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Day 17 – Getting Connected

Getting Connected

Day 17- Getting Connected

Hello Beautiful!
You have taken huge steps in releasing all that has been holding you back. It’s time to rejoice, rejuvenate, and have some fun! Here are your “to-do’s” for Day 17. Please don’t feel pressure to do it all! Just do what you are able. There are no “have-to’s.” No matter what, be sure that you are taking time for YOU. If you need to step away from it all for a day or two, that’s exactly what you should do. But if you’re ready for more here are your next steps…
1) Do something super fun! Maybe something you haven’t done in awhile. Whatever “it” is, just make sure that you are enJOYing the heck out of it.
Laughter is a MUST for this exercise!
2) Get connected with your angels. It’s time to really get to know your angels on a deeper level. Here is a meditation that will allow you to do just that. We all have our own guardian angels who signed up to ONLY be with us. Yes, there are multitudes of angels but we all have our own guardian angels who watch over us. We may have two or two hundred. There are no limits. Listen to this meditation that I created to help you not only get closer to your guardian angels but perhaps hear their names.
3) It’s time to dig a little deeper and connect with our 3rd Eye as it is our ability to “see” all that is. It is what I tap into every single day, to receive divine guidance from God / Source of All, and my angels and guides. We all have the potential to “open” our third eye and I have created a meditation to help you do just that. Things get a whole lot more interesting from here…
Keep shining bright sweet angel! I think I can see you from here.
See you tomorrow!

Listen: Connect To Your Guardian Angels

Meditation: Open Your Third Eye

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