to open up. I was guided to a naturopath, someone who did a particular blood test, a visual one that might be able to reveal what was wrong with me. I was open to anything at this point so I booked an appointment pronto.

When I showed up to my appointment I knew I was in the right place. There were angels and crystals everywhere. Incense was burning in the background and I felt such a sense of peace and calm. Dr. Lynn Wright, the naturopath I was there to see, greeted me warmly and invited me into her office. She explained the procedure, which entailed just a quick prick of my finger. She placed several drops of blood onto some slides and slid them into place under her microscope. I was mesmerized as I began to see everything “working” inside of me. Lynn pointed out my red blood cells, white cells, sugar crystals (we don’t want those), and so much more. As she magnified the screen she began to point out what looked like tiny little worms floating in my blood. “Well it looks like you might have indications of Lyme Disease.” Those weren’t her exact words but they were something along those lines. Lynn doesn’t diagnose. She merely points you in the right direction. I was at Lynn’s office for a couple of hours and let me tell you, I learned more about my body than I could ever imagine.

Lynn referred me to a Lyme literate doctor in NY who did some follow-up blood tests to try to determine if I did indeed have Lyme. I returned to Pennsylvania and found one of the many walk-in labs. I handed the nurse the doctor’s requests and watched as her face shifted from a smile to what appeared to be confusion. The nurse said that she would have to call the doctor’s office in NY as she had never heard of some of the tests he wanted done. That floored me. How could she have never heard of these tests??? After a quick call to the doc’s office, she returned to run my labs. I heard from the doctor a week later and I did indeed have Lyme Disease. Now let me clear something up here. I had gone in for three Lyme Disease tests and they had all come up negative. Doctors in my area (PA) were convinced that I did not have it. But over a span of five long and very dark years with that “mystery illness” they could not come up with any answers other than “IT’S ALL IN YOU HEAD AND YOU NEED TO SEE A THERAPIST.”

I have included a link to the NY Lyme Association if you want to take a peek at just how many symptons one can have. BTW, you can have just a few OR you can have all of them. I had all except the symptoms for men and just a handful more. I also had asthma and needed an inhaler various times throughout the day. One of the craziest things was that they found nodules in my lungs, one on each side. I had been a smoker for years when I was younger and I was worried that I hadn’t “quit soon enough.” I had to go for scans every six months to keep an eye on them. They never got any larger, and the really amazing thing is that they completely disappeared once I had cured myself from Lyme Disease. Needless to say, my specialist was baffled! My asthma also disappeared.

http://www.empirestatelymediseaseassociation.org (see “symptoms” on left-hand of the page)

I began to see a Lyme literate doc in NY and was on a regime of medication triple the usual dosage for any other condition for a little over a year. It was awful. I was constantly sick because of the strong meds I was taking. Most of my Lyme symptoms would disappear for a bit and then come right back. It was a constant struggle and my new found hope was quickly slipping away.

After that first year of treatment I decided to try a natural approach. That seemed to resonate with me more anyway as I was someone who ate organic foods and tried to stay away from “bad stuff” most of the time. I was on natural remedies for the next two years, and although I did find some relief from time to time, my Lyme Disease always returned. My struggle was real and I was beyond frustrated. I had always been such a healthy person and had been quite active in previous years. I found myself caught up in victimhood. I frequently called out to my angels and guides for help and even promised one evening that if they could bring me my miracle of complete health, or at least show me how I could attain it once again, that I would teach others how to heal too. Well, I found out that when you make a deal like that, God answers!

As my battle with Lyme Disease continued I focused on really taking time to tune in to God and the angels. I asked them for guidance and always prayed for a miracle. My angels and guides began to show me that everything I was experiencing was of my own doing. They put people in my path that would deliver their loving messages. I remember one time I was watching Oprah and she said something like, “You are the problem. You are the solution.” I’m not sure those were her exact words but that’s what stuck in my head. It pissed me off to be honest. How could I be the one doing this?

I began to learn all that I could about the emotional connection to illness and disease. The more I learned the more I realized that I was the one keeping myself sick. All of the guilt, shame, and just plain unworthiness had consumed my BEing. And those were just some of the emotions keeping me sick from this lifetime. When I began my journey into my past lives, the epiphanies and aha-moments just kept coming. So much had happened and my soul remembered it all, not from a conscious mindset mind you, but subconsciously. And that, my friend, is what keeps you sick, broke, alone…..or all of them. You have developed limiting beliefs and they are running the show. Your past (this lifetime and possibly others) are effecting you now. I truly can’t say it loud enough!

As I began to heal my past wounds my body began to shift. As I began to feel worthy of love, money, health, and all of the good stuff, it all started to show up. My “flow” shifted and I began to attract everything I had always tried so hard to attract. All of my blocks had disappeared and I was finally able to glide through life with grace and ease. My struggle had ended and I had God and my angels and guides to thank for showing me what I needed to do to heal myself. My miracle was right there all along. It was me.

God has been nudging me to step into a new role, one of a transformational life coach. I use that term as that is truly what I will be doing. Coaching others as they transform their lives into the life of their dreams. I have been fighting this calling for a year now and God has made it clear that it is time. I remember after being free from Lyme symptoms for one year, God tapping me on the shoulder and saying, “It’s time. You can do it,” only for me to respond, “Okay. Just one more year.” Well, it’s now been two years with NO Lyme symptoms and I can no longer resist my calling. I have healed myself and it’s time to help others do the same.

So…..keeping with my promises, I am now gliding down another path. I have decided to help others heal just the way that I did. I will be helping others heal their soul. Our souls have wounds and as long as those wounds remain unhealed, they will block all of the good stuff. I’m sure so many of you can relate. You’ve probably done everything you know to create a new story yet the same old shit just keeps happening. Well I’m here to help you create a life you love! I’m here to help you see, and heal the past. I’m here to help you create a beautiful life full of abundance in all its forms. I’m here to help you embrace your miracle.

And yes, I meant what I said earlier. I am grateful for Lyme Disease for it gave me no other option but to seek the truth. It forced me to do the work. It helped me heal my soul. Lyme Disease helped me find the lotus that had been there all along, just waiting to be discovered underneath all of those layers. And just when I said “YES” to my new role, the God wink appeared. I was proclaiming that I was ready while cutting up an onion. Tears began to flow as I reached the center and saw what looked to me like a lotus flower. I knew that I was finally ready and it felt so good. I had peeled back the layers and I was finally able to see my light once again. I still get chills when I think about it all! (Pictured above)

I’ve always known that I was a healer, but I thought my calling was to heal others. Well, now I know that there is so much more to my calling. I am being asked to help others heal themselves. That is when the true healing occurs my friend. When we dive into those murky waters of emotional pain; own it, heal it, and release it, that’s when the true miracle occurs. YOU are the miracle!

I am beginning a 6-month & 12-month coaching program. This is a one-on-one program where you and I will be together on your healing journey. Whether you are in search of healing from illness & disease, body/weight issues, money issues, or love/soulmate issues, I am certain that I can help! And my program is several months so that we can truly bring forth your magnificent life. It didn’t take you a few months to get where you are and I want ample time with you, to help you heal everything that has kept you stuck once and for all. And since this is a one-on-one program I am only taking a handful of people per year. I am dedicated to helping YOU heal and I want my schedule free to hold your hand through it all.

I would love to hop on a call with you ($150 value) free of charge to see if my program is a good fit for you. Please email me at julia@juliatreat.com and put “I AM READY TO HEAL” in the subject line. I will email you promptly so that we can set up your free call. But please only reach out if you are:
– Truly committed to doing anything and everything to bust through the blocks and finally heal
– Ready to do the deep diving work (we will be peeling back the layers!)
– Ready to become a magnet for miracles and begin creating a life you love (Miracles show up in every area of your life once you do the healing work)
– Ready to invest in yourself – time, energy, attention and of courses, money

I’m ready when you are!

Come and join me on one awesome and magical ride!

Many Blessings,
xo Julia

p.s. If you are interested in seeing Dr. Lynn Wright, the naturopath I mentioned, you can reach her via email, eor1198@aol.com or phone, 570-234-8568. She can do her testing in-person or via mail if you reside in the US. I highly recommend her. She literally saved my life!


Finding Love Again After Losing A Soulmate

Finding Love Again After Losing A Soulmate

Finding love again after losing a soulmate can weigh heavy on the heart. Soulmates can mean different things to different people but for this post I am talking about our lovers, partners, and spouses. This is one of the most difficult relationships to heal from other than losing a child, at least from what I have experienced through my clients over the years. As clients pour their heart and soul out on to my table through endless tears it’s not uncommon for their love, who has crossed over, to come through with messages of “loving again.” Our loved ones in heaven want nothing less than complete happiness for us here on earth. They strive to help us heal and send signs and messages to help us on our way. But they also want us to love again. They don’t want us to be alone. And the kicker…they are often the one choosing our next soulmate, at least they want to be. I mean who knows you better right?

“I’ll bring you the next best”

No matter the circumstances I can guarantee you that your beloved is not only okay with you finding another soulmate, but they will help in the process. All you need to do is let them know when you’re ready. And I want to assure you that they do not feel like you’re cheating on them or that you don’t love them anymore. That is so far from the truth! They know you love them and they return that love back to you. They want to help you as you continue your journey here on earth. They want to help you meet the perfect person! So when you’re ready (and there are no rules on how long that should be), call on your beloved to help you find the next perfect person for you. It’s funny, as I write that, I recall telling several clients that exact same thing only for their beloved to come through with things like, “I’ll bring you the next best.” It’s never a dull moment in my world.

Listen to the podcast episode “Are You Waiting For Your Soulmate”

Sending love to YOU!

Many Blessings,
xo Julia