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Day 9 – Let’s Talk Money Honey

Let's Talk Money Honey

Day 9: Let's Talk Money Honey

Welcome to Day 9

“Abundance within me, abundance around me.
I am worthy of unlimited supply!”
Hello Beautiful!!
It’s time to talk money, honey.
I can’t wait to help you move into your god-given birthright of abundance! It’s so much fun when you realize that money, like everything else, is just energy. When we discover what’s been holding things up we have all the power. 
Listen to the audio “Let’s Talk Money Honey.” 
Get your journal ready! It’s time to get down to business!
Keep doing the vortex meditation! It’s creating more magic than you realize. 
Wealth is your birthright!! And YOU are so f*cking worth it!!! 

Listen: Let's Talk Money Honey!

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