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Day 25 – I Choose EASY

I Choose EASY

Day 25 - I Choose EASY

Hey you gorgeous beam of light!!
I know you have been plugging away, imagining your wildest dreams coming true, de-cluttering your life, and working towards shifting your vibration to LOVE or ABOVE.
Bravo for doing the work!
As we keep moving forward we often forget that this truly can be easy. Some of us have had a history of struggle and it’s time once again to put things into perspective. We came here as illuminated beings (and we still are). We are just learning how to step into the flow using our physical (human) bodies.
It’s time to remind our SELVES that it is supposed to be easy. It can be you know. But we must choose easy for it to become our new reality. 
I created this tapping audio to help you tap back into the ease of life. It’s time to choose easy! BE SURE to download it so that you will always have it when you need it.
See you tomorrow!

Tapping Audio

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