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Day 16 – I Choose To Have It All

I Choose To Have It All

Day 16 - I Choose To Have It All

Welcome to Day 16
Freedom is a state of mind.
When we learn what chains have kept us bound
we have the power to change them in an instant.
“I release the past with grace and ease.
I choose to have it all.
I am free. You are free.
Miracles are my birthright.”
Hello Beautiful!!
It’s time to do some massive releasing, cord cutting, and healing. The time has come to choose freedom! Freedom from all of the limiting beliefs that have kept abundance from coming easily.
I created a guided meditation to take you into the rainbow rays of abundance. You will be stepping into your power as a powerful and magical manifestor. Get ready for miracles my love. Life will never be the same…
Now wave your hand in the air and repeat after me…

I Choose To Have It All:

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