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Day 20 – Time To Remove The Armor, Love

Time To Remove The Armor, Love

Day 20 - Time To Remove The Armor Love

Welcome to Day 20
 To truly be alive one must be vulnerable,
for it is within that vulnerable space that we grow the most. 
Vulnerable equals freedom…
to love
to live
to be authentically Me.
“It is safe for me to be vulnerable.
It is safe for me to love.
It is safe for me to be loved.
I choose love…”
Hello Beautiful!!
I hope that you are finding your way through the past lives that have been steering your ship for far too long. It is, as far as I’m concerned, one of the most healing and transformational things we can do to take massive leaps in our spiritual up-leveling.
Several years ago, while on my own journey of healing, the angels pointed something out to me. It was epic! And it was a game-changer. I had armor. Around my heart. And lots of it! I had lost my vulnerability. And that, my friend, keeps out the good stuff.
It’s time to remove the armor my love. Because it’s actually keeping out the “stuff” you are trying to manifest.
Do this tapping video with “vintage” me. Be sure to journal anything that comes up! You may need to do it several times ;). Please disregard the info on the “other” lessons I bring up. This tapping session (and your vortex meditation) are all you need for today.
Happy Tapping!
I love you!!!!!

Tapping Video

Your AM & PM Meditation

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