What Is Your Frequency?

Day 9- What Is Your Frequency?

Hello Beautiful!

You have been plugging away and getting things done and I applaud you for that! Your spiritual team has been with you every single moment and they (your angels and guides) are so proud of how far you’ve come!

Recent breakthroughs have allowed researchers to measure someone’s energetic frequency. They have been able to establish different emotions with particular frequencies. THIS is what we have been working towards all along. We are shifting our individual frequency to that of LOVE or ABOVE! We are working towards a frequency of 500+ and most of you have experienced it (at least once) during the course so far.
Bravo for doing the work!

I have included a picture of the emotional frequency scale (pictured below).

Your homework today is to take a look at the scale. Really examine it. Take it in. You see the section in the center of the cone that says “Flow”? Well that’s what we’re working towards….staying in the flow. You know, those morning and evening meditations that you might be tired of? Well they are helping you not only get into the flow, but to stay in it. Because that’s when the really good stuff starts to show up!

You have a choice every single day. You can choose the “old” feelings of guilt, fear, and even neutrality, or you can choose the vibration of LOVE or above! You have learned some valuable tools so far that will help you stay in that vibration. It’s time to make a stand and decide I AM WRITING A NEW STORY.

Decide that you will do anything to stay in “the flow,” because I can guarantee that your life will never be the same if you do. IT will be amazing!

And you will become a MAGNET FOR MIRACLES!

So here’s your next steps:
Continue with the morning and evening meditations….CRUCIAL!
Continue to work on your vision boards/books, if needed.
Tap the shit out of your limiting beliefs!


Take a deep breath. Take time to reflect on the emotional scale (pictured below). But don’t get caught up on how far you have to go. Recognize how far you have come.

YOU are amazing!

YOU are worthy!

YOU are destined for great things!

And remember, it’s just a conscious choice.
YOU can decide how you want to show up each and every day.
And I am honored to know YOU.

Keep moving forward. It only gets better from here.

I love YOU deeply….See you in a few days!!

p.s. Frequency levels are on the left of the scale. Remember, we’re shooting for 500+.It’s time to release the garbage that has been keeping us from our amazingness!