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Day 11 – Understanding The Past

Understanding The Past

Day 11: Understanding The Past

Welcome to Day 11
“If I continue to live my past I will mistrust my future.
My past can either define me or refine me. It’s up to me.
It’s always up to me.
From this moment on I choose freedom…”
Hello Beautiful!!
This is your day for massive shifts. I will be taking on a journey into a past life to understand where your money blocks began. We all have stories, conditions, programs, and some even vows that we have carried over from the past. When we are able to discover what happened before and understand how it continues to run the show, we can finally heal it and let it go.
Day 11 is a group past life regression that I did during the creation of this course. It had a profound effect on those who participated and I know it will be just as eye-opening and life-changing for you.
Listen to the audio and be sure to journal afterwards. This won’t be the last past life you will return to and you won’t want to forget a thing!
Here’s the link to the group past life regression. Continue with the vortex meditation AM & PM. We are moving mountains!!
Your light is getting brighter love!

Past Life Regression

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