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Day 24 – Thank You Next

Thank You Next

Day 24 - Thank You Next

Welcome to Day 24
When I choose to see the bigger picture,
in everything,
things become so clear.
“I forgive the past.
I send blessings to the past.
I see the bigger picture.
And I am grateful.
Thank you, next…”
Hello Beautiful!!
Today is all about “seeing” the bigger picture. Our ego loves to put the blinders on. It thinks it’s protecting us somehow. But really, all it’s doing is keeping us stuck.
It’s time to see the bigger picture, because when you do life becomes magical!
Listen to the audio I have created for you, “Thank you next” and then listen to the song I have included by Ariana Grande. You are going to be ahhhh-mazed at the epiphanies, aha’s, and massive healing you are about to experience.
Let the miracles continue! 
Thank you, Next by Ariana Grande:
Vortex Meditation (Don’t even think about NOT doing this every am & pm… for realzzz!! You are training your brain to do something different. Create magic. Allow abundance. Do Not Stop)
Let the good times roll…

Thank You, Next - Today's Lesson by Julia Treat

Thank You, Next by Ariana Grande

Your AM & PM Meditation

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