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Day 8 – The Universal Laws

The Universal Laws

Day 8: The Universal Laws

Welcome to Day 8

“When you have a solid sense of the 12 spiritual laws, you develop a clearer picture of your own place in the world.
People who live their lives with an awareness of the interconnected laws feel more confident, productive and more reflective than ever before.”
Hello Beautiful!!
It’s time to learn about The Laws.
There are 12 Universal Laws that govern everything! Once you know about these laws and understand how they are all connected to YOUR VIBE, you become one powerful manifestor!
Listen to the audio and see how you connect with these laws. We will be moving forward now knowing just how easy this can be. 
Think it, say it to yourself or proclaim out loud:
“Big or small, the universe sends it all!”
“I can have anything and everything I have ever wanted!”
YOU are becoming a master at manifesting ahh-mazzzing!!! 

Listen: The Universal Laws

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