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Day 26 – Allow It All In Now

Allow It All In Now

Day 26 - Allow It All In Now

Welcome to Day 26
 The love that is available for me is just a thought away.
As I release my old wounds,
I allow it all to come flooding in. 
“I embrace my healing.
I embrace the love.
I embrace Me…”
Hello Beautiful!!
I hope that you continue to peel the layers of the onion. It’s so important that we continue to do the healing work to not only heal our own wounds, but those of our entire bloodline. That’s what we’re doing you know. We signed up for this. And we can decide at this moment that 
Time to stop the bullshit.
Time to stop the lies.
Time to stop blaming.
Time to stop being the victim.
It’s time to let go of it all…
I wasn’t surprised that Mother Mary wanted to be a part of it all. She often comes through for me and when I’m working with clients. She is our divine mother and feels the same unconditional love for all of us.
Please listen to the channeled meditation she delivered just for you.
It’s time to just allow the healing to occur once and for all.
Oh! And I felt guided to pull a card for all of us from my Mary Queen Of Angels Oracle Deck. How fitting the message! You’ll get it when you listen to this..
Healing With Blessed Mother Mary
 Please be sure to download the meditation if you wish to keep it.
Sending massive love your way!!!


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