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Lesson #1: Welcome

Day 17 - Releasing The Love Triangles

Hello Beautiful!
Congratulations on claiming some of my most popular lessons and guided meditations.
I have included several in this free offering to cover as many bases as possible. I absolutely love to help others develop their own connection with the Universe… angels, guides… even God. It’s time you remember just how powerful you are sweet lightworker! I am honored to be your guide.
The following are not in any particular order. Listen to what you are guided to and move through the series at your own pace. (You’ll notice vintage me in the videos. Yes, I used to be a brunette!)
I’m sending massive love to YOU!! May your transformation astound YOU
Morning Meditation : (From my Spiritual Bootcamp automated program). If we wish to change our lives we must change the way we are showing up each and every day. This meditation will help you set your day up for AMAZING!!!!!
Evening Meditation : (From my Spiritual Bootcamp automated program). Letting everything go is key to major transformation! Listen to this meditation before going to bed. Your team of angels and guides will get everything figured out for you. Trust me on this on. It’s a game-changer!!
Open Heart Meditation: It’s time to expand like never before! So many of us have armor that we carry around our hearts. We feel it is protecting us but it is actually keeping us from love… the unconditional and eternal kind. Time to let it all in… (this meditation is 5:55 long, which I did not plan. 555 in angel numbers means, “Major transformation is occurring). You just can’t make this stuff up!!
Third Eye Meditation: It’s time to open up a bit more love and see things clearer. Your 3rd Eye is the central point for your intuition, imagination and inner wisdom. EnJOY!!!
Click Here for Vortex Meditation: This is from my Shine From Within Course and is one of my favorite meditations ever!! When we are in the vortex (aka, the flow), things just get even more magical! It’s time to turn things up a notch. Get ready for miracles love!
Soul Star Chakra Meditation: I received this meditation for myself when asking for guidance from my team of angels and guides. I created it so that YOU might experience a magical shift just as I did. Time to shine sweet angel!
Intuition 101: We all have the ability to connect with the divine. I’ll help you do just that by introducing you to some “get your intuition on” exercises. This is so cool!
Heighten Your Intuition : If you’re ready to take your intuition to the next level, listen to this one! It’s time to expand a bit more love.
Archangel Michael: Here’s a video I made about the many ways Archangel Michael can connect with us. He is my go-to angel! And he is one badass team member.
Angel Numbers: The angels can send messages in so many ways! Here’s a video I made a few years back talking about angel numbers. Just know that when repetitive numbers begin showing up for you, plug the number into a search engine and get your message! It’s that simple. Find out more in this video.
Alright love, those should get you off to an amazing start!
Be sure to download them to your device so that you will always have easy access anytime you need them.
I am so thrilled that you decided to take this journey into getting to know your team, having a clearer connection, and allowing more love into your life. It has been an honor and a pleasure to be one of your guides.
I’m sending massive love to YOU! It’s time to show up like a rockstar. Shine bright dear lightworker…The world needs YOU!!XOXO Jules
XOXO Jules

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