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Day 32 – Reframing Everything Is Key

Reframing Everything Is Key

Day 32 - Reframing Everything Is Key

Welcome to Day 32
BEing in the vortex truly means letting go of control,
for it is in those moments that the universe
conspires to make magic happen beyond our wildest dreams.
“I release the need to control.
I let it go with love.
Universe knows what’s best for me.
I allow that to happen now.”
Hello Beautiful!!
You’ve come a long way baby! Oh yes you have. And it’s time to pat yourself on the back and send some love to your badass SELF for stepping up and doing the work.
It’s time to stop, take a breath, and reflect a bit…
And reframe everything!
When I learned to do that the curse was lifted (my own curse you know… limiting beliefs, programs, conditions… you know that all by now).
I created this for you to help you “see” even clearer.
Time to reframe it all babes!
Your light will be all the brighter for doing so.
YOU are so powerFULL!!!

Reframing Everything

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