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Day 17 – Releasing The Love Triangles

Releasing The Love Triangles

Day 17 - Releasing The Love Triangles

Welcome to Day 17
Love can often seem like an elusive quest.
Perhaps it was always there, but invisible to the naked eye, that allowed my past to paint a different picture.
“Love comes in many ways.
Love comes in magical ways.
I am willing to see things differently.
I allow love now.”
Hello Beautiful!!
It’s time to talk about LOVE! And it’s time to look at things a little differently. Oh those past lives have been running things for sure. Most of you saw that for yourself during the past life regression we did. At least you learned a lot about your old money blocks in this lifetime! 
It’s time to get some CLARITY!
Listen to the following podcast, “Releasing the love triangles.” I think you truly just may be blown away with it all!
YOU are so loved!!

Releasing the love triangles

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