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Past Life Regression Certification Course

Led by World Renowned Psychic Medium, Angel Intuitive, Author & Podcaster

Julia Treat


The world is shifting. And to some it might not look that pretty.

Humanity is evolving. Every human. Every fear that has ever been shoved down… deep down within our soul… is coming forth to be revealed.

Past lives. Shadow work. Call it whatever you wish. It is all the same. It is our darkest and deepest wounds, our “demons” if you will, that must come up and finally be released.

We all have many wounds. Deep, dark and often horrible, unhealed wounds that have never been revealed. Some are from this lifetime, but our wounds originated many lifetimes ago. A seed was planted. A program was created. The spell was cast. And our suffering began.

We have been reliving past lives for hundreds of thousands of years. With the same people. With the same results. Over and over again. But each time we come back into our next human experience, we have forgotten that “this all seems so familiar” and we repeat the patterns one more time. Our subconscious is the driving force. It remembers everything. And it will do anything and everything to “keep us safe.” But that is the issue at hand. It was never keeping us safe. It was keeping us from seeing the truth.

Past lives are running the show. They have been for eons. And until we realize the power of those deep soul memories, the programs and limiting beliefs, many of us will continue with a human experience that is demanding and difficult. This does not need to continue. We have the power to change it all. We just have to discover where it all began, understand, release and heal it all, which heals our soul across all timelines, lifetimes, and dimensions. That is when the true miracle occurs.

Here are just some of the things that so many of us have carried over from past lifetimes. Once you get to the root cause and understand where it all began you can finally heal it once and for all.

Currently, there is an explosive interest in regression therapy and spiritual psychotherapy throughout the world. So many are in the throws of unhealed wounds from this lifetime and past lifetimes and are seeking anything that will set them free. This growing interest requires more practitioners to be trained in these techniques, to provide others with this powerful and transformative therapy.


Across all timelines, lifetimes and dimensions...

So many are seeking answers. The answers that lie deep within. They are ready to do the deep diving work. They are ready to finally heal. That, my friend, is why you are needed so much at this pivotal time in history. Souls are awakening. So many more will follow. But many need our help to finally break free. That is what past life regression can provide. Freedom from the past that has been haunting us forever.

If you are feeling the call to begin, or expand, your spiritual biz, I would like to invite you to join me for one of the most transformational courses you will ever be a part of…


Learn how to become one of the best past life regression therapists, and do it all from the comfort of your own home.

People are desperate for change. They are ready to heal. They are ready to end the struggle. And now YOU can be the one to help them finally break free.

I took my entire business online several years ago and it was the best thing I ever did! My business took off far greater than I could have ever imagined and I am serving people from all over the world. And while yes, I offer a variety of things, I could easily have created a business just by offering past life regression therapy. Dr. Weiss did it. So many others have as well. You will have the opportunity to do it too.


Dr. Brian Weiss & I at my past life regression certification in 2015

In this comprehensive certification course you will become an expert in understanding past life regression therapy and in helping your clients achieve the freedom they seek. I will teach you how to serve clients online and in-person if you choose to, and how you can earn a lucrative income doing what you love. Even if you have no experience and limited technical skills. Even if you have never been regressed yourself, you can (and will) become a gifted past life regression therapist. It took Dr Weiss 3 years to be regressed yet he helped thousands of his patients heal miraculously. He was my mentor and teacher. I learned from the best!

This course has five modules of training, and is open to therapists and non-therapists alike. It is for anyone interested in exploring these profound psychospiritual techniques. This is a certification course, and upon completion of the coursework, you will receive a certificate of completion signed by me.

This certification training is an amazing opportunity to:

You will explore:

AND… You will receive all of my scripts! So you will be all set to start your spiritual biz upon completion of the course. No “coming up with your own” scripts. I’ve got you covered.

This course is completely automated so that you can move through each module at your own speed.

Past Life Regression Certification Course

So let’s take a look at the 5 Modules of this course:

Module 1 - The history of past life: The why, when, & how of it all:

Module 2 - What can happen through past life regression:

Module 3 - Journey Of The Soul: Doing the deep diving work yourself...

Module 4 - Becoming the best past life regression therapist!

Module 5 - Taking your biz online!

Upon completion of this fully automated course, you will receive your certification and be ready to offer your new skills to the world!

Join me now to begin the career of your dreams, from your own home or anywhere you choose.

You can support people all over the world to heal from past life trauma.

This certification course is for you if you want to create or enhance your own spiritual business.

You get Lifetime Access to all course materials and updates.

Don’t waste another day dreaming of “what could be.” Start living YOUR LIFE ON YOUR TERMS TODAY!

See full pay options & payment plans below.

I’ll see you on the inside fo the course!

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Julia is a world renowned Psychic Medium, Angel Intuitive, Quantum Healer, Past Life Regression Expert, Podcaster & Author. She is helping the world heal one soul at a time.

One of Julia’s greatest passions is to help others start and expand their own spiritual business. She offers several certification courses to help spiritual entrepreneurs create an amazing and prosperous business that allows them to create a life they absolutely love!