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Day 28 – How To Keep The Momentum Going

How To Keep The Momentum Going

Day 28- How To Keep The Momentum Going

Although bootcamp is coming to an end it doesn’t mean that life stands still.
I have so enjoyed introducing you to some of my most valuable tools. I have used each and every one of them for years. They are some of my favorite go-to’s when I need to make a shift. 
Here is Day 28, the end of our four weeks together.
For the last email I wanted to speak to you about how to keep things going from here. Take a listen to the podcast. I think it will help you stay the course. 
If you want to take things to the next level I invite you to get my Shine From Within 2.0! It is the “next level” and will help you continue to soar like never before. You can take a peek at the details and get started 
Now go and listen to the lesson for today. 
And keep shining sweet soul sibling! 
I can see you from here. 

Listen: How To Keep Things Going

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