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“It has never been better and I have YOU to thank. I am so excited to give you an update! After my reading with you, I started calling on the angels for everything just as you suggested. My husband and I have begun to heal and our once-failing marriage is back to a place of love and compassion. It has never been better and I have you to thank. You are an angel, Julia. At least you are one of mine. Much love x”

Sidney P., New Mexico




“Thank you Julia Treat for being an amazing Teacher and Leader! I am super thankful to the universe that I found you!”

– Monika Koniecka Rains

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I’m all about transformation and growth, and through every reading, whether it’s connecting with a loved one, a being of light or spiritual guide, I shine the light on you.

What this means is you not only get the information you need for closure or clarity, but you actually use this process as a springboard for your own personal growth. I am a professional block buster. As a result my clients have seen amazing shifts in their confidence, careers, finances, physical and spiritual well being and their romantic relationships.


I’m organic in my approach. Each client requires something a little different and I always intend that YOU get whatever it is that you need for healing and moving forward. Your loved ones, angels and guides know exactly what that is!

My sessions are always so jam packed with information, guidance and epiphanies that I will be recording the session and sending it directly your way so you can review the session later. There is always a lot to process and I don’t want you to miss a thing.


All bookings are done via Zoom. We will be meeting face-to-face unless you prefer audio only. I will be recording the session and will send you a copy via email within 24 hours of your session.

Whether we connect near or far my readings are spot-on. There are no boundaries in the Universe and that is what I connect with. I have regular clients that live in many time zones all of the world. I don’t need to work with pictures or objects and am super tight with my spirit guides so time, space and distance has no effect on our time together. God will be leading the session and your messages will blow you away!

Are you ready to connect with your spiritual team? Then let’s do this. Get ready for miracles my friend!

*I do not issue refunds so don’t book unless you’re certain!


Jill, California

“I wanted to take a moment and say “Thank You” for such an amazing reading yesterday. I came into your space feeling sad and even a bit defeated, and left with the hope of a new beginning. I feel emotionally stronger after seeing you, knowing that I am on the right path. I am excited to see what this year will bring for me. Thank you for sharing your energy with me.”

Susan, Pennsylvania

“Julia, you blew me away yesterday. I’m still processing everything that happened. You connected with so many of my family members and gave me such a sense of peace and closure. I understand so much more about my life purpose now and I can’t thank you enough. You are an amazing gift to the world.”

Ronda, Pennsylvania

“Thank you for being such a blessing to my family. I’ve had readings before with different people but yours was different from all the rest. You have such a clear connection and it shows in your work. I wish everyone could get a reading with you. It quite possibly might be the best thing they’ll ever do for themselves!”



One on One Readings

A One on One reading that may include visits and connections with deceased loved ones, angels and spirit guides as well as informatio…

60 MINS $222


Past Life Regression

A lot of personal gifts and baggage are carried over from the numerous lifetimes we have spent on this planet. Some of these…

60 MINS $222


Spiritual Coaching

Ready to step into your own divine God-given gifts? Perhaps even start or expand your own spiritual biz? It’s time for you to step into your own divine purpose and I’m ready to make things easy for you!

60 MINS $222


Group Experience

We all want to transform, elevate and expand. We all want to be more than what we are. That is our nature, the soul’s journey.My healing…

Email for pricing!


Healing Session

A lot of personal gifts and baggage are carried over from the numerous lifetimes we have spent on this planet. Some of these…

60 MINS $222


Tandem Readings

Readings for 2 people who need to get clarity together (i.e., friends, family members,
spouses, partners). Sessions may include…

60 MINS $333

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