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Day 21 – Time To Love Your Self

Kuan Yin's Very Special Message For You

Day 22 - Kuan Yin's Very Special Message For You

Welcome to Day 22
As I discover what has been holding me back,
I begin to see the miracles.
“I send blessings to the past.
I release the old.
I welcome the new me that I am becoming.”
Hello Beautiful!!
As I sat down to get today’s lesson ready, a dear and very familiar guide came through with a message for you.
Listen to Kuan Yin’s beautiful message! And, of course, it is right in line with what we are moving through. I’m sure you will join me in saying, “You just can’t make this stuff up.” I was blown away by it all myself. Just proof that Kuan Yin has been by our side every step of the way.
Shine on love!
Vortex Meditation (Please continue morning & evening!)
You are reprogramming your brain to BE in a new space… the vortex of amazing):

A Message Just For You From Beloved Kuan Yin

Your AM & PM Meditation

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