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Day 7 – The Power Of Not Choosing

The Power Of Not Choosing

Day 7: The Power Of Not Choosing

Welcome to Day 7

“The most dangerous stories we make up are the stories that we make up about our lovability, about our divinity, and about our creativity.” 
Hello Beautiful!!
As we create a vision of our new and beautiful life it’s so important to discover (and uncover) anything that might keep us from bringing it to fruition. We have so many “stories” that will keep us from truly knowing that we can have it all. 
Lesson for Day 7:
Listen to today’s recording and get 
your journal ready!
It’s time to discover more bullshit so that we can move into the abundance zone! 
Continue with the Vortex meditation! It is helping you shift into the miracle magnet you came 
here to be. 
Shine On!

Listen: The Power Of Not Choosing

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