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Day 5 – Endless Possibilities

Endless Possibilities

Day 5: Endless Possibilities

Welcome to Day 5

“Dance is the hidden language of the soul. Dance is a conversation between body and soul. There are miracles in the act of dancing. “
Hello Beautiful!!
Lesson for Day 5: Endless Possibilities
Okay Love, It’s time to regress a bit.
Let’s go back to a time when you had no fear (or at least so much less of it). Perhaps when you were a child, a teen or when you were gliding into adulthood. Remember a time when you felt fearless! You had dreams, goals, so much to do. There were endless possibilities!
Listen to songs in the playlist provided and dance to a new beat. Tap into that fearless soul that still resides within you. YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR! Time to get your groove on… These are two of my favs! I encourage you to turn up whatever songs motivates you and makes you want to dance. Dance wildly in your kitchen, living room, bathroom or on top of your bed (if sturdy enough!!) 

Can’t Stop The Feeling!

Tomorrow you will be working on your new vision. I’ll send my own to inspire you! 
Dream Big Love!!

Listen: Vortex Meditation

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