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Day 31 – Everything Is Already Yours

Everything Is Already Yours

Day 31 - Everything Is Already Yours

Welcome to Day 31
As I let go of the stories,
I remember just how powerful I am.
“I know that I am.
I am a child of God.
Everything is already mine.
It is well with my soul.”
Hello Beautiful!!
God speaks to us in so many ways. Music has always been one of the most powerful transformational tools for me. As I asked God, “What’s next,” this is what he said…
This is a recording of one of the live calls with the maiden voyage, the group who signed up for Shine From Within at the very beginning. I hope that it touches you as much as it did each of us.
Blessings dear one… (and I hope you can get through the first few minutes of me singing LOL. It’s my dream for my next life (please God gimme an amazing voice). Just fast forward if you can’t take it!!
Here is the playlist from the call:

Holy Spirit You Are Welcome Here

I Can Only Imagine

You Say


It Is Well With My Soul

Keep going…
You’ve got this!!

Everthing Is Already Yours

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