Become an Abundant & Prosperous Spiritual Entrepreneur

Led by Self-Made Prosperity Queen,

Do I qualify for the Prosperity Queen program?

• Are you a Queen (or King!) looking to turn your intuitive gifts into a reality?

• Are you a spiritual entrepreneur and struggle with the money side?

• Are you an intuitive and feel like entrepreneurship is in your future?

• Are you currently helping people by using your amazing gifts?

• Are you ready to improve and uplevel your existing spiritual business? 

• Are you just starting your spiritual business and don’t know what to do?

• Is your spiritual business on the side and want to move to full time?

• Do you want to be of service to others and earn a living while doing so?

If you’ve answered YA$, QUEEN! to the above… NOW is your chance to enroll!

I can’t wait to show you how I did it. I’m sharing everything in my toolbox including my team. I want to share what is serving me with you! Get ready to succeed and prosper in 2019, you money-making $piritual Entrepreneur!

Giving you all the tools in my spiritual toolbox: healing, manifesting, up leveling, and most of all, money making! 

Becoming a Psychic Medium, Angel Intuitive, Reiki Master, Healer, Transformational Coach, Past Life Regressor, Author and Podcaster has been the greatest journey of my life. It’s been an 8 year long process, and I’ve managed to build up my business with a massive online reach thanks to my podcast “Stepping into the Light with Julia Treat” (over half a million downloads!) I count my blessings and express gratitude every single day!


It’s a blessing and an honor to know I’ve inspired my listeners to want to offer their spiritual gifts professionally, too. I am proud to watch my friends transform their careers in miraculous ways, often far beyond their wildest dreams!


Me after up leveling 🙂 

Me 8 years ago

Through much soul searching and popular demand, I’ve been called to offer coaching to those who’s mission is to become a spiritual entrepreneur. This includes those who want to grow spiritually within their profession, and those who want to use spiritual practices towards launching their own heart centered business – whatever that business may be!


I’m excited to announce I’ve developed a 6-month coaching program, Prosperity Queen, an online business school for Spiritual Entrepreneurs serious about launching a web-based business. I’m prepared to share everything with you in the hopes that you will never let anything stop you from pursuing your passion and true calling again!

I will teach you how to call on your spiritual team to help you in ways you never thought possible!

I believed in myself, and I believed in my massive spiritual team. I’d be nowhere without my living team of professionals – all of whom I relied on to take me to the next level!



The perks of working one-on-one with a medium means that whatever messages I receive while one-on-one with you, I will translate in hopes to get you where you want to go faster – and with certainty. This will squash any doubts, fears or hiccups you may experience if you were totally on your own. The support and guidance offered in this program, is priceless.

In this coaching program, you will be introduced to some very key players and partners in your business: Your own spiritual guides, the angels, and foundational spiritual practices that will become part of your work-day. You will also be introduced to my all-star team of intuitive professionals in their prospective fields: My Lawyer, my Branding expert, my Web Developer, my Podcast Producer, and my Accountant. They will offer their time and expertise, resources and services to assist you in launching your business to next-level!