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Module 4 ~ Lesson 2: Background music for your sessions

Background Music For Your Sessions

When seeing clients for past life regression I sometimes play music in the background.
It isn’t a necessity, as my clients are able to move through the session easily, but sometimes I just feel guided to play it. 
I’m sure you will find some really great tracks to use with clients while you move through your role. One of my favorites is the album Dr. Brian Weiss uses with his clients. 
I was introduced to it while attending his past life regression certification course in 2015. 
You will see it on my Past Life Regression Certification Course “useful tools” list on Amazon Click Here 
It really is a wonderful choice to help your clients dive even deeper into their past. You will see a few more of my all-time favorites on the list as well. 
I have used them during regressions, progressions, healing sessions, and guided meditations. I am certain they will become part of your amazing practice.
Just keep in mind that if playing music during a session done remotely (online or over the phone) you need to test ahead of time to make sure the sound is coming through adequately. 
I have noticed over the years that if I am seeing a client online using my Mac, and I play background music using my iPad (separate device), it sometimes sounds distorted. 
Playing music directly from the same device you are delivering the session with seems to be the best option. Nothing comes through distorted.

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