What Is Your Body Trying To Tell You

Day 12- What Is Your Body Trying To Tell You

Greetings Love!! 
I hope you had some time to get caught up, rest, and do something fun. It’s super important ya know, to make sure that we are having fun! The angels would have it no other way.
Our bodies are like a fine-tuned navigational system. But only to those who are aware of what is truly going on. I learned many years ago the importance of taking notice and doing the digging into what my body might really be trying to tell me.
Please listen to the podcast, “What is your body trying to tell you.” Then check out the website link below. The article is a bit long but I think you will see as you begin to read about the different areas of your body, that it really hits the nail on the head. 
Our bodies will let us know what’s up but it is up to us to listen!
1) Listen to the below podcast: “What is your body trying to tell you?”
2) Check out below the very informative blog post by the late, Louise Hay. She was a master at helping others learn what their bodies needed for healing. I think you are in for some pretty profound aha-moments. But be sure to listen to the podcast first so you’ll know what to do next!
3) Hop on Youtube and find a tapping video (or several) that fit (Brad Yates and Julie Schiffman are two of my favorites). Just open the search and type in what you need (i.e., tapping and courage; tapping and guilt; etc). I have done many videos and continue to use them when something comes up. 
You’ve got this!! 


Podcast: "What is your body trying to tell you?"

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