The Miraculous Ways That Our Loved Ones, Angels & Guides Are Able to Let Us Know They Are Near’


by Julia Treat

After Reading Julia’s Personal Journey, You Will Believe Anything is Possible.

Julia had it all.

The perfect marriage, a great career, and near perfect health. She was at the top of her game with a thriving private practice as a professional speech and language pathologist.

Without warning—and within a matter of months—her perfect life was turned upside down. Julia found herself on a downward spiral that appeared to have no end. All was lost. Or was it? It was at this depth of desperation and hopelessness where she found faith and learned to lean on God and the angels for support and divine guidance. Through a series of fortuitous events, Julia was thrust into the world of communication with the afterlife. Upon the passing of a dear friend, Julia opened up to a whole new world beyond her wildest dreams.

In Stepping Into the Light, Julia shares her personal experiences communicating with angels, spirit guides, animals, and departed souls. You will find several fascinating and inspiring stories of personal accounts from many of her clients. After reading about Julia’s personal journey, you will believe that absolutely anything is possible. Your loved ones, angels, and guides can connect with you in miraculous ways when you allow yourself to walk through the portal of otherworldly connections and step into the light.


“I have had the pleasure of speaking with Julia regarding my own journey and connecting with loved ones. She is such a gifted and caring person who will instantly make you a believer in what it’s really all about being here and what our soul’s purpose is. This book is just a small sampling of the wonderful and caring person Julia is. I highly recommend it as a must read. I also highly recommend contacting Julia for your own personal experience with the angels and your loved ones who have passed on. The comfort she is able to pass on is beyond words.” – Barbara Green

“Beautifully written. Great reminder that our loved ones are very close and that we can contact them. I think this book would be very helpful for someone is grieving the loss of a loved one.”

“Bought this book for my mom who is amazed by Julia Treat. This book was written so beautifully. When Julia speaks, she has such a strong impact on the people around her. Her stories make you feel a connection which each story. Very happy with this purchase.” – Nicole

“Beautifully written and very uplifting! Julia has so many amazing things to teach us all.”

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