Investing in Yourself is the Gift that Keeps on Giving!

Investing in Yourself is the Gift that Keeps on Giving!

Melissa had no idea a random podcast search would lead her to pursue a career in energy healing.

Read about how Melissa went from frustration to certification to a new business to a podcast in only 6 months!

I wanted to share how Melissa Oatman changed her life after discovering my podcast. For her, stepping into the light was also her mission! Spiritual Bootcamp helped her realize her potential, and my coaching programs gave her the guts to launch her business. She is now a reiki healer, offering reading sessions, she uses social media and her daily podcast to connect with more people, all in less than a year! Read her story below.

Melissa Oatman, IL – If you would have told me 9 months ago that I would become a professional healer, I would have given you a sarcastic look and laughed. I was just a German teacher. How in the world would I become a healer of all things? Little did I know that listening to a podcast would drastically change my life. 

My Tower Moment

I had what some would call a tower moment. I had broken up from the first serious relationship. I am the single mom of twins and life for me can be pretty hectic.  I told myself I didn’t have time to date, to do things for myself, because of my responsibilities. I was feeling sad, hurt, and down right lost. I would spend most of my daily commute dwelling on the awful details of my break up and how I should have said or done so many things differently.

The Podcast that saved me

I decided that I was done should-ing on myself. I was ready to stop thinking about the things I could not change from the past. I was ready to keep moving forward. The problem was that I somehow needed to keep my thoughts preoccupied during my commute distracting my brain from wandering. My brother suggested I start listening to podcasts. He recommended a few. I listened to them, and they did help. It certainly kept me distracted. The problem was I still felt so empty inside.

On a particularly fateful afternoon, I decided that I needed something more up-lifting. I needed something that would lift me up out of this funk that I was in. While searching for more positive podcasts, I came across Stepping Into the Light with Julia Treat. I distinctly remember this day because Julia was talking about Fairies, and I thought that this was a bit odd and amusing, and also interesting. I couldn’t stop listening, and it did make me feel better!

My commutes were now me catching up on all of her episodes. She had over 100 and much to my surprise, I got caught up in just a few weeks. I was hooked and became sad when I had run out of new episodes to listen to. In the mornings I would wake up and hope that a new episode was waiting for me, and it usually was! I wanted more, and it was during one of Julia’s episodes that she spoke about her program called, Spiritual Bootcamp. I just knew I had to get into that class. It sounded like just the thing to help me crawl out of my miserable state for good. It did not disappoint. I rose ecstatically out of bed each morning just waiting to find a new lesson from Julia and the Universe. My life got so much better in just a few weeks, and it only took a few minutes each day.

Spiritual Bootcamp

Spiritual Bootcamp was the pivotal program that shifted me on my path to becoming a healer. It was this program that made me realize that I hadn’t been living up to my full potential. I was capable of so much more than I was doing. I decided to do a past life regression with Julia because I was always curious about past lives. I honestly didn’t even think the past life regression would work, but boy did it. I saw three of my lives, and Julia and I both came to the conclusion that I was a light worker. I was supposed to be doing this work. Now I have my own business, I started my own podcast, and I am enrolled in her Prosperity Queens and Kings group. I can’t wait to see what the future will hold. I am sure that whatever it is, it will be exciting and fulfilling. It couldn’t have happened without that podcast. To Julia, I will forever be grateful.

How you can find Melissa Oatman:

Find Melissa on Facebook Reiki with Melissa @reikiwithlissa
Schedule a session on Melissa’s website
Follow Melissa on instagram @mooseletoe
Listen to Melissa’s Podcast Awaken Your Inner Awesomeness

How to Protect Your Energy

How to Protect Your Energy

There are so many things going on in the world that you may be finding it difficult to stay in the light.  It might even be difficult at times to see any light at all, but I can assure you that it is there.  Fortunately, good things are happening in the world.  Unfortunately, the good things often don’t make the news.  With all of the chaos going on in the world, I felt it might be helpful to pass on some tips on how you can not only clear your energy, but protect it as well.  So many of us go out into the world each and every day, ready to share our light with others, only to return at the end of the day feeling drained, weary, sad, and sometimes even angry and resentful.  We just spent the last ten to twelve hours unknowingly giving our energy away and taking on everybody else’s stuff as well.  If you don’t clear and protect your energy regularly, you will run the risk of becoming depleted of the amazing light that lies within.  Oh, it’s still there.  It just needs some tender loving care.
I practice a daily routine to ensure that my energy stays as high as possible, in the vibration of peace, love and joy.  For me, daily meditation and yoga, have simply changed my life.  And the best thing is that you don’t even have to spend any money as there are so many free meditations and yoga videos online.
One of my favorite guided meditations is Deva Premal’s 21 Day Mantra Meditation.  Granted, it’s not one of the free ones, but I had to share one of my favorites.  It is perfect for anyone who wants to begin a daily meditation practice as each day has a different focus from the next.  You may be chanting to remove blocks one day and chanting to welcome in abundance the next.  Deva’s voice is so soothing and beautiful and just resonates wtih my soul.  She explains each mantra before she begins singing them but trust me, your soul will understand them even if you don’t.   It’s definitely worth every penny as you can listen to them over and over.  Here’s where you can find it:
So, now that we’ve discussed the importance of adopting a meditation and/or yoga practice, I wanted to move into some tips on how to clear and protect your energy.  I use each of these from time to time and have tried to explain them in as much detail as possible.  I would suggest trying each one several times to see if you can begin to sense a shift in your energy.

TIP 1: Clearing Your Energy:

  •  Light Bath: Sit quietly and close your eyes.  Take a few deep breaths in through your nose and out through your nose.  Imagine a beautiful light coming down from above and entering in the top of your head.  Envision this light moving down your body, inside and out, clearing anything negative or toxic in and around your body.  Imagine this light moving all the way down through your body and out of the bottoms of your feet.  This light not only carries all toxins and negative energy out of your body, but transmutes it into beautiful healing energy, which it carries down into Mother Earth.  Take a few more deep breaths and picture this light moving from heaven to earth through your body.  You are now one with the light.  Express gratitude for the cleansing that has just taken place and open your eyes when you’re ready.  Do this as many times as you need throughout the day.  You can do this at home, at work, or while sitting in traffic (someone will honk when it’s time to move again).  It only takes a few moments and will make a world of difference! I do this every day and sometimes several times per day if I find myself surrounded by negativity.  It makes a huge difference!
  • Epsom Salt Baths:  Place about 1 cup of epsom salt in hot water (as hot as you can stand). Lay in bath for 20 mins and allow all of the toxins to leave your body.  Lately, I’ve been taking epsom baths just about every other day and am feeling fantastic! Remember to drink lots of water before and after your bath or you may become dehydrated.
  •  Sea Salt Baths:  Place about 1 cup of sea salt in hot a water (as hot as you can stand).  Lay in bath for 20 mins.  Our bodies LOVE sea salt and your body will thank you for allowing it to soak up all the love.
  • Sage or Palo Santo:  Light sage (I use white sage) or palo santo and swish it around your body, from head to toe.  Even better if you can clear your room or home on a regular basis.  I personally prefer palo santo but either will work.  I clear my home daily, sort of a quick clearing on the first floor where I see clients, and clear my entire home weekly from bottom to top.  Believe me, if I don’t, I can tell! Emotions will be running high (and I don’t mean a good high LOL).  You can find both white sage and palo santo on amazon.
  • Cut cords with Archangel Michael:  So many of us have cords that are connected to other people, situations, emotions, negative thought patterns, etc.  All you need to do is find a quiet place, close your eyes, and ask Archangel Michael for his assistance.  An example prayer might be, “Archangel Michael, thank you for cutting cords that are no longer serving my highest good.  I ask that you clear them quickly, easily, and effortlessly and that everyone involved be filled up with love and light. Thank you. Amen.”  You may get ideas or visions of who or what cords are connected to.  Honor these thoughts and ideas as they are Divine guidance and be willing to cut cords and let go.  Archangel MIchael isn’t able to cut cords of love so no worries about that.  Your cords of love will stay intact!

TIP 2: Protecting Your Energy:

  • Envision a white light coming down from above and encompassing your entire body.  I often imagine it being 3-4 feet thick.  You can even go a little further and picture negativity, in whatever form, just bouncing off of your bright white bubble.   Show gratitude for the protection that you have received.
  •  Ask Archangel Michael to surround you with his purple light of protection.  Envision it encompassing your entire body.  As always, show gratitude :).
  • Envision pulling a cloak of protection around you and literally move your hands as if you were pulling it closed around you.  This will ensure that you are protected.
I hope that these tips help you as you continue on your journey.  I can assure you that they have saved me on more than one occasion! As always, I am available if you ever need a reading, healing session or past life regression.  Readings and healing sessions can be done in person or long distance via Skype or telephone.  In the meantime, I am asking the angels to shield you and fill you up as you continue to share your light with the world.  May you be blessed with unlimited abundance in all its forms as you shine brightly for all to see.  Shine on my friends.  The world needs your light!


Connecting With Your Spirit Guides

Connecting With Your Spirit Guides

I’m back in beautiful Pennsylvania after spending two months in MA. Surprisingly enough, that’s what I needed.  A whole two months! My vessel had become clogged in more ways than one and I needed ample time to cleanse not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually as well.  As I felt my true self begin to shine through once again, I made a promise to myself, God and the angels, that I would never let that happen again.  I had no clue just how run down I had become until several weeks into my sabbatical.   I was so weary and was carrying so much upon my shoulders, like so many of you.  I had once again taken on the weight of the world and was losing my fight. Ahhhhhh, I feel so much lighter just writing these words as I was able to let so much go during my time away.  Now I am ready to continue on my journey as the Light worker I was meant to be, making sure to take care of myself along the way.  I once again feel like the lotus flower in the picture above, resting peacefully on still waters.

I spent a lot of time writing while in Massachusetts, but my trip proved to be about so much more.  It was a time for reconnecting……with God, the angels, and my guides. Although I always take time to pray and meditate, I feel such a deeper connection after taking time to really listen.  I didn’t realize that I had lost touch with my spirit guide, Chief Joseph, who came to me several years ago during meditation.  Once I reconnected with him, again during meditation, I began to experience so many “chance” encounters and “coincidences” where he made himself known.  I knew he was calling out to me, letting me know that he had never left my side.

While driving along the countryside one day with my two dogs, I felt guided to turn down a particular road.  I had no idea why, but knew that I needed to go in that direction.  So I listened to my intuition and turned down an unfamiliar road.  As I was driving and enjoying the scenery, I came upon a little country store.  There were lawnmowers and mulch for sale, but sprinkled throughout the property were these amazing wood carvings.  I just had to take a look! As I pulled into the parking lot, I found myself parked right in front of a carving of an Indian Chief.  Holy cow! It was Chief Joseph.  I had just reconnected with him the day before and there he was staring right at me.  I got out of my car and walked around looking at all of the amazing carvings.  There were bears, foxes, and eagles, and even a huge totem that hosted many different animals. They were all so beautiful but I was drawn to the carving of the Indian Chief.  The carver came out of the store and I talked with him for over an hour.  He had such an interesting story as he had changed his life dramatically in recent years.  He was a stock broker, making tons of money, but found himself hating his job and his life.  He began asking the Universe to help him figure out what he was supposed to do next, that would bring him complete joy and satisfaction. One day, as he was driving home from work, he passed a gentleman who was carving amazing sculptures with a chainsaw.  He was intrigued by the intricate and amazing pieces of art that the gentleman was able to create, all by using a chainsaw.  He stayed and talked with the man for several hours, and after their brief encounter, decided that this was what he wanted to do.  He wanted to create beautiful works of art for others.  Now I know what you’re thinking and no, I am not turning to woodcarving LOL.  That’s not where I’m going with all of this.  I simply wanted to give you an example of someone whose life had changed so dramatically once he put it out to the Universe that he not only desired a change, but was willing to take a leap of faith.  He taught himself how to carve amazing pieces out of trees and is now one of the top twenty wood carvers in the world.

I ended up purchasing the carving of the Indian Chief.  I found myself listening to Native American flute music each and every day and felt Chief Joseph close by.  He let me know he was around me several times while I finished my stay in Massachusetts.  Once was while I was getting a massage.  The therapist put on a CD of Native American flutes. Another was when I was visiting a nearby town with my parents, who had come to visit for the day.  As we walked through a store that carried Native American clothing and little knick knacks, I noticed a very ornate set of dishes.  As I walked closer, I was able to read the name on the dishes.  The design was called “Chief Joseph.” You just can’t make this stuff up!

I have so many amazing stories to share but wanted to share this one in particular in the hopes that you might realize that there are so many beings of light that are just waiting to help you on our journey.  We all have spirit guides who want to help us.  We may have known them in a past life or they may have just chosen to guide us on our journey this time.  They have always been with us and will reveal themselves when we are ready. Spirit guides are loving and wise and can help make our journey a little easier.  If you don’t know who your spirit guide is yet, begin by simply telling them you are ready to meet them.  Then be open to however they choose to reveal themselves to you.

Sending so much love your way…….



What’s new with Julia?

I have so much going on right now that I’m so excited about! I am finishing up my book and just putting everything together now.  My publishing company is expecting it by the end of June and I am hopeful that it will be out by early fall.  In it, I talk about how all of this happened to me; how I got connected with the angels and then opened up to the world of Mediumship.  I have also written about several unique experiences that I, and many of my clients have witnessed in regards to connecting with loved ones, angels and guides.  My hope is that my book can help others step into the light (just a little hint at the title) and open up to the miraculous ways their loved ones, angels and guides are able to let them know they are near.
I am also working with an amazing mentor who is teaching me how to do professional Podcasts.  We are currently working on a library of awesome material that will be available on iTunes just about the time my book is released.  I’m also gearing up to create my own YouTube channel, which will help me reach so many more people with my message.  You will be the first to know when all of that goes live!  I am still working on my guided meditations.  They have taken a bit longer than expected due to some difficulty matching my voice with the music I have chosen at levels that make me happy.  I am a perfectionist and only want to put out the best products!
Although I’m extremely busy, I am always available for individual and group readings, healing sessions, and past life regression.  Group readings are in full swing and I have several scheduled throughout the summer.  I still have many openings if you are interested in hosting your own small group.  I am hosting one in my home in Dickson City on June 11th and only have 5 spaces left (see details below).  Please visit my Services Page as I have changed the number of people required for group readings to a smaller number.  I felt a need to keep the groups smaller so that everyone was able to have ample time to receive messages and ask questions.
Upcoming Events
Group Reading In My Home! 
Keeping it small! Space is limited to 10 people and I only have 3 spots left!
The group reading is scheduled for June 11 from 7:00-9:00.  Please email julia@juliatreat.com or call (570) 955-3594 if you are interested in reserving a spot.  Cost is $70 per person and must be received to hold your spot.  I will have refreshments and snacks available.  It will be a lot of fun!
Mediumship/Angel Intuitive Course
I still have some openings for my upcoming Mediumship/Angel Intuitive Course June 28th & 29th.  It is being held at Balance Meditation/Inner Peace Studio in Clarks Summit.  This class is what changed everything for me and helped me get into the flow of unconditional love.  Whether you plan to help others with what you learn or use it for your own growth and expansion, your life will never be the same.  You WILL “connect” with God, the angels, and all beings in Heaven in a whole new way.  You WILL feel the power of unconditional love.  It is an absolutely amazing experience and you will never be the same.  This class will help you step away from fear in all areas of your life as you connect with something so great that you won’t be able to see anything but can’t help but unlimited possibilities! (See a complete description of the course below)


Come and open up to all of the unlimited possibilities that await you! Everyone has the innate ability to connect with the spirit world, to hear their messages, and to feel the love and support of Spirit and the angels. Enjoy opening up to the realms above while being spiritually supported by your angels, guides, and classmates. In this 2-day intensive certification course, Julia will guide you through the process of communication with the afterlife. Whether you plan to use Mediumship/angel communication for your own comfort, or offer it to others for healing, Julia will help you explore your abilities in a safe and supportive environment. In this course, you will learn how to communicate and hear loving messages from deceased loved ones, angels, spirit guides, and even pets. You will learn how to gain control of your gift and learn how to clear, shield, and heal yourself from any blocks. You will increase awareness in all of your “senses” and increase your ability to receive Divine messages. Day two will offer ample time to practice your new skills with your classmates. Gain knowledge, confidence, and a deeper connection with the realms above! 
This class is for anyone, whether you currently receive messages or just “sense” things around you.  You will be amazed at your abilities! Fee: $444; 2-day course

*This class is offered at a discounted rate of $150 for anyone who has taken it before and wishes to take it again as a refresher course.  Please contact Julia to receive the discounted rate.

Julia Treat, M.A.

Psychic, Spiritual Medium, Angel Intuitive, Spiritual Advisor, Master-Teacher, Empowerment Life Coach

Listening To Your Intuition

Listening To Your Intuition

“Hey, it’s me.  Are you listening? I’ve been trying to get your attention, give you signs, guide you through this, if only you could hear me.  You busy yourself with this and that, never allowing your mind to become quiet.  I continue to give you gentle nudges; nudges towards what will bring you more joy, more happiness, more peace.  I see you struggle and I want desperately to help you.  If only you could hear me.  We were close once.  I miss the connection we once had.  I am here for you.  I am here when you’re ready to listen.  I love you .”
– Your Intuition

Our intuition is such a powerful thing, if only we could learn to tune in and listen whole heartedly all of the time.  What is your intuition trying to tell you? Is it telling you to make changes? Take a leap of faith? Leave a relationship, or perhaps begin a new one? Declutter your home and/or life? Take a break? Move? If you’re not sure what the word “intuition” really means, think of it as that gentle, loving voice that just won’t go away.  It’s that gut feeling, idea, notion, or even epiphany that comes to you.  Your intuition tries desperately to guide you, often putting people, places, and things in your path to help you on your journey.  Signs may be subtle or they may hit you like a ton of bricks.  Sometimes we need those more forceful nudges don’t ya think?
My life changed in so many ways when I decided to allow my intuition to guide me instead of my ego.  As time goes by, and I continue to lean on my own intuition, my messages become louder and clearer.  Tuning into, and trusting your intuition can sometimes take time.  Just like any other “practice” such as yoga and meditation, learning to tune into your own intuition may seem difficult for those who are so used to second-guessing everything.  We refuse to do anything for fear of making a mistake.  We often need to know the final outcome before making any movement at all.  We become almost paralyzed by fear; fear of making the wrong decision, when often the act of making NO decision, is ultimately the wrong decision.  Our intuition is that direct connection with God.  It is that Divine guidance that our souls recognize.  The more we tune in, listen, and trust what we are receiving, the easier it becomes to recognize that loving voice; the easier it becomes to step away from fear.  As we listen and take action, we open the floodgates to unlimited possibilities.
Over the past few months, I have been receiving my own “gentle nudges.”  I have been receiving guidance that it is time to get away and “finish what I started.”  I have been working on a book for the past year or so and have found it difficult to devote the time needed to get it finished.  I would have never thought that I would write anything, but I have found such joy in writing about my life and how my abilities came to surface, as well as the amazing and miraculous ways your loved ones let you know they are near.  My intuition has been trying to get my attention for quite some time now, and it’s time for me to listen.  I will be renting a cottage in Lenox, Massachusetts for the next several weeks.   Although I plan to focus much of my time on writing, I will still be available for readings by phone and via Skype.  If you find that you are in need of connecting with your loved ones, angels, and guides, please now that I am available.  If you’ve never experienced a reading by phone, I can assure you that they are just as amazing as readings done in person.  I read several clients from all over the country on a regular basis.  Your loved ones, angels, and guides don’t have any blocks and neither do I.  If you wish to schedule an appointment in-person, I would suggest that you book it online so that you can get in as soon as possible, as I have already started scheduling appointments for June and July.
I wish you all the very best as we roll into Spring.  Enjoy the many blessings that you have been given and be open for so many more that are headed your way.  Take time to be still, meditate, or just walk outside.  Tune into your own intuition and see what it has been trying to tell you all along.  Trust it, and ask the angels to help you move forward fearlessly.
Sending All My Love…….