I've been there. In that continuous loop. That loop that just never seems to end.

You work hard, and see a glimmer of hope if even for a moment, only to have it all ripped right out from under you. You’re left wondering, “What am I doing wrong” as you watch others creating their dream life. Well, I’m here to let you in on a little secret… That used to be me.

And it really really sucked.

There was a time in my life when I was struggling with abundance, IN EVERY AREA OF MY LIFE.

I was extremely ill with some sort of mystery illness, I was in a failing marriage that was headed for divorce, I had a thriving private practice as a speech pathologist that I was forced to close due to my inability to work, I had very few friends and I had withdrawn from the world. I literally hit my rock bottom. And let me tell you, it was one scary place! My life seemed to be on some sort of downward spiral and I could no longer see any light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel.

I called out to the Universe for help. ANY HELP! I didn’t even know if anyone was listening but I honestly didn’t know what else to do. I prayed for a miracle, so many miracles, as I truly did not see a way out of my messed up life and it was consuming me. My life was a wreck and I… #1) didn’t know why it was happening AND… #2) didn’t know how I would ever begin to turn any of it around. I was struggling in every area of my life and no matter what I did it just seemed to be getting worse every single day.

Now let me try to make a very long story as short as possible…

> Yes, the Universe did send help (doors began to open; helpful people came into my life; I began to see a new perspective)

> Yes, I did begin to turn things around (I healed myself from lyme disease; I found love again… the really great kind; I stopped being a people pleaser and finally put myself first; and I began my new business)

> Yes, I learned to manifest more of the good stuff (I published my first book; started my very popular podcast; began expanding my business in so many directions; started hosting retreats all over the world; made tons of money; made tons of friends; opportunities came flooding my way)

> But there was so much more… (like for real, if that all wasn’t enough, it can get so much better!! #pinchme)

I began teaching others how to manifest the way I had learned to. It was amazing! So many of my clients began to shift their vibe into manifesting ahh-mazing every single day! I just love to be a part of it all. There truly is something magical that happens when you are doing the work with others. It amps up the vibe somehow and increases the manifesting mojo for all who are involved.

Stepping into higher dimensional living is where we’re all heading you know? That 5D “stuff” they keep talking about… Well I’m there. I’ve found my way. And let me just say… once you’re in it you will never want to go back. Creating from the higher perspective (the miracle zone) is beyond your wildest dreams! The vibe you experience is such a high. Like literally being on cloud nine all of the time. It’s amazing! It’s magical! And it’s the level I want to take you to over the next few weeks. It won’t take long for you to get there. But I won’t just take you there, I’ll help you stay there. You will be creating your own little piece of heaven right here on earth. And let me assure you… your ability to manifest your every desire will go down in history! You will be writing your best-selling novel about how YOU did it all yourself.

We are all one. And we are all worthy of abundance in all its forms. It’s about time we start living it.

Now let’s get this party started!!!!!!

Get in NOW to begin your BRAND NEW LIFE.

I can’t wait!

See you soon…

I love you.

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See what others have to say…

Julia Treat is a world renowned psychic medium, author, and podcaster. She has spent over ten years guiding others as an intuitive guide with specialties in communication with angels, guides and departed souls. Julia has a crystal clear connection with the realms above and is living a life of complete freedom (love, joy, peace, and so much abundance). Julia has dedicated her life to helping others step into their own divine light and recognize their amazing and beautiful potential. Now YOU can work with her and begin to create a life you are madly in love with!

“The greatest and most profound gift I can give you… A path. A guidebook. A map. The keys to the kingdom. The ability to find a solution to any problem, having clarity in the face of any obstacle and to create anything your heart desires!”

I love YOU, Xo Jules

Get Ready To Level The F*ck Up!

Become A Master At Manipulating The Magic Of 5th Dimensional Living… AND Become A Magnet For Miracles!


“At the start of Julia’s program my goal was to receive $40,000. On Day 22 I received $45,417!! Not only did the Universe bring the money I asked for, I received an extra $5000 so that I could take Julia’s Prosperity Queens Spiritual Entrepreneur Course. Happy dancing all the way to the bank!!”
Tanya, California

“OMG Julia! Living, loving and playing in the vortex is just so magical! Everything just shows up for me and life is finally easy. Thank you for showing me the way.”
MJ, Maryland

“Prior to taking Julia’s course my only source of income was my 9-5 job, while taking the course I had multiple offers to work on large multi-million dollar projects. I was able to receive and step into
those opportunities with
grace and ease!”
Nicole, Kentucky

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By signing up for Julia’s new 5 week course – we’ll DISCOVER, UNCOVER & CRUSH all the programs and limiting beliefs that keep us from manifesting inside of the vortex at all times. If you haven’t yet experienced the 5D vortex, it is truly something to behold!

We are all able:
1. To Level The F*ck Up
2. To create MASSIVE CHANGE.
3. To EMBRACE the PROSPERITY that is coming (oh yes, when it rains it pours so get out your umbrella and let the miracles poor in)
4. That it is MY PURPOSE to show others the way.

The Details…
what you get with Shine From Within 2.0 :

➢ All of the amazing content from Julia’s original Shine From Within course PLUS brand new content AND massive bonuses (5th dimensional style!)

➢ Transformational-guided meditations created to help you make the shift into abundance and flow (5D is where it’s at)

➢ Become crystal clear as to how you have been blocking the good stuff (this is the key to everything!)

➢ Integrate my process for shifting, changing and reframing all ideas, beliefs, and energies that hold you back in your daily life (let’s make this easy peasy)

➢ Become crystal clear about what you desire and how you can manifest it so much easier in a 5th dimensional state of mind (I can get you there quickly)

➢ End the struggle and move into a state of trust and ease, allowing your dreams to come naturally and more easily than ever before (My wish for everyone!)

➢ Learn to manipulate energy to achieve all that you desire! (This will blow you away!)

BONUS: Julia’s Private Collection! Of her all-time favorite affirmations and transformational exercises to help YOU begin manifesting from the highest plane. You will BE ONE with your higher self (the highest, 5th dimensional space of creating).

Limited Time Offer!!

Regularly $1,222 Now Just $222!

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What I will learn?

Course Curriculum


  • Lesson #1: Day 1 – Getting Into The Vortex
  • Lesson #2: Day 2 – Uncovering Your Truths
  • Lesson #3: Day 3 – Reframing It All
  • Lesson #4: Day 4 – Getting Clarity
  • Lesson #5: Day 5 – Endless Possibilities
  • Lesson #6: Day 6 – Creating Your Vision
  • Lesson #7: Day 7 – The Power Of Not Choosing
  • Lesson #8: Day 8 – The Universal Laws
  • Lesson #9: Day 9 – Let’s Talk Money Honey
  • Lesson #10: Day 10 – I Love It When…
  • Lesson #11: Day 11 – Understanding The Past
  • Lesson #12: Day 12 – Blasting Through Old Beliefs
  • Lesson #13: Day 13 – It’s Time To BE Badass!
  • Lesson #14: Day 14 – Show Me The Way
  • Lesson #15: Day 15 – Creating Your Space
  • Lesson #16: Day 16 – I Choose To Have It All
  • Lesson #17: Day 17 – Releasing The Love Triangles
  • Lesson #18: Day 18 – Opening To Love
  • Lesson #19: Day 19 – Discover What Can Set You Free
  • Lesson #20: Day 20 – Time To Remove The Armor, Love
  • Lesson #21: Day 21 – Time To Love Your Self
  • Lesson #22: Day 22 – Kuan Yin’s Very Special Message For You
  • Lesson #23: Day 23 – Time To BE
  • Lesson #24: Day 24 – Thank You Next
  • Lesson #25: Day 25 – You’re Closer Than You Think You Are
  • Lesson #26: Day 26 – Allow It All In Now
  • Lesson #27: Day 27 – The Holy Grail Of Healing
  • Lesson #28: Day 28 – Let The Music Heal Your Soul
  • Lesson #29: Day 29 – Your Body Is A Temple
  • Lesson #30: Day 30 – You Are A Magnet For Miracles
  • Lesson #31: Day 31 – Everything Is Already Yours
  • Lesson #32: Day 32 – Reframing Everything Is Key


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