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Day 2 – Uncovering Your Truths

Uncovering Your Truths

Day 2: Uncovering Your Truths

Welcome to Day 2

“I know who I am. I know what I want. 
I know that I am more powerful when I am in alignment
with who I am, and what I want.”
“I know that no person, no thing, no event, no circumstance, no doubt, no fears, no opinions, no programs, no stories, no limiting beliefs,
no judgement and no excuse can stop me from being who I am,
and having what I want.”
Hello Beautiful!!
I hope you have started your day with the vortex meditation. Here is your lesson for today!
1. Uncovering your Truths. 
Listen to the recording and write in your journal dedicated to this course. Ask yourself: What are my everyday rules? Be sure to include every rule you try to stick to on your day-to-day.
And PLEASE continue listening to The Vortex Meditation AM & PM! It’s crucial that you continue to allow this meditation to help you shift into the NEW YOU! 
See YOU tomorrow!!

Listen: Uncovering Your Truths

Your AM & PM Meditation:

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