It Is Safe To Be Me

Day 11- It Is Safe To Be Me

Hello Beautiful!

I just have to take a moment to give you a standing ovation. Your spiritual team is working diligently behind the scenes and it’s all because of YOU. You are stepping up, doing the work, working through the gnarly stuff, and finding your way to higher ground. I can promise you that it will only continue to get better each and every day. Just keep on keepin’ on and embrace the new YOU that is transcending.

This next exercise is super important as we move out of our old stories. We are climbing that vibrational ladder and although it might seem like we are moving at lightning speed on occasion, we might also feel like we have slipped back into some of the old and unwanted vibes. There might just be more going on behind the scenes than you can even be aware of.

You see, we aren’t just fighting to rid ourselves of pain, sadness, trauma, and all of the muck from this lifetime. Oh I wish that was all. I believe that our past lives have been running the show all along. Yep, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it! After doing this work for over ten years, and helping thousands of people bust through blocks, I have come to that conclusion. Once we blast the past from our subconscious mind and cellular memory, that’s when the really good stuff starts to appear. Like I said at the beginning of bootcamp, everything is building upon the previous days & lessons.

I have found that many individuals are able to tap away past life stuff just by using particular words. When I was meditating one day I asked God / Source, “What do I need to rid myself of all of that once and for all?” Source knew what I meant and that I was open to THE MIRACLE. Well, as always, I got my answer. Source showed me how it hadn’t been safe in past lives to be wealthy, healthy, to love, to be loved…. all the stuff.

It was mind blowing!

Watch the following tapping video that I created to address the blocks that might be from this lifetime and / or past lifetimes. Maybe your body will react to let you know you are releasing stuff even without knowing what that “stuff” is. I often yawn, get goosebumps, and sometimes become emotional. I just keep tapping round after round until I feel that any and all negative / lower emotions have been released.

Keep in mind, we all have triggers. You may need to come back to this video from time to time. I know I do. And keep in mind that you can always do it on your own. I do it sometimes while riding in the car. I just put in whatever word makes the most sense,
“It is safe for me to ______.”

Alright, it’s time to rise my friend!! You’ve got this.

See YOU tomorrow!!


Tapping Video

Watch this tapping video that is made to release past and lift any blocks. “It is safe to be _____.” (Vintage me will be leading the way)