Forgiving The Past

Day 15- Forgiving The Past


Hello Sweet Angel!!
You are making such great strides towards the beautiful life you have always dreamed of!
 It’s time to dig a little deeper into the murky waters of your soul and find out what else you need to release. I can promise that if you can find a way to get through this next exercise, massive shifts will occur. You were born for amazingness and THIS next exercise will help you blast through any remaining blocks!
Please listen to the podcast and continue the exercise that I take you through (if needed) using the affirmations below. And just a heads-up, I make reference to there being a live group call “tomorrow.” There isn’t! The below was recorded previously during another program where we had a live call the next day.
Picture yourself and another person in a column of blue light. Tap through the points (EFT) and say the following. Remember your in-breath and out-breath (peace) as you breathe through this exercise.
I forgive you.
I forgive me.
You are free
and I am free.
Thank you God for releasing this from me.
See you tomorrow...


"Forgiving The Past"