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Day 27 – Kuan Yin’s Generous Gift

Kuan Yin's Generous Gift

Day 27- Kuan Yin's Generous Gift

Hello Be-YOU-Ti-Full YOU!
I wasn’t surprised when I asked God, “What’s next for bootcamp,” and Kuan Yin appeared. She loves you so much and I think you will agree that what she has to offer is one precious gift!
And remember… you have the tools to keep YOU in the vibe.
Here’s the secret…
You have to use them to shift your vibration to love or above!
It won’t happen if you don’t change anything. And it definitely won’t happen if you stop all of them completely. I still use all of them from time to time.
It is completely up to you. You must make the decision that the “old” just won’t work any longer.  
Let’s get this party started!!
Let’s keep the vibe going!!
Let’s create a life we love!!
And let’s do it NOW.
Love & Blessings!   
See you tomorrow. 

Listen: Kuan Yin's Gift

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