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Day 29 – Your Body Is A Temple

Your Body Is A Temple

Day 29 - Your Body Is A Temple

Welcome to Day 29
If you don’t take care of your body,
where are you going to live?
“My body is a temple.
I honor it.
I protect it.
I love it.”
Hello Beautiful!!
I hope that you are experiencing miracles in all shapes and sizes!
As I prepared to create your message for today I was reminded of something God spoke to me in a recent conversation. We are shifting into a higher dimension which is making us more sensitive (as if we weren’t sensitive enough already right?). The spiritual up-leveling we are experiencing on a mass consciousness level is what is needed for us to ascend to what we came here to do, to literally create heaven on earth. That is what we’re heading towards in case you didn’t know.
As we ascend into our higher dimensional selves, we must begin to put our armor on. Now I’m not talking about the armor we released earlier in this course. Let me enlighten you as to what it truly means…
As we up-level spiritually, our world is up-leveling as well. The devices we use (i.e., laptops, notebooks, cell phones, gaming devices, televisions, meters, the list goes on) are emitting EMFs (electromagnetic fields). Radiation to put it bluntly. But this isn’t a “burn your devices” type of message. It’s a message of hope. It’s a message of “There are things that can help you.” Lord knows I need my devices! I mean it’s how we found each other right?
The EMFs, if not blocked from our bodies, can do horrific things to us. They weaken our bodies making it difficult to stay well and particularly difficult if we are manifesting healing from any sort of chronic illness. Yes, I’ve told you it’s all about your “stories.” And it is. And I’m not trying to create another one for you. I’m just passing on what I feel is one of the most important messages I have received, that can help you feel better, stronger, calmer, clearer (my vision is even improving). Yes, we must throw our bullshit stories to the wind, but we also must help our bodies be able to BE the strong warrior we know we are inside. Thankfully there are souls out there creating the armor we need to do just that.
As I prayed for help for humanity’s healing, I learned of one of the most amazing products (and companies)! Turns out we can actually rejuvenate our cells. I’m calling it “The fountain of youth!” That’s what Michael and I have been experiencing since we started the protocol. 
Our miracles happened. 
Our bodies ascended. 
And there’s no turning back now! 
This stuff is the bomb! 
Body ~ Mind ~ Spirit…
all are ascending now. 
ASEA made it happen so much faster.
Watch a video about it here: 
Reach out to me with ANY questions by emailing
Happy Healing & Ascending!!
p.s. In the live call (recorded a few years back) I talk about a company called Q-link. That was one of the best products at the time. Now there’s something better! ASEA has created something that actually heals our cells. GOLDEN!!! 

Healing from chronic illness by shielding ourselves from EMFs:

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