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Day 20 – Caring For Our Bodies As We Vibe Higher

Caring For Our Bodies As We Vibe Higher

Day 20- Caring For Our Bodies As We Vibe Higher

Hello Angel!!
Okay, now that we are doing all sorts of things to keep our vibration high…at love or above… it’s time to talk about the “stuff” we’re putting in it. Yep, we gotta go there. Because proper nutrition and hydration is crucial in maintaining a super amazing vibration (not to mention healthy skin, bones, cells and state of mind).
So here are some of my daily “to-do’s.” I have more but these are my Top Picks! Just start with one and keep adding others as you are able. If you begin to adopt even just some of these daily rituals you will begin to feel a wonderful difference!
1) WATER! I can’t say enough about how important this one is. We should be drinking half of our body weight in ounces. In other words, if you weigh 200 pounds, you should be drinking 100 ounces of water a day. You should always begin with a glass of water as soon as you wake in the morning as this is when you are the most toxic and dehydrated. I begin my day with two glasses of water, with a few twists of my pink himalayan salt grinder, and a dash of lemon juice (from organic lemons). The lemon juice is helping me cleanse as well as making my body more alkaline. The salt will help my cells absorb the water (something most of us have problems with). If you drink water and have to pee before 20 mins are up, your body isn’t taking it in. This is one of my daily (all day) practices. You will never see me drinking water without a shake or two of himalayan salt going in first!
For more detailed information about the miracles of water, check out The Water Cure below. Be sure to click on the “Wonders Of Water” tab. It just might blow you away! Wonders of Water
2) PROCESSED FOODS! Oh no no no. If you eat these, it’s time to start making a shift. Our bodies weren’t made to process all of the junk that’s in processed foods. They are overrun with chemicals, ingredients, basically toxins (to us) and they will wreak havoc on your entire system. Just start eliminating them when and where you can. It might be a huge change for some of you but I can promise that as you begin ingesting more home-cooked, organic, whole foods, you will be changing your life forever.
3) SUGAR! Ugh. That’s a tough one. We all love sugar right? Well that’s okay as long as you’re able to eat it in moderation. And that doesn’t mean, “only one candy bar per day.” That means (maybe) one piece of cake per week (at the most). Seriously, sugar is an addiction and I can promise you that IT IS NOT HELPING YOU IN THE LEAST. And don’t even get me started on soda and sugary drinks. We all know they’re not good for us, and that includes any “regular” or “diet” version as the diet versions have terrible terrible stuff in them. When I gave up sugar it wasn’t easy, but I decided that I loved my body too much to continue to give it something that was hurting it. Isn’t it funny? We will pay higher prices at the gas station to put the “good stuff” in our vehicles but we won’t treat our bodies with the same love and respect. 
Something’s gotta change here.

4) PROBIOTICS! I believe everyone should be on them. Yep, your gut ain’t happy and all of those toxins that are built up in your body are just building up in your colon. And THAT ain’t pretty. Having a toxic colon can cause all sorts of bad things, but fortunately there’s an easy and pretty inexpensive fix. Probiotics have been a daily staple for me for several years now and they have helped me maintain a healthy body. Here’s just some of the benefits of using probiotics: boosts immune system, prevent and treat urinary tract infections, improves digestive function, heal inflammatory bowel conditions like IBS, fight food-borne illnesses.
I purchase my probiotics from a website that is super cheap. And my naturopath says this brand is one of the best (some have “other” ingredients you don’t want to take). Here’s a link to where I get my PB8 if you want to take a look! I take two upon waking each morning (with my lemon / salt water) and two at bedtime. And let’s just say that everything stays regular . And to top it all off, my weight stays down and my belly flat. I’ll take that any day!
CLICK HERE to check out PB8!
5) COFFEE! Oh how I love my coffee!! One in the morning and (sometimes) another in the afternoon. But something I don’t like… an upset stomach. I’m one of those sensitive people who can experience a burning tummy after drinking coffee for a few days. Thankfully I was introduced to one of the best things ever!!!! 
Hempworx coffee. I’ve been drinking it for a few years now and it is liquid gold! It is made from arabica coffee (the best!), chaga mushrooms, and has 5mg of CBD (our bodies love that stuff). It tastes better than any other coffee I have ever had. Here’s the link if you want to check it out! Believe me, this is priceless!!!
CLICK HERE to check out Julia’s fav coffee! Be sure to register as a Member to get the huge discount. It doesn’t cost any extra to do so. 
6) SLEEP! It’s the most important thing of all. And with today’s crazy world very few are getting enough. That used to be my story before finding my fix. Hempworx has an amazing product, CBD + Melatonin. I take one every night and sleep soundly for (at least) 8 hours. Thank God for Hempworx!!! CLICK HERE to check it out. 
If cravings or binge eating are a problem, try this tapping video first (before putting one bite in your mouth). This will eliminate any stress eating and you just may decide you’re not that hungry after all. Oh, and always try to drink 8-10 ounces of water before you eat as well. Dehydration can “feel” like hunger.
That’s all for today! I hope you begin to adopt one or all of my daily routines.
Your body will love you for it!
See you tomorrow…

BONUS VIDEO: Tapping For Stress and Eating

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