With this program I will lead your exploration of past life regression (PLR) therapy. We will be traveling into the light that will help you connect with source energy and heal your mind, body & spirit.


  • Struggle with abundance?
  • Have difficulty manifesting what you want?
  • Feel lack even though you’re doing everything right?
  • Feel that you block abundance but don’t know why?
  • Struggle with relationships or love?
  • Struggle with illness or disease?
  • Feel like you have “bad luck”?

I could keep going but you get my drift!

Abundance comes in many miraculous ways, we do have some control over this, and if you aren’t experiencing abundance in every area of your life right now then you are blocking it… somehow. We all are, actually.

My life changed in miraculous ways once I got to the bottom of what was blocking all of my abundance. I had no clue that my past lives were to blame!

Oh yes, this isn’t our first rodeo folks, and your experiences from past lives just might be running the show without you even realizing it.

Here’s just a few ways that your past lives might be blocking all of your abundance this time around. And let me be very clear! You won’t perceive the “whys” on a conscious level. That’s where past life regression comes in. It uncovers the truth!

If you had past lives where you saw separation between “rich” and “poor” and were among the poor folks (or felt sorry for them) you may block money from coming in any way. This is usually a result of past feelings of anger, resentment, jealousy and unfairness.

If you had a negative experience with money and power in a past life you may view money and power as “bad” or “evil” on a soul level.

And you will block it from coming! If you took a vow of poverty or chastity you may struggle with money or love.

If you had past lives where you felt guilty for any reason you may block abundance because of “unworthiness” issues this time. I’m talking wealth, health, and love, basically an amazing life. All of the good stuff!

If bad things happened because of the “work” you did in past lives, you may do anything to keep yourself “small.” For example, you may become ill with chronic illness, block money, block love, block happiness…I think you get it now. You may fight your true calling, on a soul level, and never reach your true potential.


We were meant to live prosperous lives here on Earth and if that is not your reality, YOU are blocking it. When we travel back to a past life to learn what happened, what our role was, and how things turned out, we can take the lessons away that we were supposed to. We can heal that past life once and for all and set our soul free to be all that we were meant to. So, my friend, if you’re ready for radical change, then you’re ready for this life-changing course…

In this course you will be guided into multiple past lives through past life regression. We have all carried things over from previous lifetimes: fears, phobias, talents, affinities, relationships, and even physical ailments. There may be several past lives connected with a relationship, situation, or physical issues in this lifetime. When the initial or root cause of an issue is brought to consciousness, the past life wound can be healed. Blocks can be removed and life can become beautiful!

But this course if so much more! It is a JOURNEY OF THE SOUL. Besides visiting several past lives, you will be given opportunities to connect with your body, the Universe, and even get a glimpse into the future.

There are four tracks to my program. I created it this way so that you could move at your own pace. Some have done it all in one sitting while others have taken their time. Just do what feels right for you and remember to love yourself through it all! You will have unlimited access so that you may return to any of the past life regressions, meditations, and progressions as needed.

You will experience multiple past life regressions that will help you remove blocks in this lifetime; find answers; heal spiritual, emotional and physical wounds; discover unhealthy patterns you may be repeating; make sense of relationships; discover lessons that can help you; heal your body and soul; and cut cords to the past. You will be looking for patterns and letting go of those that don’t serve your highest good.

You will learn how to bless your day, week, year, and your life to begin to manifest the beautiful and amazing life you deserve!

You will take a journey with your angels to a remote island where you will begin to fill a magical treasure chest with all that you need for your beautiful and amazing life!

You will have an opportunity to connect with The Universe to ask important questions. You will receive answers!

You will travel to future lives where you will see what is in store for you, your loved ones, and the planet!

You will travel back to beautiful childhood memories, including your time in your mother’s womb before returning to the time you were with your heavenly mother, blessed Mother Mary. Yes, she loves us like one of her own and I assure you, it will be amazing!

You will be connecting with your body to ask what it may be trying to tell you. You will be connecting with a particular body part and/or illness to see what your message is. Oftentimes, once we hear what our body has been trying to tell us we are able to let go and move forward, healing that which has been ailing us for far too long.

You will meet with departed loved ones, angels and guides throughout the meditations. You will feel all of the love and support that your spiritual team has for you!

You will be connecting with Source energy and healing your body, mind and spirit.

You will enter the Castle Of Records where you will receive information as to how you may improve your life now.


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