Simple Exercises That Tap into Your Creative Side

Simple Exercises That Tap into Your Creative Side

Despite what you believe, you are creative!


As kids we had no issue using our imagination and creative spirit. But, then we grew up…more “important” things took priority… only to divert us away from the painting, coloring & the clever genius of our ingenuity.

My latest podcast talks about how the simplest exercise can get you in the creative zone. It shouldn’t intimidate you – everyone can stimulate this important component to your practice by simply coloring. Listen and try it!

Tapping into our creative side regularly as adults is so beneficial to our success. When we are NOT creating, we are NOT fully in the flow of the universe. When we tap into the creative being inside each of us, it opens doors to new ideas, friends, money & fun! The rewards that come from creativity also has a calming effect for many of us as well. We get out of our heads & take a break from the incessant anxiety of “to do” lists.

Sometimes I use Life Purpose Cards at the close of my mediumship readings. Recently, one young lady chose a card that symbolized being creative – as a life purpose! Many adults will balk at this idea since they feel it no longer applies. But, I am here to remind you that this is an integral part of your spiritual being as a whole!

You don’t have to invest in an art course to hone this skill. In fact, I encourage many folks to simply start doodling, drawing symbols, or coloring in your journals, vision books or literally coloring books. You have an innate child who is resourceful & has no fear of expressing original ideas inside of you. That youthful spirit has no problem taking a risk which might expose their talent.

Now you say to me “Julia, I can’t even draw stick figures.” And I respond to you “That is ok!”. Simply start by drawing an infinity symbol (a figure eight which is horizontal). Trace it with different color pens or colored pencils. Do it again & then do it some more. Allow your mind to absorb the beauty of inspiration. Just because it has been a while since you last colored does not mean you have forgotten how.

Here are some feasible suggestions to get you started on your way to Creative Genius:

1. Look at an object and scribble its outlines and shapes in your vision book. Color with markers in a Mandala coloring book, or paint a rock & leave it for someone else to find!

2. Cooking (not a chore, something new), Gardening, Writing, Photography (use your smart phone to start), Jewelry making (You tube videos galore on this subject), collage making using paper, scissors, tape/glue of vision boards.

3. Playing with kids outside (using their imagination), Adult Game Night (laughing & competitiveness spur on the creativeness), an Escape Room Outing (exchanging ideas in this case will lead you to a broader imagination of what is possible).

If you can do any of these things outside – bonus! Being creative among the quiet of nature sparks creativity and inspired thought.

Now get to it. Your inner child awaits!

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

As a certified past life regression specialist, I have had the privilege of helping many clients visit past lives. I just can’t say enough about the miracles that can occur with past life regression. I have witnessed numerous clients heal emotional wounds and even illnesses and disease that have plagued them during their lifetime.

So many of us wander through life wondering where all of the good stuff is. We say things like, “Why can’t I manifest the good stuff? Why do bad things always seem to happen to me? Am I cursed? Has God forgotten about me?” I’ve heard it all, and believe me, I’ve felt most of it at one point or another.

Our past lives can haunt us and can literally be running the show. And the crazy part is that we will have no idea. No idea, that is, until we go back to see what happened. Past life regression does just that. It allows us to visit past lives to learn lessons, uncover patterns, heal, and finally let go. With past life regression miracles can occur that once seemed impossible. Emotional scars can be mended, physical ailments healed, and spiritual wounds can be obliterated. When we learn what happened to us before, we are able to heal and let it go. Our soul gets healed and we are able to shine. That perfect life we envisioned for ourselves finally has a chance to come to fruition.

So just what is past life regression?

Past life regression is a technique used to take people back to past lives to uncover what happened before. Clients are guided to a relaxed state and guided to one or several past lives. It’s all up to the client as they are the one determining everything. As I tell my clients, “You are running the show. I am just acting as a guide to help you get there.”

I absolutely love to help clients through past life regression as it can reveal so much. Clients may receive clarity on many issues: relationships suddenly make sense; self-limiting beliefs and patterns come to light; and blocks to abundance, love, health, and happiness become clear. Clients are able to heal past wounds and lives can change instantly. As I like to say (and quite often do) at the end of a session, “Get ready for miracles!” They often just begin flooding in.

Past life regression is different for everyone. We all have the ability to sense things in our own unique way. Some feel things, some hear things, and some see things, while others just know things. When participating in past life regression, I always suggest to clients that they just be open to however they receive information during their session. I encourage them not to try to make sense of anything! We have all lived many lifetimes and sometimes when visiting past lives, our current lifetime will get intertwined somehow. It isn’t unusual for this to happen, so if it happens to you, just glide through it without any judgment.

There’s one really big point to make here! And I want to be very clear. You won’t experience any physical pain during the past life regression. You will, however, experience any emotional pain that occurred. That’s the whole point of doing the regression! Getting to the root of the current issue (whatever is happening this time around) has all to do with the emotional “stuff.” So while on your journey to the past, cry if you need to cry. Let it flow. Don’t hold it in any more. You’ve probably been doing it for far too long already.

I have been seeing clients in my home in Northeast Pennsylvania for several years now. I offer individual past life regression therapy as well as occasional groups. I also teach my Past Life Regression Intensive Course a couple of times per year. It’s a daylong course that is taught in a group setting. Participants are taken on several journeys including several past life regressions, healing meditations, and even progressions into the future. It is a day of epiphanies, aha-moments, and true miracles.

As I witnessed healing after healing I knew I needed to do more. I needed to offer my program to the masses. So I have finally done it! I have developed my program so that YOU can have the same amazing experience in the comfort of your own home! I call it Journey Of The Soul. You will be lead into several past lives through regression so that you may begin to release the past. I have also included several amazing meditations and progressions to help you begin to manifest the beautiful and amazing life you were meant to be living. We are all worthy of a beautiful life and I’m here to help you step in to yours!

If you are ready for radical change then you are ready for

Journey Of The Soul!

I can’t wait to connect with you…

– Julia

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The Power Of Past Lives

The Power Of Past Lives

As a psychic medium and angel intuitive I am constantly being reminded about the power of past lives. It comes up often, not only in my own life, but also in the lives of many of my clients. So many come to me seeking connection with departed loved ones, angels and guides, and leave with knowledge of so much more. The power of past lives can wreak havoc on our present lifetime without us having the slightest idea what is causing all of the chaos. I, myself, have seen nine of my own lifetimes to date, and let me just tell you that every single one has opened my eyes tolimiting beliefs and patterns that I have carried over this time. I have had countless epiphanies and aha-moments, which have helped me to forgive, release, and let go of all that is keeping me from the amazing life I know I deserve.

Our wounds are deep and may stay buried deep within our soul if they are not discovered. Past life regression is one tool to help us do just that. During past life regression clients are guided into a very relaxed state. Once they have reached a deep, relaxed, and calm state clients are guided to a past lifetime, one that is full of answers. Visiting past lives through regression often provides just the miracle a client needs for healing and moving forward. When the initial or root cause of an issue is brought to consciousness, the past-life wound can be healed. Healing almost always occurs on an emotional level but I have witnessed many clients heal physical ailments as well.

Here are just a few ways that the power of past lives may be affecting your not so perfect life.

1. Fears – these are generally significant fears. My friend, Amy, used to have such a fear of spiders that any books she owned that contained pictures of spiders had to have a covering of some kind (usually a small piece of paper taped over the picture). She has made huge strides since doing past life regression and has been able to uncover the beast. She also no longer freaks out when seeing them outside, and believe me, that is a miracle in and of itself! Fear stemming from past lives can also keep us from making decisions, moving forward, or making any sort of change at all.

2. Phobias – if you have one you’ll know it!

3. Talents – does something come super easy to you or are you super talented in one or several areas?

4. Affinities – have you ever had that instant “in like” or even “in love” feeling with someone? Or felt like you already knew someone upon meeting them for the first time? Well, there’s a BIG chance you’ve been together before!

5. Relationships – you may have difficulty with relationships; dislike someone instantly and not know why; inability to let someone go; fear of losing someone (including your children OR a child’s fear of losing a parent); exhibit harmful patterns like self-sabotage; have difficulty finding love (or letting it in); withhold love; the list goes on

6. Physical ailments – is your body serving you well or not? If you’re sick, fatigued, have an illness or disease, or stuck in victimhood, it might just stem from a past life issue. I’ve had things “pop up” that subsequently disappeared once I visited a past life to see what happened before. One interesting thing was a lump that showed up on my upper chest (not my breast), but right under my left clavicle. It was large and just kept getting bigger. I felt strongly that it had to do with things that were happening in my life with a particular individual at the time, so I did a past life regression and sure enough, I got my answer. The person in question had stabbed me in that exact spot in question. Interestingly enough, the lump began to disappear right after my regression. It is completely gone now

7. Flashbacks – to times and places you haven’t been to in this lifetime.

8. Deja vu– we’ve pretty much all experienced it.

Past life regression can help us release the power of past lives in miraculous ways. Physical and emotional healing can be dramatic and rapid, and many have experienced miraculous healing once they have visited the lifetime where the problem first occurred. The past life wounds are healed, forgiveness to those who hurt us and to ourselves is given, and we become whole once again. We are healthy again, mobile again, and free again. But let me just warn you. We weren’t always the good guy. Sometimes we were the one inflicting the pain. And that is never easy to see! Either way, we must heal, and past life regression often reveals details and events that make sense to you and your situation this time around. It’s about uncovering and releasing harmful patterns. It’s about learning what happened, forgiving yourself and others (whatever is needed), and healing your soul so that you can move forward into your amazing life here and now!

The power of past lives can wreak havoc upon us during this lifetime, but thanks to amazing techniques such as past life regression, we can go back and take care of business. We can heal our past so that it doesn’t haunt us any longer.

I have developed a program to help YOU do just that! I call it Journey Of The Soul, as it will do just that. You will be lead into several past lives through regression so that you may begin to release the past. It is time to be free my friend, don’t you agree? But that’s not all! I have included several amazing meditations to help you begin to manifest the beautiful and amazing life you were meant to be living. We are all worthy of a beautiful life and I’m here to help you step in to yours!

If you are ready for radical change then you are ready for Journey Of The Soul!

I can’t wait to connect with you…

– Julia

Miraculous Signs From Heaven

Miraculous Signs From Heaven

I wanted to share a chapter from my book Stepping Into The Light: The Miraculous Ways That Our Loved Ones, Angels & Guides Are Able To Let Us Know They Are Near. This is from Chapter 19: A Flower From Grandma. It’s all about how we can receive signs from Heaven in unique and miraculous ways! I hope you enJOY…

I sat for a reading with a young lady who was in her early thirties. Sarah was seeking guidance about some important decisions she was facing in her life and hoped that her grandmother would come through to support her. Sarah received a plethora of useful information from her angels and guides, information that she said would be quite helpful, as she had some important decisions coming up. Sarah’s grandmother came through as one of her guides and assured her that everything was going to be okay. Saray said that although she knew her grandmother was watching over her, she didn’t feel that she received many signs from her.

“I know she’s there, but I just don’t get any signs from her,” she said. “I ask her to give me signs all the time, but nothing happens.”

Just as Sarah was finishing her sentence, I began to see a lone flower standing in the dirt. It stood straight up, had white petals, and was standing there all by itself surrounded by nothing but dirt. I told Sarah what I was seeing and asked her if it made any sense to her. She shook her head no and said that it didn’t make any sense to her at all. I drew a picture of the flower and told her that is seemed important and that it was somehow a sign from her grandmother.

“I have no idea what it means,” I said, “but I know it’s important. Your grandma says that it will make sense soon,” I added. Again, it was one of those times where I found myself telling Sarah’s grandma, You’d better make that happen! quietly in my head. Sarah’s reading came to a close and I handed her the sheets of paper I had been doodling on. We glanced at the flower that I had drawn, raised our eyebrows, and shrugged our shoulders as if to say, “Who knows?”

I saw Sarah a few months later while visitng one of my favorite local restaurants. I had no idea at the time that she was actually one of the waitresses there. I had never seen her waiting tables and was quite surprised when she came walking up to mine.

“I got my flower,” she said with a smile.

“You did? I can’t wait to hear all about it,” I replied.

Sarah proceeded to tell me that she and her husband had decided to landscape their entire front yard. They had turned up the entire yard and removed all of the old grass, and all that remained was a flattened yard full of dirt. They planned to plant new grass very soon. Sarah and her husband left their house to run to a local home-building supply store.

“We were going to pick up the grass seed and a few other items we needed for the yard,” she said. “We were only there for about an hour.”

Sarah continued with her story and said that when they returned home, they were shocked at what was waiting for them. As she and her husband pulled into their driveway, they noticed a lone, white flower standing straight up in the middle of their yard. Sarah said it took her breath away when she noticed it.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she said. “I just began crying. I knew it was my grandmother telling me that she was watching over me and that everything was going to be okay.”

From my book, Stepping Into The Light: The Miraculous Ways That Our Loved Ones, Angels & Guides Are Able To Let Us Know They Are Near. If you would like to get your own copy of my book, check it out here: http://www.juliatreat.com/my-book/

We truly can receive so many miraculous signs from Heaven! Ask your loved ones, angels and guides for signs and try not to decide how those signs should appear to you. You might just block all of the other miraculous ways they can let you know they are near. Be open to unlimited possibilities and allow the magic to occur!

God bless YOU….


Want to connect with Julia more? Visit her website at www.juliatreat.com where you can book an individual or group reading, healing session or past life regression.

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Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

I hope this finds you basking in the sun with warmth in your heart.

As many of you know, I have been taking some time off to finish my first book.  I will have to say that I am pleasantly surprised at how much I am enjoying writing.  It seems the more I write, the easier it flows.  I guess that’s true with just about anything isn’t it?

My time in Massachusetts has allowed me to really focus on me.  My daily routine includes meditation, yoga, and long walks at a nearby park.  I have had time to really hone in on what it is that I want.  Not necessarily what I want immediately, but what I want my life to look like down the road.  I have really started to focus on my final destination, something that so many of us forget to do as we get caught up in day to day life.

turn your dreams into realityI was recently introduced to something called “Notes From The Universe.”  It is the creation of Mike Dooley, a down to earth, energetic and loving soul whose life purpose is to help others manifest their dreams.  He is, to put it simply, an amazing human being! Mr. Dooley provides many tools to help others manifest their dreams.  Among his many offerings, one of my favorites, called “Notes From The Universe,” which are uplifting and supportive messages that are sent out via email a few times each week.  I so enjoy receiving these messages and am convinced that they are sent directly from my angels and guides, as they are exactly what I need to hear each and every time.  They are full of encouragement, love, and support, something we all could use more of don’t you think? These messages often answer questions that I might have and offer guidance for things that I might be contemplating.  These “notes” are free.  All you need to do is sign up.  I would encourage you to do so as this will give your loved ones, angels, and guides just one more way to reach you.

As I continued receiving these beautiful messages from The Universe, I decided to poke around and learn a little more about Mike Dooley.  If you didn’t hear what I said before, I’ll say it again.  MIKE DOOLEY IS AMAZING!! He is a true lightworker, striving to make things better for everyone, all over the world.  He is a teacher, a mentor, and a guide, who operates from a place of service to others.  I could go on and on about this amazing man, but I will let you learn more about him by looking him up yourself, if you wish.  One thing I do want to tell you about is an amazing DVD that Mr. Dooley has created, called “Thoughts Become Things.”  I came across this awesome video while poking around on the website and was quite intrigued.  I ordered it and eagerly waited for it to arrive as I truly felt it was something that was going to be life-changing.  Yes, I really did!  Well, I can’t say enough about this simple, awesome, magnificent video!! It has literally changed my life, just as I thought it would.  In this video, Mr. Dooley teaches the importance of daily visualization.  He gives important and specific guidelines on how one should do daily visualizations and offers his own personal triumphs that have occurred for him.  Mr. Dooley explains how just taking five to ten minutes day, visualizing your dreams, is enough for you to reach them.  He points out the importance of only picturing or visualizing what you want your life to look like, not how you get there.  He calls these the “curs-ed how’s.”  These “curse-ed how’s” is what trips most of us up.  We know what we want, but get in our own way with thoughts and beliefs of how things can come to us.  Mr. Dooley emphasizes the importance of visualizing yourself in the beautiful life that you want, feling the sun on your face; answering the phone; hearing the laughter of family and loved ones around you……….really turning all of your senses on and experiencing your visualization with that in mind.  Mike Dooley explains how adopting this practice, for just a few minutes a day, will begin to move you towards that which you desire.  I know it sounds simple, but once you watch his video and take action, you will experience big changes.

Since receiving Mike Dooley’s video, Thoughts Become Things, only a few weeks ago, things have really started shifting in my life.  I have experienced so many “chance meetings,” synchronicities, and even miracles in such a short time.  Since beginning these techniques, I haven’t missed a day.  I begin each day with my visualizations as I feel that opens the floodgates to all of the surprises that are just waiting to spring up in front of me.  I can’t even begin to explain how this works.  It is simply something that you must experience for yourself.  My life has shifted in such amazing ways, in such a short period of time, that I knew I had to share this with you.  I strongly urge you to get Mike Dooley’s DVD.  It just might be what you need to begin ushering unlimited abundance into your life.

I have included links to Mike Dooley’s, Notes From The Universe, as well as his DVD, Thoughts Become Things.  You can check them out here:


I will be returning to Pennsylvania at the end of May and will continue to be available for telephone readings until that time if you need to connect.  If you wish to schedule an in-person reading, I am currently filling spots for my return in June.

I still have some openings for my upcoming Mediumship/Angel Intuitive Course.  Please contact me if you are interested in attending.  I also have a list local hotels for those of you who will be traveling.

I wish you a season of clarity, new ideas, and unlimited love, joy and peace.



Come and open up to all of the unlimited possibilities that await you! Everyone has the innate ability to connect with the spirit world, to hear their messages, and to feel the love and support of Spirit and the angels. Enjoy opening up to the realms above while being spiritually supported by your angels, guides, and classmates. In this 2-day intensive certification course, Julia will guide you through the process of communication with the afterlife. Whether you plan to use Mediumship/angel communication for your own comfort, or offer it to others for healing, Julia will help you explore your abilities in a safe and supportive environment. In this course, you will learn how to communicate and hear loving messages from deceased loved ones, angels, spirit guides, and even pets. You will learn how to gain control of your gift and learn how to clear, shield, and heal yourself from any blocks. You will increase awareness in all of your “senses” and increase your ability to receive Divine messages. Day two will offer ample time to practice your new skills with your classmates. Gain knowledge, confidence, and a deeper connection with the realms above! 
This class is for anyone, whether you currently receive messages or just “sense” things around you.  You will be amazed at your abilities! Fee: $444; 2-day course

*This class is offered at a discounted rate of $150 for anyone who has taken it before and wishes to take it again as a refresher course.  Please contact Julia to receive the discounted rate.

The Truth About Suicide And Heaven

I have met with countless families who have had to deal with the devastating loss of a loved one because of suicide.  Although I have not experienced loss in this way, I know that it is one of the most devastating ways to lose someone.  The pain, guilt, and confusion that it leaves behind can haunt family members for a lifetime. Those left behind are overwhelmed with the burden of wondering if they missed signs or could have stopped the act from occurring altogether. They often carry this guilt with them each and every day, wondering if their loved one is safe, and more importantly, if they are in heaven.  

angel1So many of us were taught that anyone who takes their own life is automatically banished from heaven, never being allowed in. After thousands of readings, I have come to a much different conclusion. It doesn’t matter who the person was; how they planned and carried out the act; how angry they were; or how “messed up” they were. They are always taken directly to heaven. Multitudes of angels surround these burdened souls as they begin to act upon their fateful decision. The angels know that these troubled souls need love the most. They wait patiently to take them directly to heaven’s gates, where they will teach them the error of their ways, and fill them up with love and light. I like to call it “angel school,” as I see it as a time for healing and learning. They are shown alternatives to the decisions they made, allowing them to see how things “could’ve been.” This is not done for any sort of punishment; rather to prepare them for their next journey here on earth. Every reading is different, and the time spent at this angel school varies from person to person. I don’t know why times vary, only that they do.  

The following is about a young woman who was affected by suicide. It is only with her permission that I share her story. 

I received a call from a close and dear friend one afternoon. I was scheduled to see her for a personal reading that evening.  Nikki’s voice was shaking and I could tell that something was wrong.  When I asked her what was going on, she proceeded to tell me that her brother-in-law had killed himself that very morning.  I was absolutely shocked and lost for words as I had known her sister and her brother-in-law for approximately a year.  Nikki went on to tell me a horrifying story, of how Michael had walked out of their front door, walked only a few steps, and had hung himself from the tree that stood right in front of their house. He had decided to end his life at seven-thirty in the morning, the same time that everyone from his neighborhood usually left for work and also the time when all of the children made their way to school.  It wasn’t a stretch to think that Michael was, indeed, trying to make a statement. His own stepson was asleep in the house and was one of the children that was usually up and out the door for school by then. Not this day. This day would be different than any other.

After hearing the devastating news, Nikki asked if I would meet with Michael’s wife and her family for a reading that very night. She felt it might help bring comfort to her sister and family, to know that Michael was alright. I agreed, and headed out to their home later that evening. When I arrived at Kimberly’s home, I passed the tree where Michael had ended his life. Instead of feeling sorrow, anguish and pain, I felt such love and peace. I saw fairies and angels dancing around the tree. They were shifting the energy around the tree back to a space of love and light. There were so many of them! The fairies were holding hands and dancing in circles around the tree, and the angels stood right behind them singing beautiful music. It was an amazing site to see and I knew that all of Kimberly’s helpers had come to her aid. 

I was greeted by Kimberly and her family.  There was such sadness and they were still in shock and confused. I sat down, gave my condolences, and quickly got settled in. I told everyone that we would be attempting to connect with Michael and any of his guides and angels, in hopes of finding out that he was okay. I said a prayer, asking for all of their beings of light to come in, and quickly connected with Michael’s angels and guides. They told me that Michael had done this act to cause harm, and that they were working with him to help him see the error of his ways. I was told that he would be in “angel school” for seven days, the place where souls, like Michael, are often shown alternatives to decisions they have made, allowing them to see how things could have turned out differently. As the reading continued, more of Kimberly’s family came through from heaven, letting her know that everything was going to be okay. The angels came through with messages of love and protection. They had been there all along. Kimberly told me that she knew the angels had intervened that morning. You see, as Michael was hanging from that tree, not one person drove down the lane as usual. Kimberly and Michael’s house was the first on the lane, so everyone had to pass it to get out to the main road. It was a weekday and people were generally going by to go to work or school. Not that day. No one drove by. Kimberly’s son, Robert, who wakes up at the same time for school every day, didn’t even wake up that morning. He lay sleeping even as sirens from the ambulance and police cars came roaring down the lane. As Kimberly told her story, we all knew that the angels had stepped in and protected everyone else on the lane from seeing this horrific site. 

I told Kimberly that I saw a multitude of angels standing underneath Michael as he was preparing to take his life. They were waiting, patiently, to take him in their arms. I saw Archangel Michael there and told her that he had spared Michael any pain or trauma. Kimberly breathed a sigh of relief as a tear rolled down her cheek.  “Thank God he didn’t suffer,” she said.  I continued, and told Kimberly that she would receive a sign from her husband in seven days, in the form of a feather. That would be his sign that he was finished with angel school. I didn’t know where she would find the feather; just that this feather would be her sign from Michael, that he was okay. Loved ones often come through with “signs,” letting their loved ones know that they are okay. Kimberly’s sign was going to be a feather.  I went on to tell Kimberly that her son, Robert, who has the gift of seeing Spirit, would see Michael after this seven-day period, and would know that Michael alright.  I have to admit, when I receive how loved ones are going to come through with signs, I always tell them they had better deliver! We ended the reading a few minutes later. Kimberly and her family appeared calmer, knowing that Michael was in the angel’s care. We hugged and cried as we said our goodbyes.  

I received a message from Kim exactly seven days later.  She proceeded to tell me that she had received her sign. She had been cleaning out a closet that day and had come across a shoebox full of old photographs. As she sorted through the photographs and pictures, reminiscing about her life with Michael, she came across a large feather laying in-between two of them. She was amazed and shocked, and instantly knew that Michael was okay. Kim went on to tell me that her little boy had received his sign as well. When Robert got home from school that day, he told his mother that he had seen Michael. While Robert was sitting at his desk, Michael and Robert’s grandpa appeared to him, standing in front of the room. (Robert’s grandpa visited him often so this was nothing new to him). Robert continued to tell his mother that they were acting silly and making faces, and that he had to keep from laughing for fear of getting in trouble with his teacher. When Kimberly heard her son’s story, she quickly felt a peace and calm come over her. She had always know that her father was watching over Robert. Now she knew that Michael was as well. She knew that Michael was in heaven, and that he was finally happy.

Kimberly was the one who found her husband. She has struggled with that vision, but with the angels help, has allowed herself to heal and let it go. She has come to terms that there is nothing she could have done to change her husband’s destiny. He made his decision, and he carried it out. He was on his own journey, and decided to end his early.  Kimberly realizes that she may never know why Michael did what he did, but she does know that Michael is safe and sound with the angels in heaven, and that he will continue to watch over her and her son.   

If you have ever lost a loved one due to suicide, I am so very sorry. Please know that your loved one was surrounded by angels and was not alone. Your loved one was taken directly to heaven, where they were loved and supported by all of their angels. Please let go of any guilt and know that there was absolutely nothing you could’ve done to stop them from completing this act.  They were on their own journey, and unfortunately, decided to end it early.  The angels love them, will take care of them, and will never leave them.

“Thank you, angels, for taking care of our loved ones. Thank you for ensuring a quick and easy transition to heaven. Thank you for teaching them and loving them. Thank you for never leaving them.”

With Gratitude,