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Day 28 – Let The Music Heal Your Soul

Let The Music Heal Your Soul

Day 28 - Let The Music Heal Your Soul

Welcome to Day 28
We can change our vibe in so many ways. 
Sometimes it’s just a simple song that can reach the depths that 
have remained hidden. 
“When peace like a river…
It is well with my soul…
Holy Spirit you are welcome here…
I feel the healing happening already.” 
Hello Beautiful!!
I am about to let you in on something huge! 
Did you know that the words we speak to ourselves 
are powerful? Just wait til you hear this…
Dr. Emoto was a Japanese author and entrepreneur who said that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. Hmmm, sounds familiar right? It’s something I preach about all the time! Our thoughts & vibes are creating our realities, even the happenings within our own bodies. 
Click Here for Dr. Emoto’s website in case you want to learn more. It will blow your mind!
Dr. Emoto traveled to Angel Valley. You know, one of the many magical places that I run my retreats? He tested the water at Angel Valley and found angelic healing properties! And the water that flows through Angel Valley is the same water that flows through Oak Creek Canyon. I’m convinced that there are amazing healing waters flowing through this magical land! 
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One of my favorite ways to shift my vibe is with music. It never fails! When I’m in a funk or just need advice, and I ask my angels and guides to “show me the way,” the perfect song always begins to play. 
I encourage you to play some of your favorite music every day, especially if you’re needing a lift. Here are some of my favorites. I would suggest putting earbuds in and turning up the volume as high as allowed. I love it when I can feel it all the way to my core. 
My fav’s playlist! Just click on the song title and get ready to soar!!

Shantala (Meditation Music)

Greatness Of Our God 


It Is Well With My Soul 

Suddenly I See (My theme song)

You are a Rockstar!!!

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