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Mediumship/Angel Intuitive Course

Are you a Lightworker?

Do you feel that you are here to spread love and light but aren’t exactly sure how you fit in to the mix?



I hear from people every single day who feel they are here for a “Higher Purpose,” but aren’t sure what that purpose is. I know that finding your way as a Lightworker can seem confusing and difficult at times. I am here to make it much easier. Much easier to determine your true calling. Much easier to tap in to all of your God-given abilities. Much easier to let go of fear and embrace the light that exists within YOU.

This course is for YOU if you…

* Wish to connect with God, heaven, angels, animals, the afterlife

* Feel a strong calling to help make the world a better place

* Feel a strong calling to be of service as a channeler or messenger of the light

* Are a healer and/or work with energy

* Can sense things around you that others may not

* Are able to sense things around you since early childhood OR have awakened later in life

* Are a “sensitive” but not sure what to do with it or how to control it

* Are a “sensitive” who feels drained and/or is sick a lot

* Experience strange happenings, synchronicities and coincidences around you and your home

* Have some sort of ability already (i.e., feeling, seeing, hearing) but are scared of it all

* Wish to hone in on the best way to show up as a channel of light

* Want to show up in the world as one badass lightworker!

I have been teaching others how to connect with the universe for many years now. It is one of my favorite things to do! I so enjoy watching others open up to their amazing abilities. As they embrace their true calling, to be connected with God, the angels, their guides, the entire universe, their soul begins to heal and they begin to shine brighter than ever before. Tears of joy are often shed as they realize that they have always had the ability to connect with the universe in such a magical way

I opened to my gift later in life. I was always an empath, feeling everyone around me, their sadness, anger, and even joy. And I was always the “helper” trying to make everyone else feel better. I didn’t realize that I actually wasn’t really helping at all. I was enabling. I was heping them stay stuck in their story. People were here to learn lessons and I was getting in the way of that. When I embraced my my true calling and opened myself up to my own divinity, it was then that I was truly able to begin helping others as I was intended to. I was able to share my light with them and I was able to help them recognize the light within themselves.

When I was thrust into my abilities as a psychic, medium, and angel intuitive in 2008, my whole world changed forever. I opened to my gifts as a close and dear friend was preparing to go back home (to heaven). I was suddenly able to see, hear, and feel heaven, all of it. I saw it all like a movie in my head. I heard the chatter, the laughing, and I could hear souls on the other side calling down to their loved ones here on earth. It was purely magical and beyond anything I had ever experienced. Tears streamed down my face as I felt the tremendous and unconditional love coming from that beautiful place. I knew something amazing was happening and I knew I needed someone to guide me

I found a mentor who took me under her care. She helped me find my wings and she taught me how to fly. She helped me heal my soul. It took me several years to learn about my gifts and embrace the power I held. I traveled around the world seeking knowledge and wisdom as I wanted to be the best, but not from an ego standpoint. I wanted to be the best that I could be for anyone who sought my guidance. I was finally able to move away from fear and step in to love. I wasn’t fearful of my abilities or fearful of connecting with something “bad.” The fear was far deeper than that. It was a fear I held within my heart and soul. I had done this work before, in many past lifetimes, and they hadn’t always ended well. I had to go back and heal what had happened so that I could embrace my divinity once again.

Divinity…we all have it you know. We all have that, “special access or relationship to the divine.” Some of us will choose to embrace it. Some of us will hide from it. Some of us will be fearful of it. I chose to embrace it. I chose to see things through God’s eyes. And I can teach you how to do the same.

God speaks to us in many ways. He has many messengers ready to help us on our journey. I will teach you how to connect with all of the universal players… aka, your “spiritual team!” Angels & archangels (I am able to see, feel, and hear them often); ascended masters like Jesus, Mother Mary, Buddha, Kuan Yin (I communicate with the masters on a daily basis, and so will you); animal spirit guides (they show up on a daily basis for me and yes, I can communicate with them too); departed souls (they are just part of our massive spiritual team and they are waiting to help you)… And there are so many more!

I have taught this course many times over the years and everyone who has ever taken my course is able to “get stuff” for others on the second day, whether they feel they had “abilities” going into it or not. I have found that we can open up to our divinity quite easily when given the right tools, but more importantly, when we are ready to.

I am ready to take you to a whole new level! Whether you are new to all of this or have dabbled in it a bit, I am ready to be your guide. I am ready to help you embrace your true gifts and talents. I am ready to help you see things through God’s eyes.

Here’s what you can expect during your six weeks with me!

  • Learn about the different types of angels and archangels and open your connection to hearing, feeling, and even seeing them.
  • Get to know the archangels (i.e., AA MIchael, Raphael, Gabriel, and many more) on a personal level.
  • Get to know the ascended masters (i.e., Mother Mary, Jesus, Kwan Yin, Mother Theresa), and the rest of your amazing spiritual team. They are ready to guide you!
  • Learn how to differentiate messages you receive between angels, guides, masters, departed souls, and God.
  • Learn the essential grounding, clearing, and channeling meditations necessary to tap into and maintain your connection.
  • Learn how to navigate through the spirit world with grace and ease.
  • Learn how to identify your strongest intuitive abilities and open up to all of your spiritual senses! (we all have one stronger “sense” but we can open to all of our abilities if we so desire).
  • Learn to give readings using a variety of tools such as cards and automatic writing; however, I will be teaching you how to connect in a way that you will receive crystal clear guidance without the need for any of them.
  • Learn how to give readings for others whether in person or long distance (i.e., phone or video conference).
  • Learn how to clear your energy field, your home, and your space, and how to do it for your clients.
  • Learn how to turn on your abilities when you need them, and turn them off when you don’t.
  • Learn to identify and interpret the signs and symbols Spirit uses to communicate with you. You will be floored!
  • Learn about past lives and how they might be running the show and keeping you small. We will be doing a group past life regression during the course (done virtually). This will be life-changing I assure you!
  • Learn how to navigate “difficult” readings.
  • Learn how your ego will try to sabotage your success. We will be blasting away our limiting beliefs!
  • Learn about fallen angels and other “dark stuff” and what they’re really here to do for us. It’s not what you might think!
  • Learn the importance of self-care and how to live healthfully with your abilities.
  • Learn how to enhance your gift using crystals and other cool stuff!
  • Learn how to set up and deliver a session.
  • Learn how to be spiritually rich! We will be dropping any money struggles!
  • Gain a new level of confidence in who you are and how you wish to show up in the world!


 *FREE ACCESS to my Journey Of The Soul Program ($297 value)

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Here’s how the course is set up:

  • This course is taught once per year! Upcoming dates will be announced via newsletter and social media. 
  • 6 weeks of modules – one module dropped each week
  • Videos, audios, pdf’s, guided meditations, and specially designed exercises to help YOU blast past fear, tap into your greatness, AND harness your God-given abilities with grace & ease!
  • Live group calls each week to answer questions and to support you on your amazing journey.
  • Transformational homework and exercises to help you continue to grow your new skills.
  • Interactive assignments wtih your new soul family (you will love these).
  • Practice readings with your classmates. YOU will be floored at your abilities! 
  • Private facebook group where you can connect with your new divine family. (Your tribe is looking for YOU!)
  • BONUS: Free access to my Journey Of The Soul Program ($297 value).
  • Certificate of completion upon completion of the course.