Introduction: Morning and Evening Meditations

Day 1 - Intro, Morning & Evening Meditations


Thank you so much for taking this leap of faith! I feel so blessed to have you on this journey with me and I pray that I will be a blessing to you as well.

Welcome to Day 1 of your brand new life.

I hope that you are as excited as I am to begin to create a life you love full of unlimited blessings and miracles!
I promise that I have created this program so that anyone can do it, no matter how busy life can be. In the past some participants have fallen behind. Now I understand that life can get busy, but I can promise you that your transformation won’t be of the magnitude it could be if you don’t do the work. It’s not called “bootcamp” for nothing! We have all fallen into some bad habits and it’s time to kick them to the curb once and for all, whatever it takes. We will be transforming together and I will be holding you in the light so that you can get things done.

Please visit each lesson day by day. Try not to skip a day as this course was created to build on the previous day’s lesson.

Day 1 is quite simple. Listen to the intro as well as the morning meditation and evening meditation. That’s it! We’re keepin’ it simple (as God intended it to be).

**This is a pre-recorded program! Any discussion @ live calls does not pertain to the automated program. **

Introduction to Spiritual Bootcamp

Listen to this to get started on your transformation 28 Day journey!

Morning Meditation

Do this Morning Meditation every morning for the duration of this 28 Day program. 

Evening Meditation

Do this Evening Meditation every night for the duration of this 28 Day program.