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Day 10 – I Love It When…

I Love It When

Day 10: I Love It When

Welcome to Day 10

Have a love affair with the universe! 
It’s where the magic happens…
“I love it when I let go of control”
“I love it when I trust completely”
“I love it when I allow the magic to happen”
“I love it when I’m in the flow”
Hello Beautiful!!
It’s time to amp up your manifesting mojo! Another really powerful way to do that is to journal “I love it when” statements. We are talking about money this week but the video below will be something you can get ideas from for every area of your life.
And yes, it is vintage me leading the way 🙂
Watch the video and then start your love letter to the Universe! Be sure to get into the vortex first my love. That’s where the magic happens!
And as we begin to write our new story, sometimes those triggers will occur. I wanted to include this gem as well in case your old friend fear pops in as you embrace the new:
You’ve got this!!! 

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