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I can’t wait to show you how I did it. I’m sharing everything in my toolbox including my team.

I want to share what is serving me with you! Get ready to succeed and prosper you money-making $piritual Entrepreneur!


Giving you all the tools in my spiritual toolbox to help you step into your power, find your voice, and share your gifts with the world!

Becoming a Psychic Medium,
Angel Intuitive, Reiki Master,
Healer, Transformational Coach, Past Life Regressor, Author and Podcaster has been the greatest journey of my life. It’s been an 8 year long process, and I’ve
managed to build up my
business with a massive online reach thanks to my podcast “Stepping into the Light with
Julia Treat”
(nearing 1 million downloads) I count my blessings and express gratitude every
single day!

It’s a blessing and an honor to
know I’ve inspired my listeners to want to offer their spiritual gifts professionally, too. I am proud to watch my friends transform their careers in miraculous ways, often far beyond their wildest dreams!

Me after up leveling 🙂


Me 8 years ago

Through much soul searching and popular demand, I’ve been called to offer coaching to those who’s mission is to become a spiritual entrepreneur. This includes those who want to grow spiritually within their profession, and those who want to use spiritual practices towards launching their own heart centered business – whatever that business may be!

I’m excited to announce I’ve developed Prosperity Queens, an online business school for Spiritual Entrepreneurs serious about launching a web-based business. I’m prepared to share everything with you in the hopes that you will never let anything stop you from pursuing your passion and true calling ever again!

I will teach you how to call on your spiritual team to help you 
in ways you never thought 

I believed in myself, and I believed in my massive spiritual team. I’d be nowhere without my living team of professionals – all of whom I relied on to take me to the next level!

The perks of working one-on-one with a medium means that whatever messages I receive while one-on-one with you, I will translate in hopes to get you where you want to go faster – and with certainty. This will squash any doubts, fears or hiccups you may experience if you were totally on your own. The support and guidance offered in this program, is priceless.


Preparing for one of my magical retreats


Dr. Brian Weiss & I at my past life regression certification

In this unique coaching program, you will be introduced to some very key players and partners in your business: Your own spiritual guides, the angels, and foundational spiritual practices that will become part of your work-day. You will have access to all of my courses! Pick and choose as you wish.
These will include (but not limited to) the following:

Reiki I, II, & Master Teacher

You will be certified on all levels so that you can move forward as a healer and a teacher
 ($2997 value)

Healing With Jesus & Angels

You will learn to work with a massive team of Universal healers who will help you create the miracles your clients are seeking
($1997 value)

Mediumship & Angel Intuitive

You will master the art of connecting with the higher realms and become a clear and open channel of pure divine messages ($1597 value)

Past Life Regression Training & Certification

You will become the practitioner and the certification to teach others if you choose to (you’ll even receive all of my scripts!) ($1597 value)

Connecting With Your Angels

You will learn everything about the angelic realms (there are so many levels), what angels to call in for specific needs, and how to work with your team to create magic every single day (You will get my permission to teach this to your tribe moving forward)
($497 value)

Connecting With Nature & The Animal Kingdom

Learn how to connect with and utilize the powerful energies of Mother Earth and the animal kingdom. Receive crystal clear messages that will help you live a life that you are madly in love with!
($497 value)

Card Reading

Learn how to give an amazing (and accurate) card reading & learn how to teach others to do the same. (Just another amazing stream of income you will have at your fingertips)
($397 value)

Learn How To Scale Your Business

Learn how to scale your business in a way that you can work less and make more. (Yes, it can be done, and it’s easier than you think)
($997 value)

Learn How To Take Your Business Online, Whatever You Plan To Offer

I’ll show you how to create multiple income streams that will allow money to flow in many different ways (So f*cking important!)
($997 value)

Learn How To Create Transformational Retreats

You’ll learn how to create transformational retreats, high-end coaching programs, and the art of offering multiple group courses to earn even more while working less ($2997 value)

Learn How To Scale Your Offerings

Learn how to scale your offerings so that you can reach clients from all walks of life with multiple levels of income. (This is golden!) AND Learn how to scale your business so that it will run on auto-pilot while you live your dreams! (Automation is the bomb! I’ll show you how)
($1997 value)

Learn The Importance Of Branding And Product Development

Just one more way for you to offer something truly amazing and bring in revenue automatically. I’m talking about a product line. A store filled with things that are in perfect alignment with you and your mission (you will be in love with your creations!)
($1297 value)

Be Introduced To My All-Star Team Of Intuitive Professionals

You will also be introduced to my all-star team of intuitive professionals in their prospective fields: My Lawyer, Podcast Producer, Corporate Coaching Firm, and the best place to find a virtual assistant (at the best price) that will take care of biz while you enJOY more free time. They are ready to take YOU to the top of your game! You will have the opportunity to follow up with them as you see fit
(PRICELESS! I’ve already found the best for YOU!)

Intuitive Coaching Program

Learn how to create a lucrative coaching program! I’ll show you how to create the perfect platform that will have clients lining up at your door. Whether you decide to work one-on-one or in a group format (I do it all) you will learn how to design, scale, and present your offerings that will provide the best outcomes for you financially. Imagination. Creation. Automation. Sale-a-bration. I’ve got the goods!
($2997 value)
But here is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing that you need as a spiritual entrepreneur! YOU MUST REMOVE ANY AND ALL BLOCKS TO RECEIVING MASSIVE COMPENSATION FOR YOUR WORK. Oh my God, this was the IT factor for me when it came to taking my biz to the next level. During my “Destroy & Conquer Your Limiting Money Beliefs” portion of the course, I’ll show you what you’ve been doing to block the money (it will floor you). And I’ll show you how to stop that bullsh*t story once and for all. We have programs that have kept us from allowing abundance, especially when we step into our destiny as a spiritual entrepreneur. Take a look at what happened in just one year in my business once I realized what was happening (sharing my tax docs to prove what can happen). And my business continues to prosper exponentially every single year. If I can do it anyone can! But I can get you there so much quicker. I’ve figured out the secret to success as a spiritual entrepreneur and I can’t wait to share it with YOU! Did I mention that my business is completely online? For real, I can work from anywhere! ($2497 value) And I’m not finished there. Like over $20,000 worth of training, certifications, golden nuggets, mentoring, and (did I mention LIVE MONTHLY CALLS????) wasn’t enough… I will be helping YOU:
  • Connect with and call in your tribe (they’re looking for you)
  • Become the best story teller (your story IS your golden nugget)
  • Create irresistible offers (and sell out every time you launch)
  • Honor your value (spiritual entrepreneurs usually don’t)
  • Get over any “build it and they will come” bullsh*t story (it’s just fear honey) AND master the art of selling (one of the biggest obstacles for spiritual entrepreneurs)
  • Create an empire built on love and light. Onee that will create massive prosperity for YOU and one that will help your message reach millions (so many need you right now!) (Empire Building! Is there even a price you can put on that?!)
I am so excited to help YOU stop the struggle as a spiritual entrepreneur AND become spiritually rich! God would have it no other way. I’ve done it and I know you can too! You have what it takes. You have your own keys to the kingdom. You always have.

Here are some of the testimonials from past students who have built their own amazing platforms:


“Through the Prosperity Queens I have mastered the skills needed to start my business with grace and ease. I have a growing podcast, “Embrace Your Angels,” where my voice ascends to the stars.

My website continues to grow in recognition and people are reaching out from all around the world. All because of This Amazing Angel Julia Treat! I started reading her book, “Stepping into the Light,” and I was instantly hooked.

Since then, life has never been the same! I started Julia’s Spiritual Bootcamp before I had even finished her book. It opened doors to places I had forgotten.

I was elated and began taking more courses Julia offered. Julia’s energy is so Loving and calming, and yes at times forceful, but that is only when you need a good kick in the ass to continue growing.

I began to work one on one with her, this opened the floodgates to my abilities of being an Angel Intuitive and Channeler of Mother Mary.

Julia led me to work with others even when I doubted myself. Her Prosperity Queens was icing on the cake as it offered me all that I needed to get my spiritual biz running sufficiently while bringing in the $!!!”


Margaret Peppe – Embrace Your Angels
New Jersey

How do you say THANK YOU! to someone who completely alters the course of your entire life for the better?

When I hear the name “Julia Treat” that’s what comes to mind. It all started for me when I was feeling stuck, depressed, and completely devoid of a purpose in life.

That is when I opened iTunes for the first time ever, and Julia’s podcast began to play. I felt instantly connected to the sweet voice I heard. As I listened to her speak, something within me awakened. I realized that I had a purpose, and I knew I had to work with Julia.

I joined Julia for her Prosperity Queens Master Course and learned so much. After completing several of her certification courses and learning how to launch a spiritual business, my life changed dramatically.

I now have my own weekly podcast, a growing spiritual business, and I just published my first book. If you have ever wondered, “Is there more to life than just this,” the answer is “YES”!! There is so much more to life than your current situation. It feels amazing to run my own business and to see it grow.

My business leaves me feeling more fulfilled than 15 years of teaching ever did. I am living life on MY terms. You can do the same.

All it takes is for one person to change your life forever. That person for me was Julia.


Melissa Oatman
Podcast “Awaken Your Inner Awesomeness”

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Course Curriculum


  • Lesson #1: Module 1 – BUILDING YOUR EMPIRE
  • Lesson #2: [START HERE] – Start Being A Queen!
  • Lesson #3: Resource Section
  • Lesson #4: Introduction
  • Lesson #5: Be The Change You Wish To See – Living With Passion
  • Lesson #6: Adopting A Millionaire Mindset – This Is What Sets Them Apart From Everyone Else
  • Lesson #7: Recognizing Your Blocks – Building New Neural Pathways
  • Lesson #8: Creating Your Shine Story
  • Lesson #9: Vulnerability Means Relatability
  • Lesson #10: Module 2 – BRANDING & PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT
  • Lesson #11: Creating Your Brand
  • Lesson #12: Connecting Your Brand With Your Story
  • Lesson #13: Finding The Right Match For Product Development (Coming Soon)
  • Lesson #14: Sell Your Stuff! (Coming Soon)
  • Lesson #15: Module 3 – TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ONLINE
  • Lesson #16: Building Your Platform
  • Lesson #17: Live Call Q&A ~ Instagram, Facebook, Posting, Podcasting, Paypal
  • Lesson #18: Deeper Dive Into Facebook
  • Lesson #19: Social Media ~ Building Your Audience ~ Contests
  • Lesson #21: Sharing Your Wisdom About Things You Love
  • Lesson #22: Maximizing Revenue Streams / CBD Destiny Train
  • Lesson #23: Special Opportunity To GROW LIKE MAD!!!!
  • Lesson #24: Module 5 – CREATING YOUR OFFERINGS
  • Lesson #25: Creating Content Buckets
  • Lesson #26: Podcasting With Shann Vanderleek
  • Lesson #27: Maximizing Revenue Streams / CBD Destiny Train
  • Lesson #28: Creating Your 5D Platform / Joining The Quantum Channel
  • Lesson #29: Module 6 – SCALE YOUR OFFERINGS / SCALE YOUR BIZ! (content coming)
  • Lesson #30: Module 7 – TAKE CARE OF YOU!
  • Lesson #31: Taking Care Of YOU As An Online Entrepreneur
  • Lesson #32: One Of My Favs!
  • Lesson #33: Take Care Of Your Meridians!


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