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Day 19 – Discover What Can Set You Free

Discover What Can Set You Free

Day 19 - Discover What Can Set You Free

Welcome to Day 19
The truth will set you free! 
“As I open to truth my soul heals in miraculous ways.
I embrace the process.
I embrace the shift.
I embrace the new me.
Hello Beautiful!!
As I sat down to prepare today’s lesson I asked God, like every other day, “What do they need next?” That may come as a surprise to some of you but that is honestly how I create every single course I teach. I always call on God to lead the way. As I sat in silence, prepared to give you the next “thing,” I heard the message loud and clear…
And I knew exactly what that meant.
You are being guided to do MORE past life regression. Oh yes, that’s no surprise to me! PLR has honestly been one of the biggest and most transformational tools for me as I move on up that spiritual ladder. I’ve seen at least thirteen of my past lives at the date of this message and it’s time for YOU to visit another.
Play the recording from the live call (fast forwarding to the PLR is fine) and intend to “see” another lifetime that will teach you about LOVE. Your stories, your hangups, your blocks, your limiting beliefs. And let me just suggest that you continue this process for as long as it takes. You are healing in miraculous ways by going back and doing the work. Remember, whatever you heal then transcends to now, across all time, space, and reality.
Now go and heal some shit. You’ve got this!
And please do not stop doing the Vortex Meditation! 
You’re doing amazing love!!
The angels told me so 🙂

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