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Day 6 – Healing & Manifesting Meditation

Healing & Manifesting Meditation

Day 6- Healing & Manifesting Meditation

Hey Love!!

I hope you are already feeling the shift!
If you have been able to keep up with the program you should be feeling a bit calmer, more centered, or just plain fabulous. You’re probably smiling more often and finding yourself daydreaming a bit more. Although it might seem like you are taking small steps each day, they are powerful I assure you! You are retraining your brain and shifting your vibration through each and every exercise. Just keep going. It only gets better from here!
I received a few questions about the last assignment, setting up you abundance area of your home. Here are a few tips that might help you as you create a space that welcomes unlimited wealth and abundance in all its forms:

1) Toilets – no matter where they are in your home the lid needs to be closed. If the lid is left open it is symbolic of energy being flushed down the toilet. One of my toilets is located in the very center of my home, the “centering” and “health” area. You can bet it is never left open! It’s okay if it is located in the abundance area of your home as long as the lid is left down.

2) Placing a citrine crystal or jade (considered lucky) in the wealth & abundance area can help to attract more of the good stuff! You can find them online pretty reasonable (amazon or ebay), but watch out for “fakes.” One of my favorite sites sells wholesale to everyone and you will get the REAL DEAL. The only stipulation is that you must spend $50 or more, which I don’t seem to have any trouble doing. Here’s their website: Pelham Grayson.

The same goes for himalayan salt lamps. You can find them on any of those sites. But let me be clear here. Don’t go crazy buying all sorts of chachkies! I have watched others in the past buy so many items to place throughout their home thinking they were the “magic link.” You must do the “internal work.” You know, healing your soul (what we are doing). That is where the true magic lies.

3) Using colors that feel “rich” to you in the abundance area will help increase the flow as well. Purpels, reds, and gold are often associated with royalty and wealth. Placing a few knick knacks or changing out towels to “richer” colors is one quick fix. Remember, if you don’t love it don’t get it just to have “something” that represents wealth. Ask the angels to help you find the perfect little chachki to place on the shelf.

Here’s Day 6 to-do’s:
Next steps in de-cluttering…
Clean out your wallets & purses. Get rid of old receipts & discount cards you never use (stow them somewhere you can easily find them). Clear them out regularly (I do it daily). As you move things out of your wallets & purses you are making room for more money!

Begin to clean out your vehicles. We will be moving towards a garbage-free, crumb-free vehicle that we are proud to ride in. So many of us let our vehicles go. It’s important that we treat them well as they take us on our journey. I mean literally, my car has taken me so many places. I talk to it often saying “thank you” as I remember just how far we have traveled together. Believe me, when you start saying loving things to your ride it starts loving you back (less maintenance and problems down the road). As you treat your car with respect you are also opening the floodgates for your new vehicle to come your way when you’re ready! Remember to have crystal clear windows and wipe it clean. You will feel so much better when you take your next ride.

Keep looking at your vision boards & books and imagining yourself IN THAT MOMENT. Feel it deep in your heart. Remember, you are letting the universe know exactly what you want! You must feel the joy inside right now, as if it is already your truth. THAT is how you call in the miracles! Stop procrastinating and expecting perfection. That’s been keeping most of us stuck for
far too long.

Sending massive love your way!!

Day 6 Meditation for Healing & Manifesting

This is an “extra” meditation, separate from your morning and evening meditations. You don’t need to listen to this meditation every single day. Just listen to it whenever you feel it’s time to release and do some healing. Please keep doing the morning & evening meditations as you have been.

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