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Day 14 – Show Me The Way

Show Me The Way

Day 14 - Show Me The Way

Welcome to Day 14
When we are willing to see things differently
everything becomes so clear.
We can manifest all of our desires by choosing to allow them in however that may be.
Let go of control and allow the magic to happen.
“Dear Universe, show me the way”
Hello Beautiful!!
I am so proud of you for doing the work! I know it isn’t always easy to see the truth, but you have stayed the course and you are moving along like a rockstar!
Today I will be taking you through an exercise I use often, especially when things don’t turn out the way I thought they would. Listen to the audio and journal any ideas, epiphanies, aha-moments that come. Be open to seeing things differently and the universe will show you the way.
Rockstar status baby!!!!

Dear Universe, Show me the way:

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